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Just a few of my personal faves that I didn't know how to classify just yet. Nov 24

"What might have been is an abstraction Remaining a perpetual possibility Only in a world of speculation." — T.S. Eliot Conroy. 1920: America's Great War Priest. Fiddlehead

Uchronia: The Alternate History List

Uchronia: The Alternate History List
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Blog Tomorrow’s release of jobs data will mark six full years since the official beginning—and four-and-a-half years since the official end—of the Great Recession. Some initial (though traditionally pretty noisy) signs indicate it could be a decent month of job growth. My colleague Heidi Shierholz released a paper today to remind job market watchers just how far from a healthy labor market we are, and how it will take a very long time for even objectively great monthly job numbers to dig the U.S. labor market out of the deep hole it remains in. You should read it—it has lots of great labor market indicators. Blog
I thought I’d seen every type of book carving imaginable, until I ran across these jaw dropping creations by Guy Laramee. His works are so sculptural, so movingly natural in their form, they’ve really touched me. His works are inspired by a fascination with so-called progress in society: a thinking which says the book is dead, libraries are obsolete and technology is the only way of the future. His thoughts: “One might say: so what? Do we really believe that “new technologies” will change anything concerning our existential dilemma, our human condition? Mountains of Books Become Mountains

Mountains of Books Become Mountains

Last updated 26-Jan-2014 Our complete set of ccnp security guides you to pass your real Testking MCP Certification training along Testking 642-832 exams products. We also provide Testking ccsa certification study guide and Pass4sure 642-642 exam training questions material. Recommended Reading Critical Thinking Mini-Lessons logic and perception - topical index -The Skeptics Dictionary - - StumbleUpon

logic and perception - topical index -The Skeptics Dictionary - - StumbleUpon


Sissy Boy Syndrome? Read this and be legitimately appalled, but also note that the writers and contributors almost certainly viewed it as a progressive contribution: In many cases parents either overtly or subtly encouraged the feminine behavior. But when parents actively discouraged it and took other steps to enhance a male self-concept, homosexual tendencies of the feminine boys were lessened, although not necessarily reversed. Lawyers, Guns & Money

Lawyers, Guns & Money So back to the hermits cave where he told the unbeliveable story to young Lobsang: ….glumly the young monk set about the task of separating the layers of bark. The dark outer skin, coarse and rugged helped to feed the flames. The smooth, greenish-white under layer to be torn into shreds and stuffed into the now-boiling water. Gloomily he tossed in the last lump of tea and jumped high as a splash of boiling water scalded his wrist. - Complete Works of RWE
Browse for a bird by name and shape, All About Birds, Cornell Lab ofOrnithology
Things A Man Should Know About Style    Sergio Valente put it best when he said
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Personal Mythology The Five Stages of Personal Myth-Making The natural five-stage sequence around which the tasks and activities of the personal mythology model are organized can be easily summarized: 1. A prevailing guiding myth (thesis) becomes outdated or otherwise dysfunctional. 2. The psyche generates alternative myths: one of these gathers critical mass as a “counter-myth” (antithesis), and it begins to challenge the prevailing myth. Personal Mythology
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Jill Taylor’s TED Talk
Fowler Stages of Faith From Joann Wolski Conn (ed.), Women’s Spirituality: Resources for Christian Development. (Paulist, 1986), pp. 226-232. Stages of Faith James Fowler Stage I Intuitive-Projective faith is the fantasy-filled, imitative phase in which the child can be powerfully and permanently influenced by examples, moods, actions and stories of the visible faith of primally related adults. The stage most typical of the child of three to seven, it is marked by a relative fluidity of thought patterns. Fowler Stages of Faith
Human Sacriface in Rational Economy
Mornings are underrated. I consider them fundamental for the whole diurnal experience. What you do in the very first moments of your morning will fundamentally and inexorably shape your entire day. Most of the time you spend your mornings by routinely performing some habits, on auto pilot. Start Your Day in 33 Different Ways

Start Your Day in 33 Different Ways

Cognitive Dissonance

Explanations > Theories > Cognitive Dissonance Description | Research | Example | So What? | See also | References Description This is the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time. Cognitive Dissonance