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Internet kill switch

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10 Safe Chat Sites for Teens That Aren’t Too Lame. Teens love to hang out and talk to their friends, but that’s not always safe to do online.

10 Safe Chat Sites for Teens That Aren’t Too Lame

It can be hard to figure out which sites are safe and which ones are scams, and even when you do find safe ones, they’re a drag. Well, not anymore. Here are ten sites that allow teens to chat, play, have fun and just chill safely. – The first social network geared toward tweens and teens hinging on the merits of education and social responsibility. Their goal is to provide an environment for kids to learn, earn, play, and interact with their peers all within a safe, enriching environment. – Solely a chat room, Free Teen Java Chat offers a safe, engaging environment for teens to hang out and talk.

. – Offering a safe website for children and teens, the Kidz World chat room is perfect for chatting it up after school, on a break from studying, TV, video games or….whatever. . – The premiere entertainment and community website for teenagers! Hype and Hyperbole about the Internet Kill Switch and Privacy - What You Need to Know. 12 min ago | Alibaba Throws Money At Internet Privacy Hu Xiaoming, Alibaba's vice president for small- and micro-financial group and chief risk officer, announced in Beijing that the company will invest CNY40 million to establish a security fund.

Hype and Hyperbole about the Internet Kill Switch and Privacy - What You Need to Know

Trending on the Topix Network 12 min ago | ComputerWorld Dropbox angling for larger corporate share Dropbox on Tuesday unveiled a new version of its data storage and sharing service for business claimed to provide IT administrators with more control by separating work and personal files. 3 hrs ago | ComputerWorld Data breaches nail more U.S. More U.S. 3 hrs ago | MediaPost Users Trust Online Retailers With Data Privacy, Less Confidence With Advertisers, Marketers Online auctions, banking, social networks, and competitions are taking the brunt of the burden when it comes to data protection. 3 hrs ago | JD Supra Balancing the data privacy debate: The benefits of big (and little) data 7 hrs ago | ComputerWorld 7 hrs ago | Mashable.

Obama 'Internet kill switch' plan approved by US Senate panel. A US Senate committee has approved a wide-ranging cybersecurity bill that some critics have suggested would give the US president the authority to shut down parts of the Internet during a cyberattack.

Obama 'Internet kill switch' plan approved by US Senate panel

Senator Joe Lieberman and other bill sponsors have refuted the charges that the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act gives the president an Internet "kill switch. " Instead, the bill puts limits on the powers the president already has to cause "the closing of any facility or stations for wire communication" in a time of war, as described in the Communications Act of 1934, they said in a breakdown of the bill published on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee website. The committee unanimously approved an amended version of the legislation by voice vote Thursday, a committee spokeswoman said.

The bill next moves to the Senate floor for a vote, which has not yet been scheduled. Cybersecurity technologies and services thrive on competition, he added. Internet Blackout Costs Egypt £56m. The Egyptian government’s blocking of Internet services for five days is likely to have cost the country roughly $90 million (£56m), according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Internet Blackout Costs Egypt £56m

The blocked telecommunication and Internet services account for between three and four percent of the country’s GDP, equivalent to a loss of $18 million (£11m) per day. However, the OECD warns that the long-term impact could be far greater, as the cut-off could have deterred foreign investors from expanding their operations in Egypt. “Egypt has signed the OECD Seoul Declaration for the Future of the Internet Economy, which calls for an ‘open, decentralised and dynamic Internet’. This is vital to innovative businesses developing services on top of the Internet infrastructure,” said OECD spokesman Arthur Mickoleit in an emailed statement to eWEEK Europe.

[0903.3218] Nation-State Routing: Censorship, Wiretapping, and BGP. Internet blackouts: Reaching for the kill switch.