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Editor: Ingrid Sischy Creative Director: Fabien Baron Issue: July 1990 I thought we'd kick off 2013 with an impulse ebay purchase over Christmas – one of my favourite magazines, 90’s Interview, Fabien Baron era. things to look at things to look at
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A big thank you to Edward Tufte for sponsoring this week’s RSS Feed. EDWARD TUFTE, PRESENTING DATA AND INFORMATIONChicago, April 14, 15 San Jose, May 5 San Francisco, May 7, 8, 9 Bethesda, June 3 Arlington, June 5, 6 Seattle, Portland, Denver, August EDWARD TUFTE, THE THINKING EYE Lecture at University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign, Foellinger Auditorium, April 10, 7pm


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London A short 15 word biography Ex-illustrator, ex-woodworker, ex-musician, ex-cartoonist, ex-designer, ex-film maker, ex-designer turned writer and communications consultant Three words to describe yourself? Compulsive creative mongrel Your favourite: Colour: Sky blue pink Film: The Misfits Creative comrades: Tom Lynham Creative comrades: Tom Lynham
填鴨教室 everyone is a burning sun Jesus, Etc. – Bill Fay (Wilco cover) Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm | a2 填鴨教室
Retro Pottery Net Retro Pottery Net I love it when I come across a Brutalist style piece of me there is something so wonderfully solid, architectural and re-assuring about this style of design...especially when it comes with a lot of lava :) The planter below I found last week is by Strehla, East Germany. Strehla started in 1828 in the small town of the same name, in Saxony, and operated until 1989. East Germany was of course under communist rule from 1948-1990, but output from the Strehla factory continued throughout this period, and quite a lot was exported. Designs from the Strehla factory were overall a bit more restrained in colour and design than from its West German counterparts. There are a few very strong Brutalist style designs that Strehla produced, but this is the first time I have come across this particular design with its heavy lava texture, bright blue and solid form. The other piece is an interesting Strehla vase I had a few months ago.
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The League of Moveable Type
Project Thirty-Three is our shrine to circles and dots, squares and rectangles, and triangles, and the designers that make these simple shapes come to life on vintage album covers.This site was created and is maintained by Jive Time Records, a Seattle-based store specializing in used vinyl. Visit our other record related galleries.Jive Time Records buys and sells quality used records in Seattle and surrounding areas. Do you have a record collection for sale? Learn more. Project Thirty-Three

Project Thirty-Three

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Books, Design & Culture Books, Design & Culture April 14, 2014 by Dan Wagstaff 0 comments For me, and I suspect plenty of other people of a certain age, the noir-inspired Batman: The Animated Series, is still the most satisfying version of the character to come to screen. The series has long since ended but happily, Bruce Timm, co-creator of the series, has produced a new, wonderfully retro, animated short called Batman: Strange Days to celebrate the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary: In a recent interview with Comics Alliance, Timm talked about his work on the original series and the retro look of the new short: I wanted to make the whole cartoon look as if it was like the cartoon itself was made in 1939, got stuck in a vault somewhere, and nobody has seen it until now.
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Creative Calendar Designs | Inspiration Advertisement How many creative solutions for calendar design are out there? If you take a look around you’ll find out that most calendars are designed in a “standard” linear fashion.
21 gennaio 2013 Chiudiamo L’ultimo articolo che abbiamo pubblicato è del primo agosto. È passato tanto tempo ed è ora di dirlo ufficialmente: Personal Report chiude. In questi tre anni di vita abbiamo scritto un migliaio di articoli. Abbiamo raccontato storie, intervistato persone, segnalato progetti, linkato idee, dialogato con voi. Personal Report

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What we have for you today are a selection of free high-resolution corporate identity mockup templates that will allow you to create your own professional personal branding with ease. The templates are all in PSD… Collaboration is how things are accomplished these days.

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Focusing mostly on oil and acrylics on canvas, Keith Vaughn paints out plain tropical windows that are framed in this early 90s design revival look. via Keith Vaughn tumblr A few images from my travels through Chile this past December.
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