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100 Facts About DNA

Hsien-Hsien Lei Posted August 20, 2007 in DNA Fun, DNA in General I’m on vacation this week but that doesn’t mean Eye on DNA is going to be silent. I’ve prepared posts in advance and figured this list of 100 facts about DNA should keep you busy! It’s not particularly well-organized since I created using stream of consciousness.

Ommm. What do you think I left off the list? Sources:Human Molecular Genetics 2DNA From The Beginning from Cold Spring HarborHuman Genome ProjectNOVA Cracking the Code of LifeYahoo! Tags: genetics, genes, dna, genome, genomics (46 comments) Related Posts:Eye on DNA Links – June 16, 2007...10 Reasons NOT To Take a DNA Test...Genome Paranoia At Its Craziest...DNA Quote: Sir William Bragg on Science...DNA Quote: Dame Barbara Ward...5 Facts (and Caveats) About DNA Profiling...What does DNA mean to you? <A HREF=" Widgets</A> Search BioNumbers - The Database of Useful Biological Numbers.

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