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CHARLESTON SHOOTING – There’s More to the Story Than We’ve Been Told. Industria, è morto a 86 anni il 'signor Candy': nel 1946 inventò la prima lavatrice italiana. All'età di 86 anni si è spento Peppino Fumagalli, patron del gruppo Candy, di cui era presidente onorario. Nel 1946 è stato l'inventore della prima lavabiancheria italiana assieme al padre Eden - a sua volta fondatore delle Officine Meccaniche Eden Fumagalli negli anni Trenta - e ai fratelli Niso ed Enzo. Alla guida del gruppo dalla fine degli anni CinquaNTA, è stato il pioniere di una strategia d'espansione commerciale e di internazionalizzazione. Nominato amministratore delegato in seguito alla scomparsa del padre nel 1970, ha portato l'azienda di Brughiero (Monza e Brianza) a operare con marchi internazionali come Candy e Hoover grazie al lavoro di 5.300 dipendenti, otto stabilimenti e con un fatturato di oltre 860 milioni.

Nel '73 è stato nominato cavaliere del lavoro e nel '98 ha ricevuto dalla regina Elisabetta la nomina a Honorary Commander of the British Empire. voi. Così come aveva fatto mio padre con noi nel 1970. Ruby ter, i pm accusano: "Da Berlusconi alle olgettine due milioni di euro in quattro anni" «Avevo poco tempo e ho scelto: puntare tutto sulle bugie di Ruby»Prostituzione minorile, giudici divisi. La coppia Berlusconi-Pascale.

Berlusconi assolto, l'esultanza di Francesca Pascale. Wozniacki e Shayk, wags in bikini per Sports Illustrated. La moviola di Masini... Sara X Mills, che ritmo per... Miley Cyrus all'Hard Fest... UFC: Ronda, dal ring alla... Wozniacki in bikini per... Tom Hanks e Wilson allo stadio Poltergeist riparte da treArriva il nuovo remake "Noi e la Giulia", clip in esclusiva Hannah, top player di Sport Illustrated Fedez e Giulia for SisleyIl risultato è muy sensual Una clip in esclusiva da Shaun - Vita da pecora Intervista ai Dear JackDa Amici a Sanremo Monica Scattini in Parenti Serpenti, di Mario Monicelli Taiwan, un aereo si schianta su un ponte e cade: 15 morti. Adult Content Warning. Why is english full of words that derive from latin? Isoardi: io e Salvini ci frequentiamo.

Con April l'Inter ha il vento in... Why I Dislike Israel by Philip Giraldi -- Even those pundits who seem to want to distance U.S. foreign policy from Tel Aviv’s demands and begin treating Israel like any other country sometimes feel compelled to make excuses and apologies before getting down to the nitty-gritty. The self-lacerating prologues generally describe how much the writer really has a lot of Jewish friends and how he or she thinks Israelis are great people and that Israel is a wonderful country before launching into what is usually a fairly mild critique.

Well, I don’t feel that way. I don’t like Israel very much. Whether or not I have Jewish friends does not define how I see Israel and is irrelevant to the argument. The most recent outrage is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s direct interference in U.S. domestic politics through his appearance in a television ad appearing in Florida that serves as an endorsement of Republican candidate Mitt Romney. And why is Benjamin Netanyahu in such a lather? POLITICAL CRITIQUE: ‘Why I Still Dislike Israel’

Darkjournalist. Watch in HD! Like - Comment - Subscribe! Visit: Mafia and the UFO Cabal - Major Revelations! Former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer and Dark Journalist Join Dark Journalist in the exciting, historic and eye-opening interview with the Former Defense Minister of Canada: The Honorable Paul Hellyer. Together they discuss Mr. Hellyer’s controversial new book, 'The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis,' a severe indictment of the global financial system and the covert elite power groups that form a corporate new world order. Mr. They will also delve deeply into the startling reality that secretive covert intelligence groups are using advanced technology and reverse engineered science to create new forms of breakaway energy totally hidden from the public!

Facebook. Erdogan slams Netanyahu for 'daring' to join Paris march. Turkish President Erdogan [right] said Israel should be held accountable for its crimes in Gaza Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for "daring" to attend a rally to denounce terrorism in Paris on Sunday, accusing him of leading "state terrorism", the Anadolu Agency reported. Speaking at a joint press conference with his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas in Ankara yesterday, Erdogan said: "How can you see this individual, who carries out state terrorism by massacring 2,500 people in Gaza, waving his hand?

