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Initiation_pedago_ateliers_75min.pdf. Weather report with green screens and iPads. M-A Girard sur Twitter : "La création en éducation #feep #eduqc #edqc @sylviaduckworth @zecool @P_gagnon @Braddo @jprofNB #REFER. iMovie for Mac in the Classroom. The Paradox of Creativity in Education. All humans have the potential and ability to be creative, and we do ourselves a disservice when we refer to individuals such as Mozart and Einstein as the defining examples of creativity to which we should all strive to emulate.

This genius bar misrepresents the concept of creativity and distracts us from the necessary conversations on how to foster the creative mindset and why it’s so important to include in conversations around education. According to James Kaufman, a psychologist and researcher at the University of Connecticut who presented last week at the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Summit, creative people are more likely to get promoted, be satisfied with their jobs, be in better physical health and be more resilient. Those are all outcomes we hope for our children. Fostering creativity may have long-term positive benefits, so we should start focusing on creativity in the early years.

How 2 schools use green screen iPad tools for authentic learning. Two schools are both alike in dignity. Part of our story takes place in Jersey City, NJ while the other part takes place 32 miles away in Roslyn, NY. Some would argue that this is the best of times and the worst of times in education. This case study will celebrate what is good about education today by presenting two stories that illustrate how Green Screen technology on iPad can be used to support authentic student voice in learning environments on different ends of the educational spectrum. School #1: Roslyn High School, Nassau County, Long Island, NY In wealthy, suburban Long Island, Larry Reiff uses Green Screen technology to make Romeo and Juliet more modern.

As a humanities teacher, he is always looking for ways to infuse 21st Century skills into his units of study. He incorporates iPads, iBooks, and apps to make sure that his students can interact with complex texts in ways that will make them excited about literature that was written many centuries ago. School #2: A. At A. Using non-linear stories to gamify your books. Idea: make use of hyperlinks in Book Creator and see students’ imaginations come to the fore when they create interactive books. Adam Foster is an experienced Primary School Teacher who teaches across Key Stage 1 and 2, as well as co-ordinating ICT at a Preparatory School in Wolverhampton, UK. He has been using iPads in his teaching for the past 4 years and also supports schools around the UK and Europe with integrating mobile technology into the curriculum. Book Creator was one of the first apps we installed on our school iPads in 2011 and we have gone on to use it across the whole of Key Stage 1 and 2.

This has included Year 6 creating illustrated audio children’s stories for Year 1 pupils to read and review, DT Animal Shelter Evaluation ebooks showing progression and Numeracy Vocabulary Dictionaries to to help revision. Interactive adventure stories This term I have been working on a project with Year 6 to create interactive adventure stories using Book Creator. What we’re doing next.

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How To Do Green Screen Photography on an iPad at School. There are lots of great learning opportunities when you use green screen effects in the classroom. I’ve written about some of those before, but almost all of them involved green screen movies.

What about green screen photography? Is that possible on an iPad? It is, because there’s an app for that. Recently I was reminded of the ability to do green screen photography when I read a blog post by Dr. Wesley Fryer. He did a green screen photo booth at the Fall Festival of the school he works at in Oklahoma. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Green screen photography could easily be integrated into a variety of curricular areas with students, and the finished images can be imported into other apps to add text, borders, frames and more. So, what does it look like when you are done? Like this: Like Loading... Related iPads vs. It's a question you will often hear debated when schools look to buy new devices. iPads? In "iPad" 15 Engaging and Creative Ways to Use iPads in a K-12 Classroom In "Apple" Habiletés Explain Everything - fr (3).pdf. ‎

‎ iPads in Education. 4 compelling ideas for using Book Creator in the classroom - Book Creator app. Technology Coach Chris Loat shares his ideas on how Book Creator can be used effectively in the classroom. Chris Loat has taught for 16 years between grades 2-7, and recently moved to the district board office in Richmond, Canada, as a teacher consultant for the integration of technology. Book Creator is a versatile and intuitively set-up app that allows students to easily create digital content in a variety of ways.

