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ELECTRÓN. Basic Electronics Tutorials and Revision.

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Juego. Simulador. Amazon. Pu Gong Ying Tu (Dandelion Painting) PROJECTS. An exploration into the possibilities for individual construction and customization of the most ubiquitous of electronic devices, the cellphone. … more Electronic Popables Electronic Popables is an interactive pop-up book that sparkles, sings, and moves.


The book integrates traditional pop-up mechanisms with thin, flexible, paper-based electronics and the result is a book that … more Codeable Objects Codeable Objects is a library for Processing that enables novice coders, designers and artists to rapidly design, customize and construct an artifact using geometric computation and digital fabrication The programming … more. The Tinkering Studio. The Tinkering Studio. A stuffed camera’s flash actually goes off when a button on the back is pressed!

The Tinkering Studio

Sewing can be challenging and rewarding at the same time A great deal of facilitation happens between participants, with more experienced sewers showing the ropes to novices When we offer this activity at the museum, there is an age limit of 10+, but no such thing at home! Often a simple decorative name badge is a great starter project Name badges are also a good way to practice different types of stitches, or experiment with the sewing machine.

Circuit boards. The Tinkering Studio. Hand Battery: Chemistry & Electricity Science Activity. Circuit Scribe, lapicero para dibujar circuitos eléctricos que funcionan - TEC.