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Lifestyle and Adventure Humans — James Barkman. Search results for: Spider Martin, page 1. Spider Martin. The Reporter - Levine to write photographer ‘Spider’ Martin life’s story. As if curating the UAB Visual Arts Gallery weren’t enough to occupy him, Brett Levine is undertaking his most challenging and time-consuming project to date — a biography of one of Alabama’s foremost photographers.

The Reporter - Levine to write photographer ‘Spider’ Martin life’s story

Levine says his work with the late James “Spider” Martin estate is one reason he received a 2010 Literature Fellowship Grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts. Levine also was selected because of the merit of his work, career potential and service to the state. “I’m incredibly honored to be given a literature fellowship,” says Levine, the only arts administrator to receive one. “To think an art historian, critic and writer could have been regarded enough by literary peers to be given an honor of this type is very humbling.” Who is Spider Martin? by Aubrey Sciara on Prezi. Rowland Scherman Photography. Danielle Voirin: Paris Blue Prints. Shadows © Danielle Voirin Danielle Viorin‘s cyanotype prints remind the viewer of the past.

Danielle Voirin: Paris Blue Prints

While it is difficult to photograph a place as a visitor without creating pictures that most tourists make, Danielle’s images of Paris are unique. The cyanotype process creates an otherworldly feel to her images, and the soft focus creates a dream-like atmosphere. Danielle Voirin was born in the Chicago suburbs, received a B.A. in psychology at DePaul and took photo classes at Columbia College, after which she moved to Paris, where she has lived and worked since 2003. Personal PHOTOGRAPHY FROM JULIA FULLERTON-BATTEN. About Us - Introduction - Amber Online. Amber News Amber's Digital Collection and Updated Website - Request for Tenders Amber Film & Photography Collective includes Amber Films, Side Gallery and Side Cinema.

About Us - Introduction - Amber Online

Its extensive digital film and photography collection contains interconnected narratives that have grown out of...more » Amber is a film & photography collective incorporating Amber Films, Side Gallery and Side Cinema... Amber Film & Photography Collective cic (L-R): Peter Scott, Annie Robson, Kerry Lowes, Ellin Hare, Graeme Rigby, Peter Roberts, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Bryan Dixon The work is rooted in social documentary, built around long term engagements with working class and marginalized communities in the North of England.

The approach is celebratory, even when the marginalization of lives and landscapes makes this more difficult. Kelly Delay's Lightning Photography. The Work of Casey McCallister - Planet Unicorn Collective. Meet the man who's been photographing david bowie for 40 years. UPDATE: David Bowie died on the 11th January 2016.

meet the man who's been photographing david bowie for 40 years

At this time our thoughts are with his family. In 1972, David Bowie became Ziggy Stardust, an alien superstar with enigmatic appeal. This was also the year that he would meet a man from Japan with a fondness for rock 'n' roll and the films of Marlon Brando, a man who would take his photograph for the next 40 years. Masayoshi Sukita, whose new show of Bowie images is up now in New York, draws inspiration from classic American films along with the photography of Irving Penn and Dennis Stock. After working in advertising, Sukita became a freelance photographer in 1970, capturing the art, film, and rock 'n' roll scenes of both London and New York. While in London to shoot T-Rex's Marc Bolan, Sukita came across an image of Bowie which incited an immediate need to shoot him. L’homme au naturel : une vie d’autoportraits pour Arno Rafael Minkkinen.

Un après-midi frissonnant de décembre, je me suis précipitée dans le Winnipeg Art Gallery et je suis entrée dans le monde d’Arno Rafael Minkkinen.

L’homme au naturel : une vie d’autoportraits pour Arno Rafael Minkkinen

En me baladant dans l’exposition, la beauté de chaque image était ahurissante. Category » My Diary « @ Martha Suherman. Hi, Merry Christmas, my friends … !!

Category » My Diary « @ Martha Suherman

It’s only two days to go before 2012 … Excited?! Burning Man 2011 - The Man Burns - Photo by Scott London. C i n e m a s c a p e s. Gallery — Mikko Lagerstedt. 20 photographies surréalistes de Trini Schultz. Une sélection des photographies surréalistes de la photographe californienne Trini Schultz.

20 photographies surréalistes de Trini Schultz

Un monde étrange et poétique que la photographe nous fait découvrir à travers des photos intrigantes et captivantes… Surprising Examples Of Surreal Photography Art. Home » Photography » Tuesday Surprising Examples Of Surreal Photography Art Surreal photography is an artistic connection, in surreal photography you can view surprising, unexpected, and non sequitur moments with help of some artwork.

Surprising Examples Of Surreal Photography Art

Surreal photography art is start in early 1920′s. Unsplash. Vivian Maier, Photographer. Un pilote d'avion prend d'incroyables photos depuis le cockpit de son appareil. Alex MacLean est habitué à voir le monde de haut, de très haut.

Un pilote d'avion prend d'incroyables photos depuis le cockpit de son appareil

Le pilote a allié ses deux passions pour la photographie et les avions afin de prendre des clichés exceptionnels. Armé de son petit avion Cessna 182 et de son appareil photo, il a sillonné les Etats-Unis pour nous offrir une autre vision des paysages américains mais aussi italiens puisque Alex en avait également profité pour survoler les terres transalpines lors de ses multiples passages en Europe. Je vous laisse découvrir le superbe travail de ce véritable amoureux de la Terre et vous invite à le suivre sur son site internet. Des nageurs s'amusent dans une immense piscine à vague à Orlando en Floride. (1999) Un champ de fleurs multicolore à Carlsbad en Californie. (1989) Le port flottant de Chicago dans l'Illinois. (1999) Un terrain de jeu aux couleurs du drapeau américain à Stow, Massachusetts. (2013)

Arno Rafael Minkkinen 1945 - autoportraits. BACK TO THE FUTURE : Irina Werning - Photographer. I love old photos.

BACK TO THE FUTURE : Irina Werning - Photographer

I admit being a nosey photographer. As soon as I step into someone else’s house, I start sniffing for them. Most of us are fascinated by their retro look but to me, it’s imagining how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact them today… Two years ago, I decided to actually do this. So, with my camera, I started inviting people to go back to their future.. Now its time for KOREA, TAIWAN AND TOKYO. Pancho 1983 & 2010, Buenos Aires Fer 1970 & 2010 Buenos Aires Mechi 1990 & 2010 Buenos Aires.