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Technology of War

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From Sci-Fi to Reality: The Future of Warfare. Science Fiction Futures On October 21, 2015, people revisited “Back to the Future,” comparing the modern world with the world that Marty McFly saw when he time-traveled to 2015 in the second installment of the famous 1980s sci-fi series.

From Sci-Fi to Reality: The Future of Warfare

While the movie incorrectly “predicted” several things, it got a bunch of technology right — like those shoes. The trillion dollar question nobody is asking the presidential candidates. By Frank Wilczek, Max Tegmark/The Conversation As it seeks to modernize its nuclear arsenal, the United States faces a big choice, one which Barack Obama should ponder before his upcoming Hiroshima speech.

The trillion dollar question nobody is asking the presidential candidates

Should we spend a trillion dollars to replace each of our thousands of nuclear warheads with a more sophisticated substitute attached to a more lethal delivery system? Or should we keep only enough nuclear weapons needed for a devastatingly effective deterrence against any nuclear aggressor, investing the money saved into other means of making our nation more secure? The first option would allow us to initiate and wage nuclear war. Clear and present danger to your life as of now from cyberblitzkrieg. Full restoration of electric power could take months to years following a well-planned, well-executed terrorist attack on large transformers like these in Melbourne, according to the National Academy of Sciences (credit: Allalone89/public domain)

Clear and present danger to your life as of now from cyberblitzkrieg

War! Who is it good for?

A Future Without War. Ultimate attribution error. The ultimate attribution error is a group-level attribution error that offers an explanation for how one person views different causes of negative and positive behavior in ingroup and outgroup members.[1] Ultimate attribution error is the tendency to internally attribute negative outgroup and positive ingroup behaviour and to externally attribute positive outgroup and negative ingroup behaviour.

Ultimate attribution error

China is Preparing for Mind Controlled Robotic Warefare - Futurism. Terminator Robots to Take Over the Battlefield by 2023? Nicholas WestActivist Post The U.S. military's pursuit of killer robots continues to make the news, despite the concerns of major international human rights groups who have launched a campaign to stop the runaway development of robots for war.

Terminator Robots to Take Over the Battlefield by 2023?

Cambridge University has even launched a "Terminator" study program known officially as the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk. Nevertheless, the military-industrial complex and their partners in the Congressional "drone caucus" are reaping big profits from machine warfare. Simultaneously, the global economy is becoming increasingly robotized, with some experts predicting that humans will be completely outsourced to robots by 2045. Additionally, there is an overarching move toward humanoid robots with a goal to establish an emotional connection that current studies reveal is still lacking among the general population.

Robots with machine guns: U.S. Army sees latest gear. DARPA Building Real Life Terminators Military Robots. That's Impossible: Real Terminators. America Building Robots Army for Future 720p HD Discovery & Documentary HD. Terminator Weaponry - Future Weapons. U.S. Air Force developing terrifying swarms of tiny unmanned drones that can hover, crawl and even kill targets.

Air Vehicles Directorate at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, is already developing prototypes of tiny drones that can hoverThe Micro Air Vehicles will work in swarms to provide complex surveillance of a battlefieldThey can also be armed with incapacitating chemicals, combustible payloads or even explosives 'for precision targeting capability' By Michael Zennie Published: 00:11 GMT, 20 February 2013 | Updated: 18:25 GMT, 20 February 2013 The U.S.

U.S. Air Force developing terrifying swarms of tiny unmanned drones that can hover, crawl and even kill targets

The Navy is Preparing To Launch Swarm Bots Out of Cannons. The U.S.

The Navy is Preparing To Launch Swarm Bots Out of Cannons

Navy will launch up to 30 synchronized drones within one minute, possibly from a single cannon-like device, in what marks a significant advance in robot autonomy. The drones, when airborne, will then unfold their wings and conduct a series of maneuvers and simulated missions with very little human guidance over the course of 90 minutes.

Rise of the Drones. Rise of the Drones PBS Airdate: January 23, 2013 NARRATOR: Drones: these aerial robots are replacing manned planes; they're revolutionizing warfare by allowing us to see and kill from half a world away, and they're making science fiction a reality.

