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iPads in Education

iPads in Education
"During my poster session at ISTE, I must have been asked dozens of times: “When do students use your Makerspace? How do you organize scheduling?” I am in a magnet middle school on a flexible schedule. I have an extremely supportive administration and staff and an enthusiastic student body that’s eager to learn. I realize that these circumstances won’t apply to everyone and that I’m very lucky to be in the place that I’m in. That being said, here’s how and when students at Stewart Middle Magnet use our Makerspace:"

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4 compelling ideas for using Book Creator in the classroom - Book Creator app Technology Coach Chris Loat shares his ideas on how Book Creator can be used effectively in the classroom. Chris Loat has taught for 16 years between grades 2-7, and recently moved to the district board office in Richmond, Canada, as a teacher consultant for the integration of technology. Book Creator is a versatile and intuitively set-up app that allows students to easily create digital content in a variety of ways. In Richmond, teachers have used their iPads and Book Creator to publish ebooks on a variety of topics and in a variety of genres. The “One iPad” Classroom If you have been allocated just one iPad for your classroom then you have very different issues to 1-to-1 classrooms as the iPad is not designed as a shared device. But don’t despair! There are apps for that! I’m never one to push for the downloading of numerous apps as it clouds the workflow.

Monster List of iBook Tutorials There are numerous sites that are now offering Tutorials and how-to guides for creating ebooks in iBook Author. As teachers are now comfortable with the idea of creating their own e-textbooks more and more people are looking for resources to learn how to build touch enabled books that take full advantage of the iPad capabilities. Inserting video and high resolution photographs is one thing but how about inserting 3D manipulatives and models that are touch sensitive. Teachers Guide on The Use of iPad in education iPad is a cool versatile tool that has a huge potential in education. It is widely believed that iPad has started tranforming the face of education and revolutionizng modes of learning. Results coming out of pilot studies on the integration of iPads in the classroom seem to be promising. Reed College, for instance, took the Apple iPad for a spin in 2010 and was pleased with the tablets performance as an educational tool. As part of a pilot program, Roslyn High School on Long Island handed out 47 iPads on Dec and the school district hopes to provide iPads eventually to all 1.100 of its students.

iPads Make Better Readers, Writers Literacy Skills iPads Make Better Readers, Writers In a research paper titled “Unlocking Literacy with iPad,” Ohio English teacher James Harmon found that state-compiled statistics indicate that those students with iPad access in the year leading up to the Ohio Graduation Test had a 6-percent greater chance of passing the test’s reading portion than those without, and an 8-percent greater chance of passing the writing portion. By Margo Pierce09/06/11

How To Use 'App Smashing' In Education If you are a teacher that uses an iPad, chances are that you are familiar with the following scenario. You found this amazing app that can really help your struggling students. The potential of this app is great, as it appears that this particular app can tap your students’ creativity and allow them to thrive in ways that were unthinkable until now. The problem is that this app can only accomplish a small number of things, which prevents the students from completing a multidimensional project. So what do you do now?

Seven Free Science Apps for iPads I’m preparing to do a virtual presentation for a small district next month. My hosts asked for a list of some science apps that their middle school and high school students can use. This is part of the list that has free apps. Tweetbot for Twitter Teachers on iPad Published on April 11th, 2012 | by Mark Anderson Like every teacher all over the world, I’m a busy fellow. The time I can spend tweeting and checking my tweets is very finite.

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