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9 Interesting Infographics About Color Color, one of the most overlooked and yet important elements to our every day lives. Because of the makeup of our brains, and the correlations between sight and perception, we are affected on a very deep level by color. Perhaps even more than we are affected by shape, or any other sense in the mind and body. 9 Interesting Infographics About Color


theconceptartblog Concept Arts do game Titanfall, por Scribble Pad Studios Hoje destacamos as incríveis concept arts criadas por James Paick (Scribbed Pad Studios) para o game Titanfall, da Eletronic Arts e Respawn Entertainment. Visite e acompanhe o blog do Scribbed Pad Studios e sua fanpage no Facebook. Muita inspiração! Vamos às artes: VISITE: Scribble Pad Studios | Respawn Entertainment | Titanfall Website ... The Croods: novas artes de Leighton Hickman