Rise of the Drones

Now, with unprecedented access to drone scientists, engineers and pilots,… Master arm… Terminator-Like "Smart Liquid Metal" May Be The First Step In A New Arms Race. DARPA’s new cheap robot is capable of changing apparent shape, color, temperature and more. By End the Lie In nature, some organisms use bioluminescence to communicate.

DARPA’s new cheap robot is capable of changing apparent shape, color, temperature and more

DARPA’s soft robot achieves the same glowing effect by pumping chemiluminescent solutions through channels in the robot’s color layer. (Image credit: DARPA) It seems that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has taken a major step forward in creating an astoundingly cheap and quite small robot that “can change the color, contrast, pattern, apparent shape, luminescence, and surface temperature of soft machines for camouflage and display,” according to a report published in Science. New 2014 DARPA Building Real Life Terminators Military Robots Documentary & Discovery HD. New 2013 DARPA Building Real Life Terminators Military Robots. DARPA's Self Steering Bullet Hits the Target Every Time. EXACTO Demonstrates First-Ever Guided .50-Caliber Bullets.

Fire and Forget: DARPA successfully tests revolutionary self-guiding bullet (VIDEO) GPS bullets are latest weapon for American police. 29 October 2013Last updated at 12:35 ET.

GPS bullets are latest weapon for American police

US DoD report: Preparing for war in the robotic age. A recently released US Department of Defense report, DTP 106: Policy Challenges of Accelerating Technological Change, sets out the potential benefits and concerns of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and associated technologies (as well as advances in information and communications technologies (ICT) and cognitive science, big data, cloud computing, energy and nanotechnologies). The Changing and Terrifying Nature of the New Cyber-Warfare. On the hidden battlefields of history’s first known cyber-war, the casualties are piling up. In the U.S., many banks have been hit, and the telecommunications industry seriously damaged, likely in retaliation for several major attacks on Iran. Washington and Tehran are ramping up their cyber-arsenals, built on a black-market digital arms bazaar, enmeshing such high-tech giants as Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

With the help of highly placed government and private-sector sources, Michael Joseph Gross describes the outbreak of the conflict, its escalation, and its startling paradox: that America’s bid to stop nuclear proliferation may have unleashed a greater threat. I. U.S Military's Robot Soldiers by Boston Dynamics BIGDOG Robot. BigDog Weaponized. U.S Army's Cheetah Robot 18mph. Real-life Iron Man armor to be ready by June – US admiral. DARPA seeks high-tech alternatives to armor. As a quick visit to any armored division will make obvious, tanks are big ... really big. A Challenger 2 main battle tank, for example, weighs 62.5 tonnes (68.9 tons) and costs about £4.2 million (US$7 million). And as anti-tank weapons get better, tanks can only get bigger. To avoid armies of tomorrow having to pay for land-going battleships, DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technology (GXV-T) program aims at developing lighter, more agile successors to the tank that protect themselves with more than ever-thicker walls of steel.

DARPA wants to hide naval assets on the sea bottom. The DARPA project envisions deploying assets such as this earlier DARPA concept, the Cormant underwater UAV Image Gallery (2 images) The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has seen the future of naval warfare and it’s falling upward. As part of an effort to reduce the logistics of sending equipment into trouble areas, the agency’s Upward Falling Payloads project is aimed at developing storage capsules capable of remaining on the deep seabed for years.

These would contain non-lethal military assets that could be deployed on the spot years in advance and rise to the surface as needed. Forward deploying caches of military equipment isn't a new idea. The purpose of these capsules is to provide the military with operational support and situational awareness by means of unmanned, distributed systems. USS Zumwalt. DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA - BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGIES FOR NATIONAL SECURITY. 10 Cool DARPA Projects In Development. These breakthrough technologies address a range of military challenges, from mental disorders to battlefield safety. 1 of 11 Brain implants, military robots, and more The experimental projects of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) often bring to mind the tech found in some sci-fi movies: robots, brain chips, self-patching defense systems.

15 incredible military technologies.