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Japan Time: Current time now in Japan Time Zone. Hotel Asia Center of Japan. ■■FREE !

Hotel Asia Center of Japan

! Early Check-in & Late Check-out Plan■■ Check-in early for free!!!!!!! Relax all morning and check out after lunch. 1:00pm late check-out gives you a relaxing hassle-free hotel experience. Let's Explore Tokyo from Hotel Asia Center!! Package includes Tokyo Metro 1-Day Ticket which can be used for all Tokyo Metro Lines.Unlimited ride for Shibuya,Shinjuku,Roppongi,Ginza,Sensoji Temple in Asakusa,Tsukiji Fish Market,Tokyo Tower,Tokyo Skytree and lots of other tourist attractions in Tokyo.It is a valuable package for exploring Tokyo.

【Early Bird 30】 This is cheapest plan who reserve room a month before! ■ Term: 2011/09/10~2013/12/31■ Price:¥7,530~¥14,130 Annex-Building Single ~Single Sized Bed for Single Use~ Easy to access most of the Central Stations such as Tokyo,Shinagawa,Ueno,Haneda Airportand lots of others.We offer a quiet and relaxing room with very affortable rates.Best suited plan for who are seeking the most reasonable accommodation plan. Japanese Shopping Service * ¿Qué es i-TM4U ?

Japanese Shopping Service

* i-TM4U es un servicio de compras que te consigue objetos procedentes de Japón, mediando como tu agente. No sólo podemos conseguirte manga y anime, juegos, cosplay, sino también música Visual-K, moda Lolita, cajas especiales para el almuerzo…etc. ¡Y por supuesto, cosas tradicionales como kimonos, katanas y demás, también! Además, podemos comprar entradas para conciertos por tí. * ¡¡Todas aquellas cosas que se venden en tiendas online japonesas serán tuyas!! ¿Alguna vez has navegado por una tienda online japonesa, y encontrado algo que querías? ¿Y te has visto en la situación de tener que olvidarte de aquello que querías, bien porque no entiendes japonés, o porque el vendedor no hace envíos fuera de Japón? ¡Ahora eso puede cambiar! ¡Todas esas cosas serán tuyas! *¿Cuánto costaría? 1. 2. 3. 4. *Si la tienda online acepta el pago por transferencia bancaria, se necesita añadir una pequeña tarifa (aproximadamente 2USD) al hacer el pago. *¿Cómo hacer un pedido? Learn Japanese Online for Free - it's fun with easy flash quizes!

Nihongo o Narau - Learn Japanese. Language Learning with Livemocha. Simple Japanese Phrases. Simple Japanese Phrases This is a collection of easy Japanese phrases.

Simple Japanese Phrases

Speaking Japanese shouldn't be too complicated even for beginners. Try these simple phrases whenever you have a chance. The more you practice, the better you get! The Japanese writings for each phrase are included for your reading and writing practice. For your convenience I have broken the phrases into three sections. Level 1 * Question Words* Responding* Responding in Agreement Part1* Responding in Agreement Part2* Disagreement Responses* Refusal* Request/Command* Unfavorable Responses* Praising Appearance* Praising Characteristics* Praising Intelligence* Emergency * Useful Expressions* Useful Adjectives* Basic Verbs* Useful AdverbsLevel 2 Level 3 Where Do I Begin? Master Hiragana (Japanese) - How to write village in Japanese - kanji symbol for village. Kanji of the Week Kanji do not express sounds.

How to write village in Japanese - kanji symbol for village

They express meaning. Kanji take the form of outlines. The meaning is understood from this form. Romaji express sounds. Let's learn the outline and its meaning for each basic unit. Meaning village Reading On-reading: son Kun-reading: mura Mnemonics A village has many trees. Click here to learn more about this kanji character. Kanji Romaji Hiragana Convert. Romaji Translator at Denshi Jisho - Online Japanese dictionary.