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Cuba – Michael Connors International. The latest book by Michael Connors, Foreword by Ricardo Porro A revealing collection of astonishingly fresh and undiscovered mid-century architecture and interiors in Havana.

Cuba – Michael Connors International

Caribbean design expert and historian Michael Connors leads the reader on an unprecedented tour in Havana of the stunning and architecturally important private homes and buildings that have been meticulously preserved, previously unphotographed, and mostly inaccessible to visitors. This lavishly illustrated book represents the modern movement in Cuban architecture from art nouveau and art deco to the flowering of high modernism just before the Revolution. At a time when more travelers are rediscovering Cuba, this volume offers a wide range of the city’s twentieth-century cultural achievements. The photographs, shot exclusively for the book, show examples from the artsy Vedado neighborhood, the seaside streets of Miramar, Central Havana, and Havana’s posh Country Club Park area. Oscar “Cayuco” (The Homerun Kid) Blas.

Art Deco Havana. Cuba Ruby - Home. Trust A1 Freight Forwarding for all of your shipping, cargo, logistics and freight forwarding needs. Serving Canada, the USA and international countries around the world. Trust A1 Freight Forwarding for all of your shipping, cargo, logistics and freight forwarding needs. Serving Canada, the USA and international countries around the world. Vedado - Rent rooms in Havana.

ESPACIOCUBA compra venta de vivienda en Cuba. Havana Casas Particulares & Vacation Rentals - Airbnb: casa particular havana and havana casa particular. Buy Archives - Point 2 Cuba / Compra y Venta de casas en Cuba/ Cuba Real Estate. ESPACIOCUBA compra venta de vivienda en Cuba. CubaeXplora's car - CubaeXplora. Cultural Events Havana Cuba. Fabrica de Arte Cubano - Cuban Art Factory Art Factory Events New contemporary hot spot in Havana - Vedado, originally the headquarters for Electricity Company, then converted to an olive oil factory famous el Cocinero, and now to Cuban Art Factory.

Cultural Events Havana Cuba

Cuban musician X Alfonso converted a former oil factory into art gallery, theatre, night-club. There is always something new to see and do, theatre, jazz, contemporary dance, live music performances, fashion shows and art exhibitions. All of that can is taking place in one night. Instead of paying for drinks at the bar, everyone gets a card which is stamped for each drink or snack you purchase. LaHabana Magazine March2016. Cuba What's On - Events Calendar. Revista sobre Cuba. Elegant Apartment in Havana - Apartment - Havana. Independent Houses - Havana - CASAS DE CUBA. Elite Havana Cuba rentals, house villas, apartments for rent in havana cuba. luxury rentals in cuba.

The 10 Best Havana Hotels. Untitled. Casas de Alquiler en Cuba. Features Free booking.

Casas de Alquiler en Cuba

Contact you within 24 hours. Low prices. Houses with varied locations. Tips and Suggestions. Artedel Luxury Penthouse. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Real Estate / Inmobiliaria -  "Cuba Tacón CorporaCióN" Cuban Tacon Inmobiliaria Services:We provide consultancy, referrals, and formal personal introductions to the proper Cuban lawyers, with authority as to how, and who do negotiate with regarding real estate in Cuba.

Real Estate / Inmobiliaria -  "Cuba Tacón CorporaCióN"

The 1st Multiple Listing Service available. What exactly can a foreigner purchase in Cuba? There are a handful of Havana apartment buildings developed around two decades ago that foreigners can buy and sell freely. Cuban government appears to have decided to move forward with a long-delayed golf resort that plans to sell villas, townhouses and apartments to foreigners and locals. There’s a penthouse apartment with sweeping views on sale right now for $1.2 million. CMLS ® Membership Requirements: A Cuban National Representative Broker - Agent, or Permutero; Qualifications : 1 # 148 license / Exchange / manager to assist in the buying and selling of homes; 2 Notification to department of labor That They are operating as self employed. 3 Cuban National.

Havana Archives - Point 2 Cuba / Compra y Venta de casas en Cuba/ Cuba Real Estate. Great Casas Particulares in Havana- Homes for Sale and Rent on Pinterest. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. How New Laws Are Allowing Architecture to Flourish in Cuba. For decades, Cuba's communist economic system has essentially outlawed all forms of private architectural work.

