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Goggles. There are some things that are hard to put in words, like a painting that you want to find out the artist of.


For searches like that, try Google Goggles -- it lets you search the web using photos that you've taken on your mobile phone. So just open the Goggles app on your phone, snap a photo of that painting, and find search results all about it. Sometimes pictures really are worth a thousand words. Walking About With A Talking Android. I have long relied on spoken directions from Google Maps on the desktop.

Walking About With A Talking Android

As I access more and more of my online world through my Android phone, Google's recent announcement of GMM4.5 enhanced with walking directions means that I now have superior functionality to what I have enjoyed at my desk --- but now with the added benefit of having it all in my pocket! Inclusion of step-by-step walking directions on Android now allows me to specify a destination on my TalkBack enabledeyes-free Android device, and have these spoken to me as I walk. But wait, there's more! Habilis - the email-to-Dropbox gateway. Digital Inspiration: A Technology Blog on Software and Web Applications. DROID X - Motorola, Inc. USA. - Headphone forums and reviews for audiophiles.

Net2ftp - a web based FTP client. Too Much Clutter? Here’s 15 Minimalist Wallpapers for Your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Desktop.

Friend's PC Build

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