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7 secrets to raising awesome, functional teenagers. Five of the best cheese shops in Auckland. Last updated 16:30, August 25 2016 The Cheese Room in Auckland's North Shore.

Five of the best cheese shops in Auckland

Blessed are New Zealand's cheese makers. A sharp growth in demand for quality cheese means there's a rich vein of shops selling their products across Auckland. They've heard all the cheesy jokes before but the makers and retailers say they're happy to see surging interest in their products. In a similar trend to wine and craft beer, they say there is a push toward people consuming less but being more discerning. So for the fussy cheese eaters out there, here are five of the best options to visit in Auckland. READ MORE: * Get more out of living in Auckland with our new email newsletter So Auckland * Five of the best Auckland craft beer venues * Five of Auckland's best cocktail bars to visit in winter * Five of the best mini-breaks in Auckland * Five of the best decadently sweet treats in Auckland 1.

Customers can get tips on developing their cheese palate at The Cheese Room in Auckland's North Shore. 2. 3. The Most Stylish Restaurants Across NZ - Viva. Tuesday Aug. 23, 2016 Vicki Taylor, designer, Taylor Boutique and Creative Director, The ShelterOrtolana is a serious favourite of mine, I always find their food inspiring, full of amazing flavour and attention to detail.

The Most Stylish Restaurants Across NZ - Viva

Do not try to dissect the menu - there are always things you have never heard of or tasted before but trust the chef! The flavours are amazing and the nights Gavin, their head chef, is on the pass the food always seems to just melt in your mouth. The part I love the most is I come away feeling I have had more of an experience than just a great dish and always want to go back again.— Ortolana, 33 Tyler St, Britomart, Auckland.

Dr Margo Barton, professor of fashion, Otago PolytechnicMy go to place in Dunedin for coffee and food is most definitely The Bund in the Octagon. Anjali Stewart, designer, Twenty-seven NamesOrtega is the best place for dinner hands down SO yum. Liz Wilson, designer, EugenieMy Favourite restaurant is Orphans Kitchen. Where to Find Great Toasted Sandwiches in Auckland - Viva. Whatever you want to call it — reuben, jaffle or croque monsieur — toasted sandwiches under various guises are popping up on menus around town.

Where to Find Great Toasted Sandwiches in Auckland - Viva

Done simply, with a couple of ingredients melted between two slices of bread, this dish can transport you back to another time; more extravagant versions are sure to contend with even the most gourmet of meals. Here are some of the best toasted sandwiches in Auckland: 1. OakenThe jaffle from Oaken in Britomart is a tasty alternative to eggs on toast — with cured bacon, scrambled eggs, coriander and fermented daikon kimchi. — 130 Quay St, Britomart. Nicole's Chewy Caramel Slice Recipe. Step 1 Preheat oven to 180°C.

Nicole's Chewy Caramel Slice Recipe

Line the base and sides of a 16 x 26cm (base measurement) slab pan with non-stick baking paper. Step 2 Combine the flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl. Make a well in the centre. Add the butter and stir until well combined. Use the back of a spoon to press the mixture evenly over the base of the prepared pan and smooth the surface. Source Australian Good Taste - June 2011 , Page 121 Recipe by Reader recipe Photography by Ian Wallace Nicole's tips: Stir the caramel often during cooking or it will catch on the base of the pan. Best English Tea Services in the U.S., Peninsula to the RItz. If you've never had a proper English-style tea service, you may not realize what you're missing: The ritual involves much, much more than tea.

Best English Tea Services in the U.S., Peninsula to the RItz

It's a beautifully presented extravagana of pastries and sandwiches, and every place does it a little differently. The best tea services stateside include a stunning assortment of sweet and savory foods (and tea too, of course) that mix classic elements with boldly inventive streaks. Check out these places for an experience that will leave you feeling pampered and transported. Tres by José Andrés at SLS Hotel, Beverly Hills Duck into a cozy fireplace-lined nook at Tres by José Andrés, draw the curtains for privacy and prepare for a serious gastronomic adventure.