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Centaure - Franck Vigroux / Kurt d'Haeseleer. BOOOOOOOM! - CREATE * INSPIRE * COMMUNITY * ART * DESIGN * MUSIC * FILM * PHOTO * PROJECTS.

Rennes ba

Documents D'Artistes Bretagne » Documentation en art contemporain, édition de dossiers d'artistes. MOCO LOCO – Modern Contemporary Design. Contemporary Art Daily. - Art, Design, Inspiration et Créativité. The Creators Project. ArtStack - art online. Ateliers d'Art de France. Magazine et actualité culturelle en continu. WoodSwimmer. Sunoj D. Around the Creed Mountain plays with the various characteristics of materials and the basic ideas of architecture.

Sunoj D

The work looks at how beeswax turns from solid form to liquid to solid again, and the very small time and space involved between each of these forms. The stacking of wood pieces, one atop the other, is one of the most basic constructive structures, the beginning of a building of a space. Beeswax, ephemeral in its susceptibility to changes in form, lends an element of nonstructural fluidity to the building of the space. The sculpture is reminiscent of candelabras in old churches and the wax from candles that has accumulated over decades.


Paysages. Accumulation. Sculpture forme. Matériaux bruts. Couleurs. Céramique. Haegue yang. Ara Levon Thorose. Sebastien carre bijoux. Vivir entre las vigas de un puente por Fernando Abellanas, Lebrel.