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Web Film & Video. The following films are presented for educational and non-commercial use only.

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All copyrights belong to the artists. About UbuWeb Film & Video UbuWeb is pleased to present hundreds of avant-garde films & videos for your viewing pleasure. However, it is important to us that you realize that what you will see is in no way comparable to the experience of seeing these gems as they were intended to be seen: in a dark room, on a large screen, with a good sound system and, most importantly, with a roomful of warm, like-minded bodies.

However, we realize that the real thing isn't very easy to get to. We realize that the films we are presenting are of poor quality. Please support these filmmakers and their distributors by purchasing their films. Distributors: Founded in 1962 and located in New York City, The Film-Maker's Cooperative distributes more than 5,000 films in all gauges as well as videos: Venues: The following is a very short list of venues. Eyedrum (Atlanta) Alejandro Jodorowsky - Unseen Dune. There is a Hebraic legend which says: "the Messiah will not be a man but one day: the day when all the human beings will be illuminated "Kabbalistes speak about a conscience collective, cosmic, a species of méta-Universe.

Alejandro Jodorowsky - Unseen Dune

And here are what for me all the DUNE project was. Enthusiastic Admiration. Wild Concept Art For The Trippy Final Moments Of Luc Besson's Lucy. Trending on Related Blogs Conan O'Brien Found Out About Robin Williams's Death During His Show 6.1k people reading on The Concourse All the Terrible Responses to Robin Williams' Death 4.8k people reading on Jezebel Video: Tony Stewart Runs Over Driver During Confrontation, Killing Him 2.2k people reading on Deadspin Recommended by Charlie Jane Anders Which Science Fiction Or Fantasy Story Is Your Happy Place?

Wild Concept Art For The Trippy Final Moments Of Luc Besson's Lucy

CHRISTIAN MARCLAY's THE CLOCK. Icarus, s'approcher au plus près de la boule de feu nucléaire. Lors de l'édition 2013 du festival OFFF à Barcelone, ARTE Creative et OFFF ont lancé un appel à projet pour la création d'une oeuvre numérique.

Icarus, s'approcher au plus près de la boule de feu nucléaire

C'est César Pesquera, réalisateur espagnol qui a remporté le prix pour son projet d'animation documentaire "Icarus". Un an plus tard, le projet est devenu un film qu'ARTE Creative vous présente aujourd'hui. Le film "Icarus" est un court métrage documentaire d’animation, construit autour de la voix de George Yoshitake, dernier survivant du groupe de cameramen qui, entre 1945 et 1962, filmèrent les essais nucléaires effectuées par l’armée américaine dans le désert du Nevada et dans l’océan Pacifique.

C’est un film sur la fascination du regard, la pulsion dévorante de la capture d’images qui est l’essence même du travail d'un cinéaste. Ce film parle également du risque d’aller trop loin ou de s'approcher trop près, à l’image d’Icare, qui finit par se brûler les ailes en voulant atteindre le soleil. Le producteur, Story: We produce. Zeitgenössische Fiktion. Im Hinblick auf die Entwicklung der Bearbeitung von bewegten Bildern im Laufe der letzten fünfzehn bis zwanzig Jahre, rückt die Frage nach der Dokumentation und dem Bezug zur Wirklichkeit in den Vordergrund.

Zeitgenössische Fiktion

Wenn man dazu noch die Geschichte des Films betrachtet, wird man bemerken, dass diese Thematik überall auftritt. Wertow, Renoir, die Sequenzen des zerstörten Berlins in "Deutschland im Jahre Null" von Roberto Rossellini, die Bilder von Sarajevo bei Jean-Luc Godard, und andere. Unser Ziel aber ist, diese Frage sozusagen umzukehren, denn die Vielseitigkeit der dokumentarischen Herangehensweisen schöpft auf keinen Fall die Möglichkeiten der Fiktion und der Erzählformen aus. Im Gegenteil, man könnte meinen, es handle sich um die zwei Seiten des gleichen Konzepts bei der Produktion von Bildern und bei unserer Sicht der Wirklichkeit. Sie wurde vor allem sehr schnell auch von anderen Berufsgruppen und für andere Konzepte entdeckt und genutzt. 3 min Crispin Gurholt.

Takashi Murakami's First Full-Length Movie "Jellyfish Eyes" Will Blow You Away. World-renowned art superstar Takashi Murakami (and his production company Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd.) has always dabbled in fine art mediums with a large splash of commercial elements, but his latest venture is taking on the largest popular medium of them all.

Takashi Murakami's First Full-Length Movie "Jellyfish Eyes" Will Blow You Away

Jellyfish Eyes is the artist’s first foray into live-action, full-length films, and from the looks of the incredible trailer, it will have all of the elements of Murakami’s “superflat” mix of high and low culture. “Jellyfish Eyes tells the story of Masashi, a young boy who moves to a sleepy town in the Japanese countryside with his mother in the wake of a natural disaster. After returning home from his new elementary school one day, Masashi discovers a flying jellyfish-like creature whom he befriends and names Kurage-bo. Masashi soon discovers that all his classmates have similarly magical pets, known as F.R.I.E.N.D.s, which are controlled by electronic devices that the children use to battle one another. CCTV Documentary (Director's cut) on Behance. Motion sculptures for CCTV Documentary Channel is a digital metaphor of phenomenal blinks and moments that life consists of.

CCTV Documentary (Director's cut) on Behance

In four Idents we follow a visual performance of organic and vital substance, animated using data of actors movements. Idents visualize four different themes. To emphasize the emotion of each Ident, we have decided to use different textures of steel, wood and glass. Motion sculpture of steel reflects old Chinese adage that true power is mastering yourself. Youthful energy of dancers evolve into beautiful organic sculpture. Box. FEAR (Anti-Mandala) OSCILLATE.

Ice Angel. 500 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns & More. .

500 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns & More

We also have special collections of . Le Blanc au cinéma - Blow up.