How New Laws Are Allowing Architecture to Flourish in Cuba

In 2011 though, wide-ranging economic reforms brought a challenge to this status quo. In this article, originally published on Curbed as "In Cuba, Architecture and Design Blossom Under New Laws," Julia Cooke explores how these laws to bring about a more flexible economic system are allowing a different kind of architecture to emerge. This May, visitors were allowed into Havana's long-defunct Tallapiedra electric plant for the first time since it was shuttered in the 1960s.

They could climb the grated stairs to the plant's nave, see how the light glinted off unchipped white and green tiles set in place in 1915, how tiny, stalky trees had grown out of clumps of dirt where machinery once sat, how the high, church-like central space and the split-level, open workspaces on one side might be adapted to any number of uses. Now they are possibilities. Young architects struggle to update the face of Cuba: Design Observer.

Tania Pedrosa, Andro Martell, Francisco Cuerdas and Orlando Inclán, competition rendering for library addition to Casa de las Américas, Havana Havana is renowned for its faded elegance: colonial facades pocked with humidity, ornate structures left to crumble, chipped paint and climbing vines.

Young architects struggle to update the face of Cuba: Design Observer

It’s a stately wreck of a city that’s stuck in the past, and even when fresh energy and capital are poured into the urban fabric, the goal is usually historic preservation. But Claudia Castillo and Orlando Inclán have a different future in mind. In a revolt against nostalgia, they’ve launched a series of initiatives aimed at pushing contemporary architecture into the public discourse: a radio show, a newly formed professional organization and, most recently, a published dossier of projects on paper designed by themselves and a small core of their fellow young Cuban architects. “Our objective is to show that there are people thinking about contemporary architecture,” says Inclán.

Cuba Venture Capital and Investments in Cuba. Cuba Business - List of 178 Cuban private-sector jobs. Cuba Consulting Services - legal, travel and documents - If you are engaged in or would like to learn more about Cuba related business or travel activities, we offer a customized consulting service that will address your questions and concerns.

Cuba Consulting Services - legal, travel and documents -

Our report will feature relevant Cuba and/or US market research, a summary of the challenges, risks and opportunities that exist in Cuba. Your report will also contain the names and contact information of relevant Cuba experts relevant to your interests so you will have the information you need to move forward with your idea or business venture coupled with the knowledge to make good decisions. Havana Network - Cuba websites developed by Havana Journal Inc. - This page lists dozens of Cuba related websites that are owned and operated by Havana Journal Inc of Massachusetts.

Havana Network - Cuba websites developed by Havana Journal Inc. -

The sites below feature a variety of unique content and business models in various stages of development. We are always looking for content, development and marketing partners. Aid To Cuba -- Future Cuba non-profit humanitarian effort Cayo Largo Del Sur - Tourist destination near Isla de la Juventud Cayo Levisa -- Scuba diving area in Cuba Cayo Santa Maria -- Cuba vacation resort area in Villa Clara -- Cuban Cigar brand blog about the trademark dispute. Be sure to visit our Cuban cigars pages. Be sure to visit our Cuba photo gallery featuring these interesting categories: ARQUITECTURA CUBA. Joaquín Weiss Institute. Technical contribution The JWI will serve as a think-tank where global experts in the fields of architecture, material conservation, structural/mechanical engineering, building science, and construction management will help to resolve the technical challenges of restoring Cuba’s historic buildings, many of which have endured decades of deferred maintenance.

Joaquín Weiss Institute

Architects and urban designers will help to devise sensitive approaches to infill construction on sites where historic buildings have collapsed. The JWI will serve as a conduit for ideas, solutions, and expertise, to support multi-faceted restoration projects in Havana and other Cuban cities. We will work to acquire much-needed equipment and funding for restoring and maintaining Cuba’s buildings, civic spaces, and infrastructure. Financial contribution We have and will continue to raise funds in the U.S. that can be used to contribute to restoring and preserving Cuba’s incredible, historic architectural objects. Guide to Havana’s architecture by period. Havana Modern: Michael Connors on Cuban Architecture. The author tells Natalie Hammond how Cuba’s revolutionary past has shaped its present architectural landscape Havana’s National Schools of Art – in all their crumbling magnificence – speak volumes of the city they stand in.

