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Clean City Pro Highly Innovative Green Speciality Cleaners. Soy-Based Graffiti Removers work better, faster, safer. From the most delicate to the most Difficult surfaces. Pet Enzyme Odor Blasters and Steel Polish.

Biodegradable Graffiti Remover. Low VOC Graffiti Remover. Bio-Based Graffiti Remover. Graffiti Paint Remover. A Guide to Getting Rid of Sprayed Graffiti on Metal Surfaces. Graffiti taggers, artists, and vandals leave no stone unturned to vandalize public places or even deface physical structures.

A Guide to Getting Rid of Sprayed Graffiti on Metal Surfaces

Sometimes they even target unusual objects such as fire hydrants. Most fittings in public places feature a metal surface. Daubing graffiti on the exteriors of such surfaces may not be the simplest of the tasks in the world. Removing it is not a cakewalk either. When vandals write graffiti on the exterior layer of a fire hydrant, they generally do it to indicate either racism or an obscene reference. With that said, how does one remove graffiti from metal surfaces involving paints? Contrary to the common perception, the removal of scribbled drawings or scratches with even the best graffiti remover demands considerable effort than that of cleaning a place. When using the graffiti remover DIY technique, you may need to know a thing or two about how professionals accomplish the task with finesse.

Graffiti Remover for Sale. Electronic Data Management System. DACIMA Clinical Suite is an innovative EDC technology that allows users to set up and configure databases through an easy-to-use web-based graphical user interface without programming and database design expertise.

Electronic Data Management System

Dacima takes the programming out of database development! Through easy-to-use modules you can create study databases, administer access and collect and the data collection process. Dacima Clinical Suite is the next generation of web EDC software. Developed using Microsoft .net framework in the C# (pronounced C sharp) programming language with an HTML interface, the software consists of three main modules: Manager (Administrator) Module: allows the administrator to create users and assign user permission through a role based user management.Designer Module: allows you to design and configure the study and related data entry forms through an easy-to-use web interface. Safe Graffiti Remover. Biodegradable Graffiti Remover. Enzyme Cleaner for Urine. Graffiti Remover Spray. How to Remove Spray Paint. Oil-Free Stainless Steel Polish. How to Remove Graffiti from Metal: Why to Worry When Experts Are Here There are number of items available in market that only cleanse stains but products which come with manifold benefits are rare in number.

Oil-Free Stainless Steel Polish

Clean City Pro Stainless Steel Cleaning Polish is one innovative graffiti removing solution that not only helps in cleaning off the ugly graffiti but also brings back the lost shine of the object. It is one innovative Eco-friendly soy-based formula that cleanse as well as polishes quite effortlessly. Entirely oil free, water based and water soluble formula is meant to be used for regular basis. The product is entirely none streaking that offer outstanding result also it is finger print resistant. Non-Greasy Stainless Steel Polish. Biodegradable Graffiti Remover. Innovating Tomorrow's Sustainable Solutions...Today Clean City Pro offers highly effective specialty green cleaning products including green graffiti removers, stainless steel polish, and odor removers and green cleaners.

We seek to eliminate the trade off between a products effectiveness and safety/environmental characteristics. Clean City Innovations is committed to providing green cleaners and green graffiti removal products to a wide range of industries including public works, school districts, park districts, transit agencies, property managements, hospitality, parking garage operators, restaurants and many more. Clean City Innovations seeks to source the best, safest and most effective innovative green products to bring to market. Graffiti Remover Spray. Ugly racist graffiti was spray painted on the brick wall of a United States Post Office in the Bronx, New York.

Graffiti Remover Spray

The racist graffiti outraged the community. The post office is across the street from a neighborhood park and playground. The graffiti tags were spray painted onto a red brick wall and onto a metal painted door. The police are conducting a investigation. There is hope that surveillance cameras will provide the information necessary to identify the graffiti vandal and bring him to justice. Graffiti Paint Remover. You may be aware of the inherent dangers in chemical paint removers.

