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Zeitgeist Refuted and Exposed. Even secular scholars have rejected the idea of Christianity borrowing from the ancient mysteries.

Zeitgeist Refuted and Exposed

The well-respected Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard writes in Theories of Primitive Religion that The evidence for this theory... is negligible. The first real parallel of a dying and rising god does not appear until A.D. 150, more than a hundred years after the origin of Christianity. So if there was any influence of one on the other, it was the influence of the historical event of the New Testament (resurrection) on mythology, not the reverse. The only known account of a god surviving death that predates Christianity is the Egyptian cult god Osiris. THEOI GREEK MYTHOLOGY, Exploring Mythology & the Greek Gods in Classical Literature & Art. WWYD? What Would Yahushua Do? Life in Bible Times - Pagan gods: Yahshua University - Home Room.

Bible History Online Images and Resources for Biblical History. Images of the True Israelites. "VIEWS OF THE BIBLICAL WORLD" (VOL.3)International Publishing Co.

Images of the True Israelites

Ltd. Jerusalem - 1960 p.110 ... Dead Israelites p.167 ... Israelite Exiles. THE HEBREW ALPHABET. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for visiting our website and for your concern in our 'Hebrew Alephbet Flash Cards'. These flash cards are free for your use and it is our sincerest hope that they may be a blessing to you in learning the Hebrew Alephbet.

Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc. has from it's very beginning in 1974 never charged for our services. There is no charge placed upon anything we distribute (See: I Corinthians 9:18). Nevertheless, your prayers and support is needed. Please consider, as you download and learn the Hebrew Alephbet with the help of our flash cards, supporting Shalom Scripture Studies, Inc., by clicking on the 'PayPal' link below. Ancient Hebrew Research Center - Home Page. Hebrew Alphabet / Flashcards - Create Free Flashcards. Most ancient Hebrew biblical inscription deciphered, scholar says. A breakthrough in the research of the Hebrew scriptures has shed new light on the period in which the Bible was written. Professor Gershon Galil of the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Haifa has deciphered an inscription on a pottery shard discovered in the Elah valley dating from the 10th century BCE (the period of King David's reign), and has shown that this is a Hebrew inscription.

The discovery makes this the earliest known Hebrew writing. The significance of this breakthrough relates to the fact that at least some of the biblical scriptures were composed hundreds of years before the dates presented today in research and that the Kingdom of Israel already existed at that time. Prof. Gershon Galil of the University of Haifa who deciphered the inscription: "It indicates that the Kingdom of Israel already existed in the 10th century BCE and that at least some of the biblical texts were written hundreds of years before the dates presented in current research. " The Hebrew Israelites Network Home Page. Scientific Facts in The Bible. Also See Scientists are now finding that the universe in which we live is like a diamond studded Rolex, except the universe is even more precisely designed than the watch.

Scientific Facts in The Bible

In fact, the universe is specifically tweaked to enable life on earth. Anthropic Principles Contrast the information on this page with the scientific knowledge of the Qur’an. For example Sura 18:86 states "Until, when he reached the setting of the sun, he found it set in a spring of murky water: See Errors in The Qur’an, which Contradict Secular and Scientific Data. The Hebrew Name for God - Elohim. The name Elohim is unique to Hebraic thinking: it occurs only in Hebrew and in no other ancient Semitic language.

The Hebrew Name for God - Elohim

The masculine plural ending does not mean “gods” when referring to the true God of Israel, since the name is mainly used with singular verb forms and with adjectives and pronouns in the singular (e.g., see Gen. 1:26). However, considering the Hashalush HaKadosh (Trinity), the form indeed allows for the plurality within the Godhead. Messengerofthename's Channel. Hebrew Name for God - The Messiah (Mashiach) The honor and majesty with which David tells us (Psalm 104) that GodHimself is clothed He will bestow on the Messiah.

Hebrew Name for God - The Messiah (Mashiach)

As it is said,'His glory is great in Thy salvation, honour and majesty hast Thou laid upon Him.' (Numbers Rabbah 14) Introduction. Spiritual Warfare. Bible Characters. Podcast - Passion for Truth Ministries. Spelling the Tetragrammaton: V or W. YHWHYahuahTransliteration study on the Name of the MessiahSabbathMessianicNatsarimIsraelYahushuaLewWhiteFossilizedCustomsTorahNazareneIsraelPaganChristianityKipa. The Transliteration of the Name What Is the Hebrew Name for JESUS?

YHWHYahuahTransliteration study on the Name of the MessiahSabbathMessianicNatsarimIsraelYahushuaLewWhiteFossilizedCustomsTorahNazareneIsraelPaganChristianityKipa

It is definitely not "JESUS". For those who want to get to the answer, we'll be skipping the Greek and Latin to find out. A Very Hairy Situation Going backward through languages, "JESUS" becomes "ESAU" in Hebrew! Try to follow the logic here; we're going to use the same logical flow, only in reverse: Whenever we see discussions on the difference between "Yahusha" and "Jesus", it's important to realize it is somewhat like comparing apples with oranges. One is Hebrew, the other Greek. HisLoveisinHisLaw. Jesus or YAHUAHSHA - Living The Torah. If we all know who we are talking about, then why would we make an issue out of saying a certain name, right? Wouldn’t everyone just use the name most common in their language? These are important questions, and this article will certainly address them. To start with, let’s look at the parable of the ten virgins.

