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Claudia Eating 10 hot dogs in 6 minutes and belching the national anthem may impress your friends, but neither of those feats will do much for your body—at least not much good. Instead, why not train yourself to do something that may actually pay off? We're not talking bench presses and interval training (though those do help).

You can teach your body to cure itself from everyday health ailments—side stitches, first-date jitters, even hands that have fallen asleep. Brain Training, Brain Games And Memory Programs, Brain Fitness - CogniFit. Color Psychology. By David Johnson Like death and taxes, there is no escaping color.

Color Psychology

It is ubiquitous. 25 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls.


Pets. Food. Ads. When you are Nike, you just do it.


There’s absolutely no point being timid or ordinary. You blaze trails, create trends, draw attention. Here at Access, we are creating Nike Extreme experiences around the globe. Clothing. A new way of choosing what to read next. DIY. Easter. Oh Happy Day! Photobooth Props Set #2 Free Printable. Jun 23.

Photobooth Props Set #2 Free Printable - almacenamiento y uso compartido de archivos gratis. Cravings1.jpg (468×2532) Jukesy - music player powered by youtube and Free Nursery Printables. Freebie ~ Create Word Cloud Art with Tagxedo. Circular Vest. One circle of fabric makes a vest that highlights both sides of a special fabric.

Circular Vest

Choose a fabric that looks good on both sides. Jack Deutsch Sloan Howard Photo: Jack Deutsch. DIY Quilling tool. I'm so happy that I decided to concentrate on one of the least expensive paper crafts out there.

DIY Quilling tool

It's been to my advantage that all I need are a few household items and some colored paper to create beautiful and fun things. But, you know how I am. Somehow I always find a way to be drawn to the absolute most expensive things no matter how simple they may be. I have about 7 quilling tools, all (with the exception of 1) less than $4 each. But, guess which one is my favorite? My favorite tool is in perfect shape but something inside me wants to purchase a bunch more, you know, just in case.

Made with basic household items this tool won't set you back very much. You will need: DIY Dog Treats. Hey everyone!

DIY Dog Treats

Today I decided to make some dog treats! I was inspired a couple days ago when I was at the store and found a couple dog bone shaped cookie cutters that I just had to buy! The dog treats can be made with any shape of cutter, so don’t worry if you don’t have ones exactly like these. DIY Series: Basketweave wall « nest design studio { blog } Photoshop Tutorial: Learn Basic Photo Editing to Enhance Colours/Light/Contrast. Quilling 101. I've been wanting to do this post for a very long time.

Quilling 101

Since we have sunny skies today I was inspired to actually do it. For all those who want to learn how to quill, I've decided to share beginner quilling shapes and how to make them. This is the first in a series of a few how-to-quill posts I have in mind. So, let's get started. You will need: The Blog: Birthday Photobooth. More and more weddings are including "photobooths" as part of their guest experience.

The Blog: Birthday Photobooth

And not the rent-a-very-expensive (albeit endlessly cool) filmstrip style photobooth - I'm referring to the much cheaper, easier and versatile photographer's photobooth. Whether they range from classy and formal [see j.crew's version and think simple color but fun guests] to fun dress up [think speech bubbles and oversize props] to vintage [frames and florals] a photobooth is a fantastic way to get posed photos of you and your guests. Some people go really extreme and set up entire staged rooms and themed sets! Read It and Weep - 16 Repurposed and Recycled Books. Okay, just shoot me now and put me out of my misery!

Read It and Weep - 16 Repurposed and Recycled Books

Will I never achieve such creative genius as this? Time to read it and weep...not the ugly cry - it's a happy sob (sigh)! Oh what some people can do with a recycled book or two. A Perfect Match: How To Incorporate Matches Into Your Wedding {DIY} A perfect match…You light my fire…We struck it lucky… There are so many love related connotations with matches, why not incorporate them into your wedding?

A Perfect Match: How To Incorporate Matches Into Your Wedding {DIY}

Picture, Picture on the Wall... MAGIC Decal Transfer Tutorial with Free Printables! Some of you may remember, a little while back I posted a tutorial for DIY waterslide decals. Among other things, I mentioned how awesome they are for creating custom embellishments without the need for any fancy-pants equipment. Yep, waterslide decal paper is a truly fab product, though as great as it is, there is one drawback – although it’s somewhat tough it’s not especially durable.

So, whilst it’s perfect for ornamental purposes, it’s not ideal for more practical applications…until now that is! Love note pillow tutorial. Before I moved from Oregon to San Diego to be near my boyfriend (my now husband) we maintained a long distance relationship. A big part of that relationship was writing letters, email and LOTS of little love notes sent back and forth. We both saved all those letters and notes and once in while we will pull them out, spend time shaking our heads and laughing while reading them- so naive and silly we were! These days (insert 10 years) we still write each other notes and letters. There is just something so wonderful about a hand written note. Fabric Storage Boxes (per your request) Okay, the fabric storage box tutorial is here. (Sorry for the little tease last friday and no actual tutorial. We were trying to get on the road for our trip to ID… things got crazy last week. But we’re here. And safe.

And enjoying Idaho. I’m guessing there are probably 100 different ways to make fabric boxes though. Page 2.

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