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Market research on digital media, internet marketing

Market research on digital media, internet marketing

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How to use social media sites for real-estate companies in MENA region Social media platforms are growing to become the public sphere everyone goes to in order to search, check products, survey, and even get inspired. Browsing Instagram or Twitter, you can find agents, mortgage companies and real estate firms using such platforms to increase brand awareness, sales, leads and much more. Hence, these social media advertising statistics will inspire you to start your own real estate campaigns, if you haven’t already, in the MENA region and gain the most from your efforts. Digital MR: specialist job? Social media monitoring, custom panels, branded online communities, online focus groups, co-creation, crowd sourcing, web usability… These are just some of the new research techniques and applications that have recently evolved alongside the social media revolution. But while we have witnessed the growth of specialist digital advertising and marketing services agencies, there are relatively few specialist digital market research agencies. These agencies tend to be very niche rather than offering a comprehensive approach to web-based research. Why is this the case and how does it make a difference to you, the end user? Social media research (SMR) covers many areas as hinted above. At its broadest you could define SMR as any research that utilises social media as a measurement tool; and research that measures the use of social media.

Lean Communications Be ready to fail - quickly. That's part of the new mindset advertisers are borrowing from Silicon Valley in order to be more agile in a consumer-driven culture. Abandoning "launch and leave it" attitudes - where only fully functional and uber-researched campaigns will do - means better adapting to consumers' feedback. Establish core values at the start of a project, and adopt a fluid process and flat agency structure to create communications that are more flexible, integrated, and efficient, while remaining authentic. Written by Torrence Boone, Cecelia Wogan-Silva, Blair Dore

Downloads Gapminder Slides Download Gapminder’s slides, free to modify and use in any way you like! Here are the slides used in our public presentations and TED talks. Gapminder Tools Offline Handouts & Lesson plans (PDF) Positioning research It’s unrealistic to plan your positioning strategy in a vacuum. Remember, you’re positioning against competitors who also have positioned their offerings – with the help of their customers and prospects. The idea is to find an unfilled position that is relevant and compelling to your target market. Those people actually position you – but you can only help them through consistent messaging and performance. So to find the positioning of competitors “owning” the attribute customers find important should be the first step in a positioning program, and that really involves two steps: 1) identifying attributes customers crave, and 2) determining how your competitors (and you) are positioned against those attributes. Identifying attributes customers crave

adventures in social innovation Speaking about digital trends for 10 minutes is hard enough. Speaking about digital trends for 10 minutes to a group of around 50 independent consultants is harder. Speaking about digital trends for 10 minutes to a group of around 50, slightly soggy from the London rain, eager to get back to networking, independent consultants was the fine audience I spoke to tonight. I was invited by the PRCA Independent Consultants Group to speak on 10 digital trends in 10 minutes, so here I am replicating that talk in digital form, which should take you – hopefully less soggy, less eager to get back to networking – digital person about 10 minutes to read / consume. Here are my slides and notes. Enjoy.

Market Segmentation Research Market segmentation is a process by which market researchers identify key attributes about customers and potential consumers that can be used to create distinct target market groups. Advertising and Sales without a market segmentation base is like scattering breadcrumbs to a product -- most of the effort is simply lost in the context. How Can Small Businesses Make Use of Big Data for Market Research?Three things are needed for small business market researchers to use big data well. Building market research knowledge into new software design, more powerful and advanced software for market research use, and increased client-side interest in market research. Market researchers analyze consumer data sets using the same skills that big data analysts use.

Segmentation Research You’re new in your job. Or the competitive landscape has changed. Whatever the reason, you need to understand which customers to target for purposes of product development, marketing, and customer experience design. So you call one of the big firms that specialize in segmentation and brand tracking. They tell you identifying and following your target audience requires a study that requires 12 weeks and costs a couple hundred thousand dollars or more. Once you recover your composure, you ask: ‘Why does it have to be so complicated?’

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