He is waving his hand as if people are very enthusiastically waiting for him. " He said he could "hardly understand how he [Netanyahu] dared to go" to Sunday's massive march in the French capital and urged him to "give an account for the children, women you massacred". The Turkish president accused the West of hypocrisy, saying: "The West's hypocrisy is obvious. Erdogan slams Netanyahu. BUSTED! Paris Shooting Hoax SMOKING GUN Proof! Officer Shot Point Blank Range NO BLOOD! | occupy blogosphere. Update Where’s the blood? No blood + no recoil + no body movement = fake This video continues to be removed for various reasons within hours of its posting here.

The only thing “shocking and disgusting” (YouTube’s most recent claim) this video shows is that our trusted media sources are deceiving the public! Check out the prior justification: Screengrabs of the video that is being removed: In the following image, he shoots behind the person, hitting the cement and doing less damage than a BB gun. The Mirror.UK felt the need to use a qualifier Mainstream news obscures the ‘no blood problem’ with a little blur action The Charlie Hebdo Attack: Characteristics of a False Flag Operation? The Charlie Hebdo affair has many of the characteristics of a false flag operation. Source Usually Muslim terrorists are prepared to die in the attack; yet the two professionals who hit Charlie Hebdo were determined to escape and succeeded, an amazing feat.

Hamyd Mourad says he has an iron-clad alibi. More: 2. 3. Paris shooting false flag. Facebook. #CharlieHebdo Paris attack conveniently attributed to "Al-Qaeda in Yemen" - OSNet Daily. Editor’s Note… This highly suspicious attack on the satirical magazine, by professional gunmen who went to great lengths to establish themselves to the media as “Al-Qaeda in Yemen” obviously gives France the perfect pretext to intervene militarily against the Sunni militias in that country, all demonized as “Al Qaeda” and targeted for years by US drone strikes, while the Shiite Houthis were recently allowed to complete their conquest of the capital city Sanaa on behalf of their masters in Iran.

France has a long history of covert (exposed in the downing of flight 5017) and overt ties with the Shiites (Ayatollah Khomeini himself was harbored in Paris and flown over to Tehran from there in 1979). The wheels are in motion for yet another NATO power grab in a strategic oil choke point in the middle east. The Telegraph Two terrorists shouted that they were from al Qaeda in the Yemen before they launched the brutal attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Like this: Like Loading... Video: ultime notizie - Corriere TV. Web Stats,Analysis,Ranking,Domain Whois And Seo Report. Morta Anita Ekberg, l'attrice simbolo della Dolce Vita. Il cinema in lutto. La scena della fontana de GalleriaAnita Ekberg, le immagini SHARE Addio a Anita Ekberg. L'attrice svedese se n'è andata stamattina, alle 10:30 circa, nella clinica San Raffaele di Rocca di Papa, nei Castelli Romani, nella quale era ricoverata da tempo. Aveva 83 anni. Miss Svezia nel 1950, famosa in tutto il mondo per i suo disinvolto bagno nella fontana di Trevi insieme ad un adorante Marcello Mastroianni, incarnazione (letteralmente) della Dolce Vita, l'attrice viveva da anni a Genzano, in una villa in località Montegiove. che vita — Nata Kerstin Anita Marianne Ekberg a Malmö, in Svezia, per il cinema rimarrà sempre "the Iceberg", o "ghiaccio bollente", capace di sedurre (oltre ai due mariti) Frank Sinatra, Gianni Agnelli e Dino Risi.

Lo stesso Fellini le fa interpretare in Boccaccio '70 l'episodio caricaturale e grottesco Le tentazioni del dottor Antonio, in cui la Ekberg incarna la sensualità femminile, ossessionando un moralista in una fantastica e simbolica messinscena. PARIS MAYHEM: French Connection – False Flags, Gladio and the Charlie Hebdo Incident. US envoy admits role in Aldo Moro killing. He had been heading to parliament for a crucial vote on a ground-breaking alliance he had proposed between the Christian Democrat Party and the Italian Communist Party. The alliance enraged both sides of the political spectrum in Italy, and also upset both Moscow and Washington. Moro's widow, Eleonora, later said Henry Kissinger had warned her husband against his strategy.

"You will pay dearly for it," he is alleged to have said. Mr Pieczenik said he was part of a "crisis committee" headed by Francesco Cossiga, the interior minister. Moro was held for 54 days. A false statement, attributed to the Red Brigades, was leaked saying that Moro was dead. Mr Pieczenick said that this had a dual purpose; to prepare the Italian public for the worst, and to let the Red Brigades know that the state would not negotiate for Moro, and considered him already dead. In a documentary on French television last weekend, Mr Cossiga admitted the committee had taken the decision to release the false statement.

