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Le Migliori App per gli Insegnanti Raccolte in una Mappa. Non è facile integrare la tecnologia in classe e insegnare a utilizzarla in modo consapevole e equilibrato.

Le Migliori App per gli Insegnanti Raccolte in una Mappa

La tecnologia è una componente sempre presente nella vita dei nostri studenti e si impone come un nuovo paradigma educativo. I discenti di oggi fin da piccoli vivono una vita digitale ricca di esperienze e aspirano ad apprendere agendo in modo innovativo e creativo. Noi docenti siamo chiamati a esaminare i nuovi scenari didattici reali/virtuali e le loro implicazioni, valutandone la loro eventuale utilità nel contesto del processo di apprendimento. I dispositivi mobili regalano l’accesso a un mondo di informazioni da esplorare, interpretare, comunicare e rappresentare che la scuola non può continuare a considerare marginali così come ad ignorare le aspettative degli alunni. È tuttavia opportuno chiarire che gli strumenti multimediali sono solo degli artefatti e non possono sostituire il docente. All’inizio è sicuramente complicato orientarsi nel mare magnum delle app. Autore articolo. Plickers. Spicynodes. Home - Edululu - Le guide des applications éducatives. 52 Of The Best Apps For Your Classroom In 2015. 52 Of The Best Apps For Your Classroom In 2015 by TeachThought Staff This post was sponsored by CK-12, a non-profit foundation that creates and aggregates high quality curated STEM content.

52 Of The Best Apps For Your Classroom In 2015

What are the best apps for your classroom? The best little bits of software to use tomorrow, in your school, to make your classroom go? This is, strangely, not a frequent topic for us. But what if that’s not your bag? This is the reality that, if statistics don’t mislead, most of you face on a daily basis. Two New Apps That Are Great for Recording Audio Interviews. This week I tested two new apps for recording audio interviews.

Two New Apps That Are Great for Recording Audio Interviews

Both of these apps can be used by students without creating any kind of new online accounts. Neither one is entirely perfect, but they're both quite good. Opinion is a free iPad app for creating short audio recordings. To record simply open the app and tap the big red recording button at the top of the screen. When you're done talking, tap the recording button again to stop the recording. StoryCorps has a new app called that Larry Ferlazzo raved about earlier this week. is designed to help people conduct and record great interviews. Apps and Websites for Makers and Creators. Wepware. - Catalogue d'applications jeunesse. Best Creative Apps. Get our best picks for movies, apps, TV shows, books, and more, customized for your kids.

Best Creative Apps

Get the App Get the App No thanks close(x) Don’t Miss Out You’re all set! Look out for our weekly updates soon. Connect with us Jump to navigation "Best of" Lists "Best of" lists Get age-appropriate ideas and inspiration for every interest: Poll Did this specific Top Picks list help you decide to do any of the following? Let your child watch/play/read/listen to a particular media title 41% (739 votes) NOT let your child watch/play/read/listen to a particular media title 13% (240 votes) Buy, rent, or download a particular media title. Teachthought. 50 Of The Best Teaching And Learning Apps For 2016 by TeachThought Staff What are the best teaching and learning apps for 2016?


That’s a good question this post looks to answer. Every year, we put together a collection of what we believe are the best teaching and learning apps for that year. (Here, for example, is our 2015 version of the list below, where you will notice about half the apps are the same, and half have changed. This year, we were asked by the good folks at Easelly (the infographic and visual data platform) to create a collection of resources that while including their apps, would curate a lot of good stuff teachers would benefit from in 2016. Additionally, Easelly has created a free eBook–How to Use in your Classroom–which is a useful tool for teachers integrating Common Core standards, for example, which call for students to work with different mediums to extract key ideas and data.

11 Cool Apps for Back-to-School. We’ve partnered with Common Sense Education to share the best back-to-school apps to try this year.

11 Cool Apps for Back-to-School

Handpicked by the Common Sense teacher team, these digital resources will save you time and energy! Check out their review site for teachers here. Group Maker (iOS)Grade level: PreK–12Cost: $1.99 How to use it: You can create and organize student groups for one class or six with this quick app. Bonus tip: Add student photos so a sub can figure out which kids go with which group.What teachers say: Teachers can agonize over creating groups, so it helps to have a tool that makes the process easier.

Want to create groups with three members each? Nearpod (Android, iOS, Nook HD, Chrome, Apps for Windows)Grade level: K–12 Cost: FreeHow to use it: Teacher-created (or teacher-purchased) presentations can help you give practice time to your kids. Des jeux éducatifs pour les tablettes !