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CrunchPad Federal Lawsuit Filed; Some Additional Thoughts. Thursday afternoon we filed a lawsuit against Fusion Garage in the Northern District of California Federal court.

CrunchPad Federal Lawsuit Filed; Some Additional Thoughts

The causes of action include Fraud and Deceit, Misappropriation of Business Ideas, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Unfair Competitition and Violations of the Lanham Act. The complaint is embedded below, or you can view it here. Richworks. The artwork of the Martian landscape. It’s been a while since I’ve sung the praises of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s HiRISE camera, which takes incredibly hi-res images of the surface of Mars.

The artwork of the Martian landscape

Thanks to the HiRISE Twitter feed, I found this incredible picture: Review of TweetDeck LinkedIn Add. Puzzling Norwegian light spiral /update at Further: Strange Attr. UPDATE 3: OK, forget that last explanation, here’s the TRUTH from

Puzzling Norwegian light spiral /update at Further: Strange Attr

Science news and science jobs from New Scientist. Some Biologists Find an Urge in Human Nature to Help - NYTimes.c. ClearView Writing - Freelance Writing, Website Management and SE. December 12th, 2009 · No Comments One of the most overlooked SEO tips in recent years can actually be a great way to increase organic traffic.

You know whaty, I used it right there! Using strong, bold text is noticed by Google, even if it does not matter quite as much as it used to in the search engine rankings. While highlighting key phrases will not increase organic traffric dramatically on its own, matching this SEO tip with a good overall SEO strategy could mean the difference between page 2 on Google and page one on Google, which could give you an amazing increase in traffic! Innovation: How your search queries can predict the future - tec. Innovation is our new column that highlights the latest emerging technological ideas and where they may lead.

Innovation: How your search queries can predict the future - tec

Real-time web search – which scours only the latest updates to services like Twitter – is currently generating quite a buzz because it can provide a glimpse of what people around the world are thinking or doing at any given moment. Interest in this kind of search is so great that, according to recent leaks, Google is considering buying Twitter. The latest research from the internet search giant, though, suggests that real-time results could be even more powerful – they may reveal the future as well as the present. Google researchers Hyunyoung Choi and Hal Varian combined data from Google Trends on the popularity of different search terms with models used by economists to predict trends in areas such as travel and home sales. The result? Early warning. ClearView Writing - Freelance Writing, Website Management and SE.

Freelance Review .:. A design blog with advice, inspiration and. SEO Ghost Web Content Professional Writing - Bid on This Freelan. WRITING BIDS . com : BID ON FREELANCE WRITING PROJECTS and FREEL. Science and Technology News, Science Articles. 30+ beautiful pictures of Snow Crystals « Richworks. Home > Inspiration, Photography > 30+ beautiful pictures of Snow Crystals Snowflakes and snow crystals are made of ice, and pretty much nothing more.

30+ beautiful pictures of Snow Crystals « Richworks

A snow crystal, as the name implies, is a single crystal of ice. A snowflake is a more general term; it can mean an individual snow crystal, or a few snow crystals stuck together, or large agglomerations of snow crystals that form “puff-balls” that float down from the clouds. Snowflakes are not frozen raindrops. Sometimes raindrops do freeze as they fall, but this is called sleet. Andrius Kulikauskas. Andrius Kulikauskas is an experienced organizer of independent thinkers, social entrepreneurs and open content activists.

Andrius Kulikauskas

He's broad and deep as an investigator and thus able to engage and promote a wide variety of researchers. He's an active creative artist and appreciate the challenges of applying that creativity. 14 Ways People Use Twitter. 1) Chit chat From personal experience, people will actually have near real time conversations about anything and everything on Twitter.

14 Ways People Use Twitter


Boing Boing. The Next Web Appetite. TechCrunch. The Next Web. Video Review of Tweet Adder. Market research & statistics: Internet marketing, advertising &. International Scientific Communications, Inc. StrongMail: Online Marketing Solutions for Email and Social Medi.

Creativeoverflow. Fix a Scratched CD. THE CHRIS VOSS SHOW. ASI Central. ESO. Incredible VISTA of the cosmos. Dec. 10, 1944: Web Visionary Passes Into Obscurity. 1944: His dream of a global interlinked “web” of documents lying in ruins, information-science pioneer Paul Otlet dies.

Dec. 10, 1944: Web Visionary Passes Into Obscurity

The Belgian bibliographer’s grand scheme to organize the world’s information made him the aspiring Google of his day, but his sprawling card catalog and decimal classification system proved woefully inadequate to the task. Some historians see in Otlet’s work a prototype of the World Wide Web and the hyperlink. Although unsuccessful, it was one of the first known attempts to provide a framework for connecting all recorded culture by creating flexible links that could rapidly lead researchers from one document to another — and perhaps make audible the previously unheard echoes between them. Common Words That Kill Your Sales Process » E-MoneyMarketing.

Common Words That Kill Your Sales Process For those who know me, in additional to my online marketing stuff, I’m also doing offline consulting and sales.

Common Words That Kill Your Sales Process » E-MoneyMarketing

This job requires me to meet a lot of people, prospects and customers offline. Bill LifeSnips. S t r a n g e a t t r a c t o r. 25 Kickass Skydiving Pictures.