In Richmond, teachers have used their iPads and Book Creator to publish ebooks on a variety of topics and in a variety of genres. Below are some ideas for using Book Creator in your classroom. 1. ‘How to…’ books Kirsten Wallace at Steves Elementary first taught a series of lessons on procedural writing to her grade 5 class.

Each student wrote about this topic and explained the process with text, photos, audio recordings, and video. The next assignment was to explain the steps to their Science experiment for the annual district Science Jam event. 2. Sentence starters 3. 4. §. Pensée Design : libérez votre créativité ! Demain, faire la différence ne résidera que peu dans un parcours académique « classique », même renommé ou prestigieux, mais dans le développement de sa capacité à développer des idées créatives ; à trouver des solutions innovantes à des problématiques réelles ; à s’adapter en permanence à un monde qui change très vite ; à apprendre en autodidacte, et tout au long de la vie… La créativité est déjà une qualité reconnue et indéniable aujourd’hui, mais elle sera indispensable pour chacun d’entre nous demain, pas seulement à quelques-uns.

Mais rassurez-vous, la créativité n’est pas qu’un don, c’est aussi quelque chose qui se travaille, qui se muscle. J’avais du mal à y croire au début, mais je réalise aujourd’hui, après avoir beaucoup lu sur le sujet et m’être régulièrement exercé, que la créativité n’est pas réservée à un petit nombre d’élus. Tout le monde, même s’il part d’un niveau différent, peut largement progresser et parfois de façon spectaculaire… J’y ai assisté ! How To Be Creative | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios. Digital Storytelling with an iPad. Explaining Understanding. ‎

‎ ‎ How To Use 'App Smashing' In Education. If you are a teacher that uses an iPad, chances are that you are familiar with the following scenario. You found this amazing app that can really help your struggling students. The potential of this app is great, as it appears that this particular app can tap your students’ creativity and allow them to thrive in ways that were unthinkable until now. The problem is that this app can only accomplish a small number of things, which prevents the students from completing a multidimensional project. So what do you do now?

Due to the unfortunate fact that there isn’t a “silver bullet app” yet- an app that can accomplish many, very different tasks- we have to rely on teachers’ and students’ creativity in order to accomplish multi-step tasks using the iPad. What is App Smashing? The basic premise behind app smashing, sometimes referred to as “app synergy”, is to find a number of key apps that “play well” with other apps and can communicate information across platforms. Some Final Thoughts. Apps & Lessons. National Gallery of Australia Australian Council of Art and Design University Schools Association of Independent Schools NSW International Society Technology in Education (ISTE), USA iPadpalooza, USA 21st Century Learning International National Arts Education Association (NAEA), USA TAFE Queensland The Kellett School, Hong Kong Queensland Art Teachers Association Queensland University of Technology Apple Consultants Network Lutheran Education Australia Brisbane Catholic Education State Library Queensland EduTECH Teacher Training Australia Lady Gowrie Childhood Education Queensland Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane Griffith University.

‎ Edudemic. This post was a collaboration with EdTechTeacher’s Beth Holland as a post for Edudemic. See the original posting here. From quill and ink, to slate and chalk, to pencil and paper, to typewriter, to computer, to iPad…. each evolution of technology has allowed students to make their thinking visual, articulate their ideas, demonstrate their understanding of concepts and skills, collaborate with their peers, and communicate in complex and modern ways.

Each advance has made it possible for those who master them to go a little further and to communicate a little more effectively. Historically, people who have taken the time to learn these technologies, or develop new ones, have reaped great rewards. Andrew Carnegie was “discovered” because of his ability to use the telegraph – the peak of communication at the time – to unravel a rail snarl that paralyzed his company. Thomas Edison created a way for people to record themselves, and others, and share these messages widely. Classroom Applications.