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Complete Bible Genealogy - Jesus family tree - Kings of Judah and Israel. Online Bible Study Tools - Your Gateway to Bible Resources. A Pictorial explanation of the Bible. Presenting a Historical Chronological Overview of the Bible Click on these Images to study the Bible.

A Pictorial explanation of the Bible

Old Testament: In 9 Sub Sections or Modules Genesis part one Genesis part one is the first of seventeen parts we have split the Bible up into so we can explain the Bible in a historical chronological order.......more New Testament: In 8 Sections or Modules The Birth of Jesus is the first of 8 sections or modules of the New Testament. The Ministry of Jesus is the second of 8 sections or modules of the New Testament. Easter, Palm Sunday to Pentecost - is the third of 8 sections or modules of the New Testament. Acts part one - is the forth of 8 sections or modules of the New Testament. Acts part two - is the fifth of 8 sections or modules of the New Testament. Hebrews Chapter Eleven is the sixth of 8 sections or modules of the New Testament. History of Israel and Palestine in VERY Easy To Understand Maps.

T he Palestinian Jews were forced to form an organized defense against the Arabs Palestinians.... thus was formed the Hagana , the beginnings of the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF].

History of Israel and Palestine in VERY Easy To Understand Maps

There was also a Jewish underground called the Irgun led by Menachem Begin (who later became Prime Minister of Israel). Besides fighting the Arabs, the Irgun was instrumental in driving out the pro-Arab British. Finally in 1947 the British had enough and turned the Palestine matter over to the United Nations. T he 1947 U.N. Resolution 181 partition plan was to divide the remaining 25% of Palestine into a Jewish Palestinian State and a SECOND Arab Palestinian State (Trans-Jordan being the first) based upon population concentrations. O ur Palestinian Cousins started the '48 war, and in so doing released the warlike appetites of a nation of survivors, a Jewish people with no place to run, who had repressed their rage for millennia, and had now earned full title to it!

Bible Bible Maps for every OT and NT location. The Early Church. Synopsis ) one of the most famous heretics; b. about 256, in Libya (according to others, in Alexandria); d. 336, at Constantinople.

The Early Church

He was educated by Lucian, presbyter in Antioch, and held a prominent position as presbyter in the Church of Alexandria when the Arian controversy with Bishop Alexander began (about 318) concerning the eternal deity of Christ and his equality with the Father (homoousia), which he denied, holding that Christ was of a different essence, and a creature of the Father, though created before the world. He is described as a tall, lean man, with a downcast brow, very austere habits, considerable learning, and a smooth, winning address, but quarrelsome disposition. The Silence of his enemies conclusively proves that his general moral character was irreproachable (like that of Nestorius and Pelagius); and, if it had not been for his heresy, he would have been highly esteemed.

His principal work, called ... Primary Sources Secondary Sources Related Subjects. Bible History Online - Bible Maps. Bible Maps - Biblical Maps and Historical Geography for Bible Study (Printing Instructions: Open the map, right click and print) About Bible Maps Maps are essential for any serious Bible study, they help students of the Scriptures understand the geographical locations and historical backgrounds of the places mentioned in the Bible.

Bible History Online - Bible Maps

Our collection of maps are simple and they are free. See Biblical Geography About Bible Geography Maps are great for studying and illustrating the geographical terrain of the ancient world. Luke 10:30 "And Jesus answering said, A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. " God is the author of geography and because He knows the end from the beginning He used geography to help form the great kingdoms of the ancient world.

Biblical Map Projects Map of New Testament Israel - Growing first century AD map. Bible History & Archaeology Published by the Biblical Archaeology Society.