Top Tory Pedophile in Murdered Girl in VIP Snuff Ritual. Ragazze che amano mostrarsi. Sara e le sue amiche | Orgasmo femminile: più delle dimensioni, conta la lingua. Una nuova ricerca smentisce il mito fallocentrico. Il piacere delle donne resta un mistero, ma con qualche ombra in meno. L’Istituto di ricerca francese IFOP ha da poco pubblicato i risultati dell’ennesimo studio sui segreti dell’orgasmo femminile (intitolato Les Françaises et l’orgasme), frutto di un approfondito esame condotto su un vasto campione di donne maggiorenni. I risultati non sono tanto incoraggianti, proprio se letti dal punto di vista delle donne, che nella maggior parte dei casi sembra proprio facciano una fatica boia a venire durante gli amplessi con partner dell’altro sesso. Da sole certamente se la cavano meglio. Due terzi delle intervistate è ricorsa più volte alla simulazione, evidentemente a causa dell’inesperienza dei propri compagni.

Inoltre tra le donne che più hanno difficoltà a raggiungere l’orgasmo vi sono le minori di 25 anni, le donne in carriera, le donne in sovrappeso o decisamente obese. Ragazze che amano mostrarsi. » Shocking details on possible NYPD Shooting Hoax Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! Judaism | religion | Encyclopedia Britannica. Judaism, the religion of the Jews. It is the complex phenomenon of a total way of life for the Jewish people, comprising theology, law, and innumerable cultural traditions.

The first section of this article treats the history of Judaism in the broadest and most complete sense, from the early ancestral beginnings of the Jewish people to contemporary times. In the second section the beliefs, practices, and culture of Judaism are discussed. Dates are listed throughout as bce (before the Common Era = bc) and ce (Common Era = ad). ... (91 of 86,975 words) <ul><li><a href="/EBchecked/media/72968/Abraham-Driving-Out-Hagar-and-Ishmael-oil-on-canvas-by? TopicId=307197"><img src=" alt="&ldquo;Abraham Driving Out Hagar and Ishmael&rdquo;" /><span><em>Abraham Driving Out Hagar and Ishmael</em>, oil on canvas by Guercino, 1657–58; in the Brera Picture Gallery, Milan.

ISRAEL. Ed note–but remember, it’s not because Judaism promotes lying, theft, criminality and hatred of Gentiles, it’s all because of ZIONISM. Repeat after me please…Judaism is holy and good…Zionism is the problem… “If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value. Remember as well that if this were a Muslim or a group of them engaged in the very same behavior and were let off the hook, the JMSM would be SCREEEEEECHING at the top of its lungs how the US Justice Department and USGOV had been ‘co-opted’ and ‘taken over’ by Hamas, ISIS, ISIL, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, etc, and how the next step was them overthrowing the US Constitution, instituting Shariah law and circumcising young girls.

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! PARIS INSIDE JOB; JE SUIS CIA LIE. Anonymous writes: "The head of MI5, Parker, is a Jew... And now it is known that his equivalent in France is also a Jew. Ditto the Danish version. Then there are Kitteridge and Fletcher in NZ BOTH Jews. " Nathan Cirillo Ahmed Merabet Nathan Cirillo (the soldier allegedly shot dead in Ottawa) Ahmed Merabet. No blood. Youz UrBrain comments: Hi all, I am a Muslim, and I strongly condemn any kind of attack and violence against innocent civilians under any circumstance, as it is inhumane unacceptable and goes against my beliefs. I would like to add some other inconsistancies that further discredit the 'official' story. As terrorists, why didn't they destroy the offices of Charlie Hebdo, and everything related to the cartoons?

They shouted 'we have avenged the Prophet Mohammad! ' A police chief in Limoges, France just commited suicide, and 'he was working with the judiciary police on the case of Charlie Hebdo'. Un commissaire de police de Limoges se suicide dans son ... Charlie Hebdo office. Welcome to your planet - Planet Labs - Planet Labs. Prison Dead Men Tell No Tales: Charlie Hebdo Suspects Allegedly Killed. Time for the corporate media to tweak the storyline Kurt Nimmo Prison January 9, 2015 The corporate media is reporting that police have raided a printing plant northeast of Paris and killed the Charlie Hebdo shooting suspects.

Around the same time a related incident at a supermarket in Paris came to an end after a suspected hostage taker was killed. The kosher supermarket has been stormed. The terrorist is dead. The hostages are alive. — Gérard Araud (@GerardAraud) January 9, 2015 It now be up to the media to tidy up the story and bury all information that does not conform to the terror threat narrative, for instance the fact Hamyd Mourad, initially said to be one of the Charlie Hebdo attackers, had nothing to do with the incident and turned himself in to the cops last night.