Graffiti Paint Remover

Despite, various paint removers marketed as "safe" but still toxicity is inevitable to be there. It is mostly because of the inorganic solvents which are the active ingredients used in the paint removers. These chemicals may cause damage to the respiratory tract, eyes, internal organs and skins etc. Liquid and spray paint removers are among the most toxic products used in homes and workshops or in public places grossly. Besides, most of such liquids are extremely flammable or combustible. How to Remove Spray Paint. How to Remove Graffiti Spray Paint from Brick ​3 Simple Steps for Graffiti Removal from Brick Walls.​Step 1: Spray, pour or brush Clean City Pro Red Label Graffiti Remover or Clean City Pro Blue Label Gel Graffiti Remover onto graffiti tag.Step 2: Allow a moderate dwell time of 5 to 30 minutesNote: A longer or shorter dwell time is possible depending on conditions.

How to Remove Spray Paint

If spray paint is highly saturated, the brick is highly porous or the temperature is cold, allow for a longer dwell time. ​ Step 3: Pressure wash using a wide, fan tip pressure washing nozzle such as 25 degree green tip. Repeat if necessary. Graffiti Remover for Sale. Oil-Free Stainless Steel Polish. GRAFFITI REMOVAL BEST PRACTICES FOR SCHOOLS: a step-by-step guide for fast, safe, & easy graffiti removal from playgrounds, bathrooms, lockers, desks, WhiteBoard and mirrors.

Oil-Free Stainless Steel Polish

Graffiti Remover for Public Works. Bradley Airport Car Service. How to Remove Spray Paint. After years of careful field study and bio-chemical researches Clean City Pro proudly brought the best graffiti removers.

How to Remove Spray Paint

Being responsible to keep environment pollution free and committed to user’s safety Clean City Pro innovated a wide range of unique Soy-based graffiti removers ensures highest standards of effectiveness and safety. Product carrying Clean City Pro label promises the best safety both for the users and for the substrates. But before using Clean City Pro paint cleaner user should follow the guide of removing graffiti effectively and safely. How to remove graffiti · Basics While attempting how to remove graffiti from surfaces users should focus on Chemical Strength, Dwell Time, Abrasion, and Temperature.

Graffiti Remover for Public Works. Know The Reasons Why You Should be Buying This Graffiti Paint Remover. How to Remove Graffiti From Brick. Graffiti Remover Spray. Graffiti Remover Concrete. Graffiti is something that decor walls or concrete pillars but with crude drawings or vulgar writings it damages the surface.

Graffiti Remover Concrete

“Graffiti” the plural of “Graffito” is an Italian word. In Greek the same word spelt as “graphein” to mean scratch, draw or write. In earlier days of 1851 the word “Graffito” was in use to indicate ancient wall inscriptions found in the ruins of Pompeii. But, it is likely from 1877 the sense extended to mean the writings or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. Bio-Based Graffiti Remover. Graffiti Remover Concrete. Best Graffiti Remover for Metal. Non-Greasy Stainless Steel Polish. You Must Go Through This Oil-Free Stainless Steel Polish to Get Best Result You might have experience it while removing graffiti tag before.

Non-Greasy Stainless Steel Polish

Removing ugly graffiti with common hazardous, synthetic chemicals those are easily available in the may offer two major problematic outcome. In most of the cases, it destroys the main surface roughly and left some stain on it. Secondly, the chemicals when come into direct contact to the skin of the users may produce irritation, rashes.

Most of the time it has been reported that these common graffiti removers produced symptoms like fatigue and headache. Coordinating with an expert team of chemical engineers and field workers Clean City Pro has researched a lot together to achieve a safe, fast and effective graffiti paint remover towards the preparation of an environment friendly, effective, safe and fast working “Green” graffiti removers. Bio-Based Graffiti Remover. Enzyme Cleaner for Urine. Graffiti Remover Instructions.