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Citações e Frases - Citador - Citações, Frases, Aforismos e Pensamentos por milhares de temas e autores. These DIY Eco-Friendly "Air Conditioners" Are Cooling Down Bangladesh. Out in the sticks of Bangladesh, the threat of flooding means that 70 percent of the population live in corrugated tin huts, most of which aren’t hooked up to an electricity supply.

These DIY Eco-Friendly "Air Conditioners" Are Cooling Down Bangladesh

In the heat of the summer, this can practically turn these houses into ovens. However, a project called Eco-Cooler is spreading knowledge of a cheap and electricity-free method to cool down houses throughout Bangladesh. The beauty of the project is it needs little more than a few plastic bottles and a board. It was started through a collaboration between advertising agency Grey Dhaka and Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. Videos, articles, and tips to help you succeed, from the world's leading experts. 12 Windows shortcuts every educator should know - Microsoft in Education Blog. 7 coisas para tirar já do frigorífico... e evitar custos elevados na saúde. Guardar no frigorífico para mais tarde consumir é cada vez mais uma tendência na gestão financeira/doméstica das famílias portuguesas.

7 coisas para tirar já do frigorífico... e evitar custos elevados na saúde

No entanto, há que ter cuidado com o que se guarda, em que condições e durante quanto tempo… pois há uma série de perigos escondidos nos alimentos que podem resultar em elevados custos para a saúde. A Kitchen Daily, destacada pelo The Huffington Post, dá uma série de dicas para preservar a sua saúde: 1. Amantes de restos.

De acordo com, o tempo de armazenamento para as sobras no frigorífico não deve exceder os quatro dias para evitar doenças transmitidas pelos alimentos. 2. 3. 8 truques que tornam o Youtube mais fácil de usar. O site techinsider desvenda os 8 truques que irão tonar a sua experiência no Youtube muito mais fácil.

8 truques que tornam o Youtube mais fácil de usar

Fazer “pause” A maioria das pessoas clicam na barra de espaço para fazer pausa num vídeo, mas às vezes o que acontece é que o seu browser move-lhe a página. Se pressionar a tecla K, enquanto vê um vídeo no YouTube este irá pausar. Leaf Is A “Plug N’ Plant” Box To Automatically Grow Pot In Your Home. Marijuana is a sticky subject.

Leaf Is A “Plug N’ Plant” Box To Automatically Grow Pot In Your Home

Twenty-three states (and D.C) have legalized some form of medical use, but possession, growth and distribution are still illegal in the majority of the United States. However, as is the case with most new industries, slow regulation hasn’t stopped innovation. Leaf, a TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 Battlefield company, is leading the revolution with its automated “Plug N’ Plant” home growing system. Leaf’s device is a 4′ x 2′ box that will fit two plants, which will yield between 4-5 ounces of weed.

However, Leaf is much more than just a mini grow house. The system will also react to these measurements, meaning that if it senses that your plants are low on nutrients it can dispense more, or if it needs more light it can automatically brighten the environment. This is all controlled from Leaf’s iPhone app, which will also serve as a social network for users to exchange recipes and share videos of their plants. Choose your favorite. Como dormir seis vezes por dia ajudou a construir o império da WordPress.

Quando se tornou adepto do sono por fases, Mullenweg desenvolveu o WordPress, dizendo que foi uma fase 'de grande produtividade'.

Como dormir seis vezes por dia ajudou a construir o império da WordPress

A plataforma é um dos softwares mais utilizados do mundo digital para a criação de blogues e outras páginas. O seu criador tem um segredo de produtividade: dormir seis vezes por dia. Começou como um simples engenheiro informático, trabalhando como codificador, mas rapidamente a sua atitude de "auto experimentação" o levou mais longe. Foi o que aconteceu quando decidiu dividir o período em que dormia por etapas. Elusive acid finally created. After more than a century of searching, chemists have finally nabbed a legendary acid.

Elusive acid finally created

The acid called cyanoform or tricyanomethane appears widely in textbooks as one of the strongest carbon-based acids known. Yet despite attempts to make the acid dating back to 1896, cyanoform has evaded chemists until now. Researchers report September 18 in Angewandte Chemie International Edition that they isolated the acid by figuring out crucial experimental conditions. The main problem was temperature, says coauthor Andreas Kornath, an inorganic chemist at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

Researchers previously assumed that cyanoform is stable at room temperature. Fotografar Paisagens: técnica do cartão preto - Blog Olhares. The 4 Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Relationship. The 4 Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Relationship. DeMilked - Design Milking Magazine. How to Make Difficult Conversations Easy: 7 Steps From a Clinical Psychologist. Someone is screaming in your face at the top of their lungs.

