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Weekly Genius Hour Assessment - The Genius Hour... at Oshkosh West High School. 20-Time In Education Inspire. Create. Innovate. 20 percent projects: 10 must-have tools. Students engaging in 20 percent projects must gather and curate information, share it and present it.

20 percent projects: 10 must-have tools

Here are 10 tools to help. Every good handyman (or handywoman) knows that having the right tool can save minutes — or hours — of work. Academic work is no exception. Students who engage in 20 percent projects — where 20 percent of class time is devoted to a project the student is passionate about — engage in certain activities to prepare for the culminating event: often a presentation in front of their peers.

There’s content gathering and content curation to be done. 20 percent projects have been made famous recently by companies like Google — although 20 percent time isn’t like it used to be at Google anymore. As teachers plan or implement a 20 percent project program — or any sort of long-term project — here are some handy tools to integrate: 1. Genius Hour. Genius Hour. Genius Hour Introduction of Expected Presentation Outcomes Lesson Plan - Google Docs.

How to Find Your Passion and Inner Awesomeness: Eugene Hennie at TEDxMMU. Step-by-Step Directions for Creating Passion Projects in Our Classroom. Genius Hour Presentation Rubric - Google Docs. Genius hour. SOCIAL STUDIES - World History. Visual History of War, Religion, and Government. History & Geography Activities and Games Free Downloads. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Concentration Camp Diaries. HOLOCAUST AND MORE FOR ELT PROJECTS AND LESSONS. These 20 Photographs Will Leave You Speechless. Especially The 11th One. There Are No Words. Take a look at these 20 powerful photos that will leave you speechless.

These 20 Photographs Will Leave You Speechless. Especially The 11th One. There Are No Words.

Some of these photos are of truly historic moments, while others, are quite heartbreaking. World War II veteran from Belarus Konstantin Pronin, 86, sits on a bench as he waits for his comrades at Gorky park during Victory Day in Moscow, Russia, on Monday, May 9, 2011. Konstantin comes to this place every year. This year he was the only person from the unit to show. Reddit 100s of galaxies seen through the Hubble Deep Field (HDF), as they were 10 billion years ago. Sunset on Mars, taken in 2005 by the Spirit rover. A soldier making the long walk to defuse a car bomb in Northern Ireland. wikipedia Neil Armstrong after his Moonwalk. This was taken moments after Jewish refugees realized they weren’t being sent to their deaths at the horrible concentration camps and were in fact being saved.

Ignorance is bliss – Homeless man sleeps outside a diner in Milwaukee. Nazi rally at Nuremberg in 1937. Undulating clouds. Source: Viral Nova. What’s New in Evernote Web Clipper. Capture articles to read later The Evernote Web Clipper will automatically detect the article on a page and create a beautiful rendering of it inside your Evernote account.

What’s New in Evernote Web Clipper

You can expand or shrink the selection using the grab bars. Clip simplified articles Enjoy a better reading experience on your favorite blogs and news sources. The simplified article option clears away everything but the content so you can read it now without distractions or save it to Evernote for later browsing. Bookmark your favorites Want to remember a site without clipping the entire page? Take screenshots in your browser Capture the most important part of a page, crop it, and save it, or share with friends and colleagues. Beautiful list of tools The new sidebar design displays the Clip, Markup, File, Share and other options alongside the page you're reviewing without blocking any of the content so you can read, organize, and revisit relevant content from one screen.

The Research Behind Choice and Inquiry-Based Education. Updated: I’ve updated this post and page since publishing my most recent book about student choice.

The Research Behind Choice and Inquiry-Based Education

I’d love for you to add resources you’ve found in the comments section of this post so I can add them to the list! Since experimenting with “Genius Hour and 20% Time” in my class a few years ago, I’ve been fascinated by the research and history of this practice in education and the business world. This has led me down a long road to eventually writing Inquiry & Innovation in the Classroom (published by Routledge) on inquiry-driven education and choice-based learning experiences. During that time I’ve had hundreds of conversations with fellow teachers practicing choice-based and inquiry-driven learning in some way shape or form (Genius Hour, 20% Time, Passion Projects, Choose2Matter etc). Today I want to shed some light on the research behind choice, and more broadly, inquiry-driven education.

I’m breaking the post down into four sections.