Havana Modern: Michael Connors on Cuban Architecture

Conceived in the 1959 revolution’s exultant first phase, the majestic domes, brick galleries and open piazzas were designed to convey freedom and infinite possibility in their futurism. Of the five schools, only two were ever completed. The rest have remained in half-finished ruins since the Soviets were invited to the island in 1960. Since the early twentieth century, Havana’s architecture has reflected the political ideology of the day, from the shimmering palaces of the sugar magnates, who fattened themselves on the fruits of American investment, to hulking prefab buildings erected in the 1970s via the ornamented facades and sinuous lines of art nouveau. Cuba. Special tours programs for organizations. The perfect Tour for Architects and/or Heritage conservation professionals This architecture focused program takes you into Cuba’s amazing architectural heritage.

Our clients will be able to witness the restoration and rescue process taking place in a country that treasures some of the most wonderful architectural pieces built in the Americas since 16th Century up to the 20th Century. Our clients will also be able to appreciate the uniqueness of styles and tendencies adapted to Cuba’s geography, weather and idiosyncrasy. HablandoDEespacio. DAG arquitectos: CONTACTO. DAG arquitectos: CONTACTO. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Welcome to Apretaste. Others - Havana City Guide. Revista sobre Cuba. DAG arquitectos: PREMIOS. Details - Tropicana Penthouse. This luxury penthouse is located on top of a 10-storey building, with access via an elevator.

This sumptuous couples retreat has been lovingly restored in the 1950's style by it's architect owners, and incorporates high-end fittings, fixtures and linens. It is surrounded by a very large and spacious roof terrace, which offers breathtaking 360 degree panoramic ocean and city views. Enter your own private oasis in the middle of this vibrant and magical city! Amenities: Soft, luxurious Egyptian cotton towels and bath sheets King size bed Plush linens. Revista sobre Cuba. DAG arquitectos. The Real Cuba. Some of the Best Casas with Rooms To Rent. Casa Karen y Roger Las Tunas. June 1 2015 Name: paredero Country: france I stayed here at: 05/05/2015 I did not make a reservation I paid 25 CUC per night Casa Karen y Roger My review: nous avons trouver la casa par recommandation d'une amie, le confort est à l'identique qu'en Europe et karen est une femme vraiment très gentille . son maris à l'avantage de parler Français ,comme je me lève tôt ,j'avais le matin un thermos de café prêt parfait How was your room?

: lit parfait très propre et des sanitaires à l'européenne How was the food they offer? Vacation Rentals, Homes, Apartments & Rooms for Rent. Lodging, Where Cuba Cuba Is! *** MyCasaParticular. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Sweat equity meets renovation reality in Vedado  Over the years Vedado has seen the partial or entire transformation of old buildings. Subject to few controls and with few available resources the results have sometimes been incredibly impressive, at other times a heritage architect would hang their head in despair.

Life is life as the expression goes and there is a lot of it even in the leafy upscale Vedado suburb. It is said that the first inhabitants of the new district of El Vedado were veterans of the wars of independence, mambises. The neighbourhood that was once a place of retirement for a number of Cuban families was to become the very hub of the city. The story goes that from living rooms and dining rooms people could make out the vast expanse of sea cluttered with sailing ships, and that it reached farther inland up to today’s Calzada Ave. Very few bear little resemblance to what their originally were: family estates with beautifully laid out gardens. Unfortunately, not all have resisted the passage of time and its effects. Cuba-Junky - Havana Nightlife Q & R. Guide to Havana, Cuba – Cuban Restaurants and Bars. Old Havana Al Medina (Casa de los Arabes), Calle Oficios #112, between Obispo and Obrapia. Phone: 863-0862 Al Medina is one of the only Middle Eastern-style restaurants in Havana.

They usually have a small but good band playing traditional Cuban music. AGENCIA PROPICUBA: Gestor Inmobiliario en Cuba. Havana Architecture .info - Introduction. Havana Casas Particulares – Private Houses Rentals, Cuba: Find Cheap Apartments, Villas with Swimming pool, Rooms, Studios in Havana City, Cuba Deals, Make Apartment Reservations, Home. Vacation Rentals in Havana City, Cuba Havana City, Cuba. Casa particu.

Restaurante Otramanera. Otra Manera - Havana City Guide. Havana city guide: what to see plus the best new bars, restaurants and hotels. The streets are alive with the sound of jackhammers. Property for Sale and Rent in Havana. Property for Sale and Rent in Havana. Compra y venta de inmuebles en Cuba con profesionales. ESPACIOCUBA - El Portal Inmobiliario Cubano. Havana to Las Tunas by plane, train, car, bus. Villa Canaveral: Havana City Havana City, Cuba. Casa particular - Vacation Rental. Bookings must be made by emailing the Reservation Form (Shopping Cart but you don’t need to pay in advance while shopping) with the dates and details of the guest.

