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Untitled. Photos du journal. Encyclopédie du Savoir Relatif et Absolu. Une expérience a été effectuée sur des rats.

Encyclopédie du Savoir Relatif et Absolu

Pour étudier leur aptitude à nager, un chercheur du laboratoire de biologie comportementale de la faculté de Nancy, Didier Desor, en a réuni six dans une cage dont l'unique issue débouchait sur une piscine qu'il leur fallait traverser pour atteindre une mangeoire distribuant les aliments. On a rapidement constaté que les six rats n'allaient pas chercher leur nourriture en nageant de concert. Vous_avez_dit_cooperation.

Véronique Marino

Urbanbike, notes pour combler nos trous de mémoire. L’effet Dunning Kruger. Je suis tombé en début d’après-midi sur un article de Ross Johnson sur le blog et je ne doute pas que vous avez déjà rencontré, comme la plupart d’entre nous, ce genre de situation sans pouvoir lui associer un nom.

L’effet Dunning Kruger

Ceci étant la version française de l’article A humbling observation on the state of web designers. Schema-action. Tech demos made using two 256×512 textures is better than anything we’ve seen this gen. 3D artist, Tor Frick wants to prove a point, and he has done that in style.

Tech demos made using two 256×512 textures is better than anything we’ve seen this gen

He has created beautiful tech demos which utilizes only two 256*512 textures, and the graphical fidelity on showcase here is simply incredible. “The entire scene (Lab) uses 2 256*512 textures, one for diffuse and masks, and one for normalmap,” he wrote. We have a bunch of screenshots and the two lovely tech demos for you, which you can check out below. The Datacore demo was made using just 69,000 triangles and for the Lab demo he relied heavily on masking and using UVs in different ways to get the most out of the scene. I think he pretty much succeeded in doing what he had planned, as the end result is simply great.

Lab demo: (Click to view images in full size) Datacore demo: (Click to view images in full size) Myinstants! Instant button generator and database. Social Media Marketing Integrator - Social2B. YoPDF : Le moteur de recherche des fichiers PDF. Jeux video l'ancienne. I7XAP. Map of the Dead - Zombie Survival Map. Introducing Quantic Dream's Kara. In 2005, Quantic Dream unveiled The Casting, a short tech demo that explored the possibilities of the then nascent PlayStation 3.

Introducing Quantic Dream's Kara

A short performance by a single actor that slowly increased in intensity and darkened in tone, it hinted at the new, expressive power of Sony's console, of how this generation could enable the kind of human drama that's typically been the reserve of non-interactive medium. It's a drama that, to an extent, 2010's Heavy Rain delivered upon, and it's a path that Quantic Dream has largely travelled alone. The digital theatre of Team Bondi's LA Noire was strangled by awkward performances, while Naughty Dog's Uncharted games, for all of their technical achievements, were more concerned with matinee thrills than raw, adult drama. Not that Heavy Rain was perfect, of course - for all of its cinematic pretentions it often felt more like a straight-to-video thriller, while its stars found themselves at the foot of the uncanny valley.

Xbox 720 to feature touch-screen remote? Xbox World magazine published some rather bold claims about Microsoft's upcoming game console in its latest issue.

Xbox 720 to feature touch-screen remote?

The publication cited sources saying said the Xbox 720 will support a souped-up controller that touts an HD touch screen in addition to traditional analog sticks and buttons. The design is pretty similar to the Nintendo Wii U 's own tablet controller, though the Microsoft version is said to be closer in size to to Sony's PlayStation Vita . 4 Elements That Make A Good User Experience Into Something Great. In the main, entries to this year’s Interaction Awards were good.

4 Elements That Make A Good User Experience Into Something Great

The apps, the websites, the interfaces, and the games were slick and sleek. For the most part, they checked the design boxes we have all come to expect. Try the games. Best Ways to Job Hunt in Web Game Development. Programming Web games is the coolest job going.

Best Ways to Job Hunt in Web Game Development

It’s a massive growth area with companies like Zynga making millions from running Facebook games — so how do you break in? In the good old days — i.e. in the last century — the old-fashioned way was teach yourself to program, develop a game, send in a demo and hope someone offered you an interview. Or you went to college, got a degree in something like computer science, and tried to break in through recruiters. Then along came the Internet, and you’ve got a number of new paths to follow. But first let’s decide what job you should do. 3D « Reliat Julien Infographie et Dramaturgie. 01 Medieval Hall UDK Introduction Voici un test que j’ai réalisé sous UDK en 9 jours.

3D « Reliat Julien Infographie et Dramaturgie

Celui-ci consistait à réaliser une scène médiévale, exprimant la verticalité, en utilisant des textures de 1024/1024. Le temps attribué pour ce test étant relativement court, il m’était demandé de ne finir que 2 assets complètement. Il en fut de même concernant le lighting. J’ai l’intention de finir cette scène en procédant à quelques améliorations/modifications ci et là, ainsi quand y ajoutant un grand nombre de nouveaux assets. There is a test I have realized in UDK in 9 days. I had to built a medieval scene with a feeling of verticality using 1024/1024 pixel for the textures. According to the short amount of time allowed for this test, I didn’t had to finish all the scene, only 2 assets had to be done completely. I’m going to finish this scene by tweaking some elements here and there, and adding a lot of new assets. Build with Chrome.