As with the 9/11 narrative within the first day or two, the French terror drama storyline will be tweaked and modified to fit the overriding agenda. Gilad Atzmon writes: Print this page. Culture Shock. Paul Joseph Watson. » Checklist for a false flag Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! » Shocking details on possible NYPD Shooting Hoax Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! Paris shooting is a false flag:infowars. 21st Century Wire. Where’s The Blood? Evidence Shows Paris Shooting May Have Been A Hoax. They say that when you see a big story in the media, look for the story they are trying to distract you from. The big story was an attack on a French satire magazine by Islamic extremists that killed 12 people. But some truth seekers around the web are asking valid questions about what appears to be a terrorist attack.

For example, where was the blood? According to the video posted below, the shooter was shot at very close range. Some are saying that the video of the attack is false as well. In the video, we can clearly see this “allahu akbar” scene was SPLICED in. The police magically disappear, no return gunfire, and were not shot (no police in swat gear or on bicycles reported hurt at that location). On the roof , where the video is being filmed from, a man in body armor is seen crouching down, then getting up rather boldly to look over and direct the camera person where to point the camera. <a href=" Source: It's Time for a 21st-Century Anti-Lynching Movement. I gol di Shaqiri ora saranno per l'Inter. Angelina Jolie da Papa Francesco. Proiettato in Vaticano il suo "Unbroken" - Spettacoli.

Inter-Shaqiri: è fatta! Fumata bianca da Monaco, The Intel Trinity: How Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove Built the World's Most Important Company: Michael S. Malone: 9780062226761: Books. O. Henry's Full House: Fred Allen, Anne Baxter, Jeanne Crain, Farley Granger: Amazon Instant Video. Attentat contre « Charlie Hebdo » Charlie Hebdo attack: several arrested but hunt for suspects continues. Paris Charlie Hebdo attack: live. Charlie Hebdo: French police name suspects as massive manhunt continues. Remembering the Paris attack victims - CNN Video. Two-brothers-suspected-in-killings-were-known-to-french-intelligence-services. Stéphane Charbonnier, Known as Charb, Relished Defying Mores - Charlie-hebdo-paris-shooting.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=span-ab-top-region&region=top-news&WT. The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia.

Comedian goes on rant against Katie Hopkins, nails it. Private Eye editor Ian Hislop responds to Charlie Hebdo attack: 'Very little seems funny today' - People - News - The Independent. What is Charlie Hebdo? Banned and resurrected but always in the grand tradition of Gallic satire - Press - Media - The Independent. Charlie Hebdo shooting: At least 12 killed as shots fired at satirical magazine's Paris office - Europe - World - The Independent. Charlie Hebdo shooting: At least 12 killed as shots fired at satirical magazine’s Paris office. Fears of turning point for French politics after Charlie Hebdo attack. Charlie Hebdo attacks: ‘It’s carnage, a bloodbath. Everyone is dead’ Charlie Hebdo shooting: police release names and photos of two brothers wanted for the attack – rolling report. French cartoonists killed in Paris took a profane aim at the world. Paris attack lacked hallmarks of Islamist assaults in West. Charlie Hebdo suspect said to surrender; two others at large after Paris terror attack.

One of 3 Paris gunmen surrenders. French police name Charlie Hebdo attack suspects. Charlie Hebdo attack: France’s worst terrorist attack in a generation leaves 12 dead. Charlie Hedbo: l'ultima vignetta profetica di Charb. Parigi, 12 morti nella strage al Charlie Hebdo. Caccia ai killer in tutta la Francia. Si è arreso l'autista. Charlie - Le monde du sport solidaire. L'ÉQUIPE on Twitter: "Notre Une du 8 janvier. Une double page rendra hommage au travail de nos confrères de Charlie Hebdo. #JeSuisCharlie.

« Charlie Hebdo » visé par une attaque terroriste, la rédaction décimée. Attentat contre « Charlie Hebdo » Le Monde. Nadella punta sulla nuova coppia Windows 10 e Lumia. Larry Page prova la strada del mini-Android per i cellulari da 100 dollari. Paris gunmen kill 12, leave city terrified - CNN Video. French cartoonists killed in Paris took a profane aim at the world. What videos reveal about Paris killers. Paris gunmen shoot at police officer - CNN Video. Why Islam forbids images of Mohammed. Biden Shows Off Sense of Humor at Senate Ceremony. Rouhani warns of anti-Muslims plots. Da Angelina Jolie a Mara Carfagna, star e politici che compiono 40 anni nel 2015. Disoccupazione record: al 13,4% Boom di giovani senza lavoro. - Investigation. Education. Accountability. Exhibitions: The Civil War and American Art / American Art. News Media Sources. Independent Media. One Million Americans Are About to Lose Their Food Stamp Benefits. One Million Americans Are About to Lose Their Food Stamp Benefits. Independent Media.