This story explains the timing and importance of the Sacred Name. SermonAudio.com. Bible Verse Photo Composites. Move your mouse over the image to see the verse reference; click to see the verse text.

Bible Verse Photo Composites

About this page. This page consists of a compilation of about 300,000 photos from Flickr tagged with words in the Bible. Up to thirty photos for each word were layered on top of each other to create the effect you see. OpenBible.info. Holy, Holy, Holy: the Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity. IBSS - The Bible and Science: The Qur’an and science: do they agree? By Paul Martin (M.A.

IBSS - The Bible and Science: The Qur’an and science: do they agree?

Ministry). Introduction: Issues in Islam. The Qur’an is to Muslims the infallible word of God that they assert has been perfectly preserved on a tablet in heaven. They believe these words were given to Muhammad their prophet by the angel Gabriel. See Qur’an 10:15, 37; 56:77-79; 69:44-48; 85:21-22. Torah of Messiah combats the trinity and anti-law teachings whil. YHWH is El. Torah (Teachings) of Yahshua Messiah (Jesus, Yeshua) - rebuking. © Copyright 2001, TorahofMessiah.com Disclaimer: The issue of the "virgin birth" is not, in my opinion, of a redemptive (affecting our redemption) nature.

Torah (Teachings) of Yahshua Messiah (Jesus, Yeshua) - rebuking

I address it primarily because many utilize it as "proof" that Messiah is God. However, there are many sincere seekers of truth that realize Messiah is NOT God yet still believe in the virgin birth. 1bread.org. Wix.com Torah-Truths created by eddi25 based on Classic Consulting. Learn Latin - Download Textkit's Latin grammar and reading textbooks. The Sabbatarian Network. Mithraic Mysteries. Double-faced Mithraic relief.

Mithraic Mysteries

Rome, 2nd to 3rd century AD (Louvre Museum) The Mithraic Mysteries were a mystery religion practised in the Roman Empire from about the 1st to 4th centuries AD. The name of the Persian god Mithra (proto-Indo-Iranian Mitra), adapted into Greek as Mithras, was linked to a new and distinctive imagery. Writers of the Roman Empire period referred to this mystery religion by phrases which can be anglicized as Mysteries of Mithras or Mysteries of the Persians;[1][2] modern historians refer to it as Mithraism,[1] or sometimes Roman Mithraism.[3][4] The mysteries were popular in the Roman military.[5]

Pagan Influence on Religion. Dsmap.gif (GIF Image, 480x640 pixels) Materials Relating to World of the Scrolls. The Origin of the Scrolls and the Qumran Site In "The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Perspective," Professor Norman Golb of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago presents evidence to support his view that the Dead Sea Scrolls do not derive from a sect that copied or wrote the manuscripts that were found in the nearby caves.

According to Professor Golb, there is no persuasive evidence to support the commonly held view that a sect inhabited the Qumran plateau. Dead Sea Scrolls - Qumran Library. The scrolls and scroll fragments recovered in the Qumran environs represent a voluminous body of Jewish documents, a veritable "library", dating from the third century B.C.E. to 68 C.E. Unquestionably, the "library," which is the greatest manuscript find of the twentieth century, demonstrates the rich literary activity of Second Temple Period Jewry and sheds insight into centuries pivotal to both Judaism and Christianity. The library contains some books or works in a large number of copies, yet others are represented only fragmentarily by mere scraps of parchment. There are tens of thousands of scroll fragments. The number of different compositions represented is almost one thousand, and they are written in three different languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.

There is less agreement on the specifics of what the Qumran library contains. Aboriginal Hebrews. The Spurgeon Archive. Bill Cooper - Over 1500 Hours - Entire Broadcast 1993-2001. 001chs.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object) 002chs.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object) Symphony of Scripture. YHWH  The personal Name of the Creator. Podcast - Passion for Truth Ministries. Essenes, Essene Teachings and Essene Theology. THE NATSARIM DOCUMENTARY. Days Of Noah. Antiquities of the Jews. A Nazarene Looks at the Book of Mormon Part 1 - Nazarene Space. YAH'S WATCHMAN. YaHuWaH-Giver of All Life (Full Length Version) THE PROPHECY CONCERNING THE NAME OF ELOHIM.

We Are One (Hebrew Israelite Song) I'm Nothing Without Him (Hebrew Israelite Song) Learn the Hebrew Alphabet. Hebrew Language Sites. Hebrew for Christians - Learn Hebrew for FREE!