When we get this information is free to accept or deny this request following the Conditions attached hereto. We will e-mail or call you about the reservation within 24 Hours. The booking is not confirmed until we get in contact with you. For reservations is required a deposit first night down payment before arriving.

We will make a solid reservation of the property when we receive the payment. First or Next Day of the arrival, you will pay the balance to the owner of the amount contracted and displayed in the e-mail, also in the web-site. Search Results *** MyCasaParticular. Recommend a Friend. Rooms and rates. Casa particular .com - Estudio Alicia, Miramar, Havana. This spacious studio apartment in Miramar, Havana will give you all the privacy you need with all the conveniences of home. The best of both worlds: a beautiful and quiet residential neighbourhood just 15 minutes away from downtown Havana. A private entrance at the side of the house will take you to your apartment and your very own terrace.

The apartment\\\'s many windows and high ceiling will give you a comfortable sense of light and space. RAIL TRANSPORTATION Travel to Cuba!!!... RAIL TRANSPORTATION Travel to Cuba!!!... Inbox (9) - dyuhasz - zedd architecture Mail. English Translations of Cubans Writing From the Island. Havana » open-minded writing from Cuba. Cuban Architect Mario Coyula Cowley Dies. In the early hours of Monday, architect Mario Coyula (16 June 1935 to 7 July 2014), winner of the National Architecture Award, died of cancer, according to the island’s official press. Born in 1935, Coyula directed CUJAE’s School of Architecture, he was the Director of Architecture and Urbanism for Havana, for the Group for the Integral Development of the Capital, and first president of the Havana Monuments Commission.

Among the “most notorious” of the works he participated in was the Mausoleum of the March 13th Heroes, located in the Colón Cemetery, as well as the Martyrs Park at Infanta and San Lazaro, “considered the first major monument after te triumph of the Revolution.” He also did the Duplex House in the Camilo Cienfuegos City School and the conversion of the of the former Caballero Funeral Home into a House of Culture. He published more than two hundred articles, prologues, essays and reviews in several Cuban and foreign journals. From Mario Coyula, Cuban spirit in the architecture. CEIBA Investments Limited › Principal Investments. CEIBA Investments Limited. CEIBA Investments Limited › Principal Investments. On-line cultural magazine & travel guide for people with a passion for Cuba.

The H Magazine - Cuba Travel Guide. Havana Houses - Home. Free Directory of home exchanges (homes for swap) in Cuba. English explanation. Apartments for rent La Habana - Gabinohome. Rental apartment independent Plaza Vieja Independent holiday apartment in the heart of La Habana Vieja, in the Palace of the Conde de Lombillo. Condition Completely renovated perfec... Havana-Houses - Home. Buy - Point 2 Cuba / Compra y Venta de casas en Cuba/ Cuba Real EstateArchivePoint 2 Cuba / Compra y Venta de casas en Cuba/ Cuba Real Estate. Eight Great Casas Particulares in Havana - The Virgin Atlantic Blog. Havana, the capital city of Cuba, is full of intriguing places to stay. The hotel scene is split between crumbling grande dames, faded Modernist queens, little boutiques carved out of one-time colonial homes and modern business hotels that lack charm but have every amenity you crave. But if you want to get right under Havana's skin, consider accessing the private market, which runs the gamut of bare-bones spare bedrooms to 1950s suburban homes with original cocktail bars, with these eight great casas particulares in Havana.

Rent of private houses in Miramar, Cuba. Booking Havana. Private houses in Cuba for rent. On-line cultural magazine & travel guide for people with a passion for Cuba. Artedel Luxury Penthouse - Home. Accommodation in cuba. Those Faithful Cubans. Back in the 1850s, when everyone from priests to sugar barons were fighting for their piece of the pie (and their piece of mulatta ass, let’s be frank), this island was known as “la siempre fidelísima Isla de Cuba.” The forever faithful island of Cuba. As a yuma married to a Cuban for going on nine years now, I can tell you this fidelity question has nagged me long and hard.

And I’ve finally reached the tipping point. Havana guide. A day doesn't go by without interesting people dropping in, from DJs and doctors to ambassadors and world travelers, and novel experiences are always unfolding or just about to.