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Users Submit Ideas Let your loyal customers send you feedback when they’re most inspired. You’ll find answers to questions before you even thought to ask. View screen shot Others Vote On The Ideas Idea Management - Innovation Management - Crowdsourcing - Sugges

Idea Management - Innovation Management - Crowdsourcing - Sugges

FreeMind n’est pas un éditeur de texte à proprement parler, et n’est pas forcément adapté pour gérer des textes très longs et "monoblocs" comme un article, un mémoire ou un rapport. Ce n’est donc pas un équivalent ou un concurrent de Microsoft Word ou Open Office Writer par exemple. Cependant, même si nous n’irions pas jusqu’à parler de la mort du traitement de texte classique, ce logiciel, à l’instar de Keynote, témoigne d’une nouvelle manière d’aborder l’écriture de documents électroniques.


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Reservoir Dogs Reservoir Dogs is a very good film that sees five anonymous hit men team up for a big heist – an armed robbery on a Diamond warehouse that will be central to the wide variety of eccentrically quirky characters who all lend their skills to the job. The heat of the police clings onto them during this task because there's talk of a rat in their group... but who is it? The film starts at the end of the robbery, zooming in on a chaotic bloody state and then backtracks in flashbacks–non-chronologically and a bit babbling, but it still works–in an attempt to answer this question.

Blippy / Purchases by people I follow

Blippy / Purchases by people I follow
Transformative Growth Create new revenue streams, improve products and services and gain a competitive edge by making innovation a mission-critical, repeatable business process in your organization. Cost Efficiencies Your employees know. Find new solutions to traditional problems, reduce costs through process innovation and streamline work. Innovation management, Idea management, Social Networking Software, Crowdsourcing

Innovation management, Idea management, Social Networking Software, Crowdsourcing

What Is a Curator in Chief? Neil Sanderson is the Chief Curator at Eqentia--a software platform service that enables professional users and organizations to easily aggregate, curate and republish the news that's important to them. Eqentia's sites are both public and private--with some of the more public ones including Visability Marketing ( and Slices of Boulder ( which is a local news website for Boulder, Colorado. More than 50 of the portals can be found at I asked Neil what a 'Chief Curator' does. "It's much like being an Editor, except that I do not commission original reporting or writing."

What Is a Curator in Chief?

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August 9, 2010 Washington, D.C.‘s local media scene officially welcomed a new player Aug. 9. Spotted... Spotted...
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There's no doubt that companies in hyper growth mode find that they can only do so many things well at one time. And for many of us, our interactions with Google exist as a series of 'siloed' experiences. - We need directions; we use Google maps -- an extraordinary product. Steve Rosenbaum: Google: At a Critical Crossroads Steve Rosenbaum: Google: At a Critical Crossroads
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Real-time feed parsing in the cloud for web-developers Real-time feed parsing in the cloud for web-developers Superfeedr provides a realtime API to any application who wants to produce (publishers) or consume (subscribers) data feeds without wasting resources and maintaining an expensive and changing infrastructure. This documentation shows how to integrate Superfeedr into a variety of diverse infrastructure, as well as highlights most of the features offered by Superfeedr. Table of Contents

XMind - Social Brainstorming and Mind Mapping

Works with Office/PDF How to make colleagues access our mind map if they don't have XMind? With some simple operations, we can export our mind map into about 10 universal formats by the export functionality. XMind - Social Brainstorming and Mind Mapping
Over the past few months, there has been a growing chorus of criticism — much of it anecdotal, but coming from a number of respected technology observers — about Google’s increasingly useless search results. Now the web giant has responded to these criticisms in a blog post, saying it doesn’t believe its search is getting any worse (if anything, it claims results have improved), but noting that it is going to be coming down hard on so-called “content farms” that try to game its algorithm with low-quality pages filled with keywords. And that could mean some pain for Demand Media, which is planning a closely-watched initial public offering that could launch as soon as next week. The Google blog post came from Matt Cutts, who heads up the company’s search-spam team. Did Google Just Declare War on Demand Media?: Tech News and Analysis «
After climbing steeply, according to research from Network Solutions and the Center for Excellence in Service at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, small-business adoption of social media marketing has plateaued at 24%. The study of US small business found that those that do market via social media primarily use Facebook (82%), and that the most common activities are maintaining a company page on a social network and posting status updates or links to interesting content. About half of businesses that used social media also monitored brand chatter on social networks. As small businesses have gained experience with social media, some have realized their expectations for the channel did not line up with the reality of the social web. Small Businesses Change Social Media Expectations

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Venezuela: Global peasants’ movement Via Campesina urges support for revolution, government By Via Campesina, Thursday, April 3, 2014 'Those of us who struggle for social justice, land reform, and food sovereignty consider the Bolivarian revolution a reference for social transformation and inclusion.' Via Campesina is a global organisation of peasants and one of the largest and most significant international social movements.
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