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Student Reflection and Self Assessment

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Independent Learner Rubric 2.docx. Independent Learner Spectrum Autonomous (Self-Directed) High Support (Teacher-Directed) Advanced Proficient Basic Minimal Goal Setting Learner sets goal Learner sets goal and.

Independent Learner Rubric 2.docx

Self Reflection - 3rd Grade. Self Reflection - Kindergarten. Middletown: Self-Reflection Samples - Google Slides. Edutopia Reflection Questions.pdf. Teamwork Self-Assessment Rubric. This strategy is implemented prior to our BL chat, as an on demand writing/quick write.

Teamwork Self-Assessment Rubric

Students are given a prompt on reflecting on their recent blended sessions, for example, A success I am having is_____, and a concern I am having is_____, prior to viewing our data. Once students are ready to share they pair up randomly in groups of 2-3 and debrief their concerns and solutions, or answer the prompt that day. I note what their concerns are, then we strategize how we can address them as a class, who are the students we can reach out to for help. Then we close by sharing/celebrating their successes. We review our class data for each of our (3 main) programs, and the highest performing students, as well as the students who have improved from the last round are rewarded with a blended learning all star certificate and all star selfie picture to take home.