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Élections américaines. American revolution. Brexit. Guide de la littérature britannique. Le Royaume-Uni héberge certains des écrivains les plus remarquables. D’Harry Potter à Shakespeare, l’intrigue et les protagonistes des célèbres livres anglais prennent une place importante dans la culture populaire anglaise. Nous vous proposons donc ce guide des écrivains les plus influents et leurs travaux les plus remarquables pour en savoir plus sur cette culture. Se plonger dans l’histoire de la littérature anglaise et en apprendre plus sur ses auteurs les plus réputés et leurs livres rendra votre prochain voyage inoubliable !

Geoffrey Chaucer (c. 1340 – 1400) Bio : A l’âge de 17 ans, Chaucer est devenu un serviteur de la comtesse d’Ulster (Élisabeth de Burgh). Fait intéressant : Pendant la Guerre de Cent Ans, Chaucer a été fait prisonnier près de Reims. Theatre En Anglais. Anglais : A la découverte des accents. Anglais : Sur le Black History Month. Anglais : Fêter la Saint Patrick. Anglais : Fiches pédagogiques sur deux films. Home - The Ickabog. Les 10 évènements qui ont façonné l'histoire des Etats-Unis. Parmi les pays déjà traités dans cette série de L’éléphant, les États-Unis se distinguent par leur jeune âge comparé à la Grande-Bretagne ou à la France.

Les 10 évènements qui ont façonné l'histoire des Etats-Unis

Archives Revue de presse - 2019. Info.

Archives Revue de presse - 2019

«Olive Kitterdige» (2014), Lisa Cholodenko. Olive Kitteridge - Trailer - Official HBO UK I read Elizabeth Strout’s novel, Olive Kitteridge (2008), which is really thirteen short stories compiled into one novel, and I immediately started passing it around to all my friends.

«Olive Kitterdige» (2014), Lisa Cholodenko

I love to read, and when I find a good one, I pass it on. I sent it to a friend of mine, and she read it in 24 hours. She is a friend from drama school, another actress and she said, “Oh, you want to play this part.” I said, “No, no, it’s a novel, it’s found its form, it doesn’t need to be anything else.” It had just been presented to me by my representation that perhaps I needed to consider looking for material to develop into projects that I could also act in. 06 January 2020 - Australian PM tries to defend government's handling of wildfire crisis. Falling ash, skies of blood – and now Australia’s anger smoulders Royce Kurmelovs (The Guardian, 04/01/2020) The sky over Cobargo in New South Wales was still tainted yellow on Thursday afternoon when Australia’s prime minister arrived.

06 January 2020 - Australian PM tries to defend government's handling of wildfire crisis

For the past month, the country had been ablaze, and the village 240 miles south of Sydney and home to 776 people, had been hit hard. Standing in the crowd, Zoey Salucci McDermott, 20, eyed Scott Morrison coolly. Robert Burns: Poems, Songs and Legacy. Exploring English: Language and Culture. Gender Representation in the Media. Archaeology and the Battle of Dunbar 1650: From the Scottish Battlefield to the New World. The Tudors. 007’s file found in the IPN’s Archive - News - Institute of National Remembrance. Apparently, Great Britain sent the famous MI6 operative’s namesake to spy on communist Poland and recalled him after a year, considering his efforts wasted.

007’s file found in the IPN’s Archive - News - Institute of National Remembrance

Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. James Albert Bond from Devon came to Warsaw in February 1964 with his wife and six-year-old son, to take the position of a secretary-cum-archivist to the military attaché at the British Embassy. During his time here he made a few trips to northeast Poland, accompanying senior staff of the local SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) station, allegedly to gather information on military facilities there. Speakeasy News - 31 August 2020. Poetry and Poetics of the Modernist Everyday in Joyce, Woolf, and Pound. 14 February 2020 - Valentine's Day: a controversial celebration?

Valentine’s Day: A Festival of Love or a Giant Scam?

14 February 2020 - Valentine's Day: a controversial celebration?

Spencer Bokat-Lindell (The New York Times, 13/02/2020) Nobody really knows how Valentine’s Day began. Depending on your sources, its origins can be traced back to an ancient Roman fertility festival involving sacrificial goats or to a Chaucer poem about birds. “It is one of those mysterious historical or antiquarian problems which are doomed never to be solved,” The Times wrote in 1853. Speakeasy News - 24 March 2020. 27 January 2020 - NBA star Kobe Bryant dies aged 41. Kobe Bryant, NBA legend, dies at 41 The Associated Press (AP, 26/01/2020) By any measure, Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest players in NBA history.

27 January 2020 - NBA star Kobe Bryant dies aged 41

En anglais – The Conversation France. Social networks tend to encourage behaviour considered deviant by local populations.

En anglais – The Conversation France

A study of Ghanaians living in northern England provides insight into how eating habits change through the generations. Deciphering the political and historical basis of climate denial in America, of which Trump is the worthy heir. An ad alluding to the vulva is sparking controversy, but there are few objections to phallic symbols. What explains this difference in treatment? Traffic congestion causes more problems than just being stuck in traffic.

Often presented as one of the best ways to save energy, eco-efficiency often proves to be less effective than one might think. The assassination of the Iranian general could have lasting effects on energy markets. Since 2019, night train networks have seen a remarkable revival across Europe. We pulled four before-and-after NASA satellite images and asked bushfire researcher Grant Williamson to reflect on the story they tell. English literature quiz. Forum .

English literature quiz

Penfriends . Test . Online English Lessons . A Discussion With Michelle Obama. The Scottish Education System and Scotland’s Languages Policy. We have just over 4 000 primary schools, which range completely in size.

The Scottish Education System and Scotland’s Languages Policy

Some of these schools are particularly small, especially in rural areas such as the Highlands area. There might be only one teacher and three pupils. However, some of the schools in Glasgow and Edinburgh can be huge and have up to 400 or 500 pupils. Ressources ENS - Le réchauffement climatique.