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Stupid people being stupid. - Album on Imgur. My daughter thought this was her.

Stupid people being stupid. - Album on Imgur

Bonus: My son in the background. 2,939,310 views 12 hours ago · 2,939,310 views · 11,429 points Fallout 4 Preorder 357,791 views 11 hours ago · 357,791 views · 11,273 points When Finding Nemo came out, people bought fish. Bétisier informatique. This Epic Rap Battle Between Hodor And Groot Is Gloriously Silly. The Best Internet Reactions To Star Wars' Newest Lightsaber. The first teaser trailer for JJ Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens was only released a short time ago, but people are already grabbing hold of some of the more striking imagery from the footage and meme-ifying it - namely, the new lightsaber with mini-crossguard sabers on the side: First off, this is cool as hell, and don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise.

The Best Internet Reactions To Star Wars' Newest Lightsaber

Second of all, this is sorta ridiculous and worth making a few gags about now (because once we see this in action, tearing motherf***ers apart, NO ONE WILL BE LAUGHING): It started by adding more mini-lightsabers all over... 32 Animals Being Total Jerks. Life Animals NEXT POST 32 Animals Being Total Jerks by julia.letts from TrendyJoe 16k Page 5 of 5 via imgur.

32 Animals Being Total Jerks

11 Photos Hilarantes de Chats Mouillés avec des gueules de con. 33 Adults Recreate Their Childhood Photos. 1 of 33 We all have pictures of our childhood.

33 Adults Recreate Their Childhood Photos

Our parents used to document every move we made, whether it was a move to break things, to create a mess, our first time swimming, our first time climbing the wall like a monkey, our first prom night, and so on! The adults in these pictures took a photograph from their childhood and tried to recreate it! This brings to mind another great idea! If you have a list of things that you need to do before dying, lying around somewhere in the house, then add this to that list. Memes99. L'art du trolling. Vie de Parisien. Chers voisins. Batman Running Away From Shit.

Rage Comics - In Real Life. Rage Comics français - Troll Guy, Rage Guy, Trollface, Mème. Comparaisons des publicités de Fast Food avec les Hamburgers de la réalité. WTF. Helmet Experiments by Igor Mitin. Reddit: the front page of the internet. - Scroll Reddit. Pipotronic. Les Foo Fighters provoquent un mini-tremblement de terre - Musique. Par: rédaction 15/12/11 - 10h30 © ap.

Les Foo Fighters provoquent un mini-tremblement de terre - Musique

Devastating Explosions, at the Touch of a Button. Top 30 des chats à la cool qui se relaxent dans des positions étranges. C'est le week-end, c'est LOLcat, toute la rédaction vous souhaite d'éprouver autant de plaisir que nous devant ces photos sélectionnées avec le bon goût reconnu de Topito.

Top 30 des chats à la cool qui se relaxent dans des positions étranges

Les chats sont des grosses feignasses, ce fait est avéré et le sera encore plus après avoir pris connaissance de ce top. Regardez comment nos amis à 4 pattes peuvent parfois se relaxer de façon… étrange et torticolique. Billet initialement publié sur Topito. Avoir une tortue ninja dans le nez. Comment avait-on pu ne pas s'en rendre compte ?

Avoir une tortue ninja dans le nez

Cela se voit pourtant comme le nez au milieu de la figure, et c'est le cas de le dire : l'organe olfactif humain a exactement la même forme qu'une tête de Tortue Ninja. C'est dingue. Exactement la même. Des gens qui ont peur dans une attraction de maison hantée. French. Whoops!


Maybe you were looking for France? France, scaled to actual size. French is a series of incomprehensible garglings, and throat utterances belched out by the French, and those nations who have been invaded by them in the past (a sand dune in the Sahara populated by an ant colony and some inconsequential rice farmers in Vietnam). Despite French sounding similar to a throat disease it is the international language of surrender, and therefore love. Instants! Collection. Le Jet Pack enfin commercialisé. La société Jet Pack International vient de commercialiser un jet pack.

Le Jet Pack enfin commercialisé

Bienvenue DTC. Doctissimo m'a tuer. The Six Best Billboards Of The Last Six Years. Jtwaleson/decrypt. Unusual clock. Violoniste interrompu par une sonnerie. Évolution de la télé. Blow Up the Web With 'Font Bomb' We’ve already showed you how to turn any webpage into a game of Asteroids; now you can add Font Bomb to the list of ways to destroy text of the web.

Blow Up the Web With 'Font Bomb'

Font Bomb is a fun little JavaScript bookmarklet you can use to plant bombs all around a webpage. Just drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and then head to a page you want to destroy. Click the bookmarklet and then start clicking anywhere on the page to plant bombs. Then, thanks to a little magic from CSS 2D Transforms, the text starts flying — perfect for a little Friday afternoon amusement. (It’s also not a half-bad way to take out some frustration on trolls: Don’t feed them, just blow up what they wrote and move on.) Font Bomb was created by Philippe-Antoine Lehoux. Flying Horse - Gatorrada (Cat-Toast) CanCraft: Guy Makes Papercraft Style Superhero/Cartoon/Video Game Characters Out Of Beer And Soda Cans. Japanese artist Macaon makes figures of famous characters out of cut up beer and soda cans. No word if he needs somebody to help drink all those beers, but I know somebody interested if he does.

SPOILER: It's me. Shocking, I know, but I believe in supporting the arts. Hit the jump for a ton more including some Toy Story, Pokemon, Mario and I forgot what else. Thanks to Harmon and sPilt, who don't make anything out of beers cans but CRUSHED beer cans on their foreheads. Convertisseur de revenus en unités Liliane Bettencourt. Une fois ses 75% d'impôts payés, Lilliane B. met 65 minute(s) pour gagner votre salaire annuel. Pour vous, l'achat d'une baguette de pain à 1€ est équivalent, pour Liliane, à une dépense de 9300 €. Malgré son imposition. Soit 3 mois de votre salaire. Tippexperience 2 : retour gagnant. Le meilleur du pire des annonces du Bon Coin. Le Bon Coin est le site français de référence des petites annonces gratuites, sur lequel on peut quasiment tout vendre et tout acheter… Vraiment TOUT acheter !

Devenu un véritable phénomène sur Internet, le meilleur du pire des annonces du Bon Coin est une compilation des annonces les plus improbables et loufoques du site. Vous êtes plus de 65 000 à avoir consulté notre dernière sélection, donc on s’est dit qu’il fallait bien remettre ça ! Google Type - Write in random Google Images. Magna Arbor Vitae Deku. The Useless Web. Dial Up Sound. Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet? CAT BOUNCE! The Last Page of the Internet. Please like .com by rafaël rozendaal, 2010. Collection of jan aman, le duchamp .com by rafaël rozendaal, 2008.

Koalas to the Max dot Com.