How to Make Difficult Conversations Easy: 7 Steps From a Clinical Psychologist

Or ranting angrily and you can’t get a word in edgewise. Or maybe they’re sobbing so hard you can barely understand what they’re saying. We’ve all been there. These situations don’t happen a lot (thank god) but we all feel helpless when they do. And because they’re rare we don’t ever seem to get better at handling them. Problem is, these moments are often critical because they’re usually with people we care about. What’s the best way to handle these difficult conversations? I called someone who knows: Dr. Pandas against boredom!

Sobre las parábolas. Franz Kafka Online. Aquaculture. Solaiman Sheik shows off the harvest from his father’s small pond near Khulna, Bangladesh: freshwater prawns, a profitable export.


The family also raises fish in the pond and, in the dry season, rice fertilized by fish waste—a polyculture that has tripled output with little environmental downside. Photograph by Jim Richardson In a dark, dank warehouse in the Blue Ridge foothills of Virginia, Bill Martin picks up a bucket of brown pellets and slings them into a long concrete tank. Fat, white tilapia the size of dinner plates boil to the surface. Martin, president of Blue Ridge Aquaculture, one of the world’s largest indoor fish farms, smiles at the feeding frenzy.

By Joel K. Como perceber os vinhos através da sua Cor. Cão sobrevive e torna-se cão do ano de 2013. The Best Ways to Guess on Multiple Choice Tests. No matter how hard you studied and how prepared you feel, there are times during a test when you just have to wing it.

The Best Ways to Guess on Multiple Choice Tests

It doesn’t matter how long you look at the question, you know that you have no idea what the answer is. Maybe you overlooked that section while you were studying or you might have just completely blanked out for a minute. Whatever the reason is, there’s only one thing left to do: GUESS! Home. Life Cycle of Bacteriophage Lambda. Guia dos Solteiros. Emergency Vets. "Dead Pixels. Chakra cleansing. Veterinaria Actual - Homepage. Bem vindo ao seu Médico online. 100,000 Stars. Ciência Hoje: Jornal de Ciência, Tecnologia e Empreendedorismo. Diamond Planet Found—Part of a "Whole New Class?" The universe just got a bit richer with the discovery of an apparent diamond-rich planet orbiting a nearby star.

Diamond Planet Found—Part of a "Whole New Class?"

Dubbed 55 Cancri e, the rocky world is only twice the size of Earth but has eight times its mass—classifying it as a "super Earth," a new study says. First detected crossing in front of its parent star in 2011, the close-in planet orbits its star in only 18 hours. As a result, surface temperatures reach an uninhabitable 3,900 degrees Fahrenheit (2,150 degrees Celsius)—which, along with carbon, make perfect conditions for creating diamonds.

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope collected data on the planet's orbital distance and mass, and resulting computer models created a picture of 55 Cancri e's chemical makeup. "Science fiction has dreamed of diamond planets for many years, so it's amazing that we finally have evidence of its existence in the real universe," said study leader Nikku Madhusudhan, a postdoctoral researcher at Yale University. Myinstants! Instant button generator and database. As cinco coisas de que as pessoas mais se arrependem antes de morrer - Vida. Perante as adversidades, o "sistema" neoliberal apresenta comportamentos extraordinariamente previsíveis, lineares, que de certo modo até poderiam dar um bom "case study".

União Zoófila - Ajuda e Protecção aos Cães e Gatos Abandonados. Journal of Biological Engineering. Particles Moved Faster Than Speed of Light? Neutrinos—ghostly subatomic particles—may have been observed traveling faster than the speed of light, scientists announced this week. If confirmed, the astonishing claim would upend a cardinal rule of physics established by Albert Einstein nearly a century ago. "Most theorists believe that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. So if this is true, it would rock the foundations of physics," said Stephen Parke, head of the theoretical physics department at the U.S. government-run Fermilab near Chicago, Illinois. Aulas de Guitarra Clássica. B Lymphocytes (B cells) Tudo que você precisa saber sobre câmeras fotográficas. Falar com alguém iniciado no assunto de câmeras ou até mesmo ler sobre essas incríveis máquinas pode fazer com que você se sinta lendo uma língua que não entende.

Mas não se preocupe: neste artigo, nós traduzimos os termos mais comuns quando se fala sobre câmeras fotográficas, seus tipos e usos. Sign in to StumbleUpon.