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Best Horror Movie Scenes That Shaped the Genre. Illustration: Tim McDonagh Even when horror films get some respect, they get no respect.

Best Horror Movie Scenes That Shaped the Genre

Since the dawn of cinema, they’ve been banned, reviled as filth, and dismissed as lowbrow entertainment made for freaks, weirdos, and ghouls. “It’s a great horror film” meant that a movie could only be so good — that there was a threshold of greatness it could never reach. And if one dared to reach, or (gasp) exceed that threshold, it was greeted with an even more dismissive qualifier: “It’s not really a horror film at all!”

Thus were the slashers and monsters and psycho killers prevented from staining the good name of cinema by association. And yet, as New York Magazine recently declared on the cover of its October 1 issue, “Scary movies are the movies of our time.” The genre has always flourished during times of great social and political unrest. While the list includes films from all over the world, we focused specifically on how they have affected trends in American production. Directed by F. Blade Runner and The Thing Both Came Out 35 Years Ago Today  Blade Runner and The Thing Both Came Out 35 Years Ago Today–and flopped.

Blade Runner and The Thing Both Came Out 35 Years Ago Today 

Sometimes both critics and audiences can be stupid. A look back on two of the best science fiction films of all time. On June 25th, 1982, two of my all time favorite films were released. In one corner: Blade Runner–Ridley Scott’s visionary epic adaptation of Phillip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. In the other: The Thing John Carpenter’s inventively gory remake of 50s sci-fi classic The Thing From Another World. Click here for my list of best John Carpenter scores Both came out to much hype: each director was coming off major successes (Alien and Escape From New York respectively) and lead actors Harrison Ford and Kurt Russell were at the top of their game.

Yet both flopped. You can blame a cute little extraterrestrial that helps sell Reese’s pieces. While that film provoked invective of the most caustic variety, Blade Runner just left critics cold (Sheila Benson of the L.A. How we made The Full Monty. Peter Cattaneo, director Film4 and Miramax passed on The Full Monty because they thought it was too similar to Brassed Off.

How we made The Full Monty

Then, after our film became a huge hit, Harvey Weinstein reportedly said: “I had two films about British unemployed guys who put on a show. In one of them, they took their clothes off – the others blew trumpets. And I chose the fucking trumpets.” Fox Searchlight ended up financing it very low-budget, for almost £3m. They wanted to do it quickly. We shot the final stripping sequence in one day, halfway through the schedule.

Robert lost faith in the film – I don’t know why. Broadcast Yourself. Nanook of the North (1922) - First Documentary Film. A Trip to the Moon (HQ 720p Full) - Viaje a la Luna - Le Voyage dans la lune - Georges Méliès 1902. Buster Keaton's ONE WEEK (1920) 65 Free Charlie Chaplin Films Online Double click. A few things to know about Charlie Chaplin.

65 Free Charlie Chaplin Films Online Double click

He starred in over 80 films, reeling off most during the silent film era. In 1914 alone, he acted in 40 films, then another 15 in 1915. By the 1920s, Chaplin had emerged as the first larger-than-life movie star and director, if not the most recognizable person in the world. The film icon died on Christmas Day in 1977, and we're commemorating this just-passed anniversary by highlighting 65 Chaplin films available on the web. Above, you will find a Chaplin mini-film festival that brings together four movies shot in 1917: The Adventurer, The Cure, Easy Street and The Immigrant. Most of the quoted summaries above were written by Ed Stephan on IMDB. Related Content: Free Alfred Hitchock Films Free John Wayne Films Tarkovsky Films Free Online. 1922, silent, full film, high quality.

The silent era roots of King Kong. Max von Sydow on Ingmar Bergman. 'How's it hanging Death?' Ingmar Bergman's effect on pop culture. Ingmar Bergman makes a movie (english subtitles) BEST OPENING SCENE IN THE HISTORY OF CINEMA. Fellini. 50 Best Foreign Films of All Time Ranked and Reviewed. Making the case for Italy's Michelangelo Antonioni will never be easy—he's a director who, very deliberately, told stories about how modern life robs your soul.

50 Best Foreign Films of All Time Ranked and Reviewed

And when his breakthrough film screened for the cognoscenti at Cannes, it was both applauded and ferociously booed. The booers were wrong. Pinned to its rough scenario about a yachting group of friends were the stirrings of a new cinematic vibration, that of onscreen detachment, fashionable flirtation and spiritual ennui. One of the vacationers goes missing, then the movie itself loses curiosity in the mystery, heightening our own sense of alarm. Antonioni, a proud feminist, loved his women, and the glorious Monica Vitti, starring out of her sadness, became a Mad Men–worthy icon of 1960s loneliness. Watch on Amazon Instant Video.