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Tuesday, April 15 — 2:00 PM Sorry about this comic running a bit late. But hey, the first-ever Advance Wars appearance in BitF, and I have the eShop to thank for it. Yes, 2013′s Fire Emblem: Awakening showed me how enjoyable strategy games could be, so I had to try out AW myself upon hearing that it hit the VC. It’s good fun, and surprisingly dense in content. Brawl in the Family - Pale Moon Brawl in the Family - Pale Moon
Collatz Conjecture
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Sinfest: The Webcomic To End all Webcomics
And as my arm is finally unwrapped from its cast, so shall I wrap up this broken arm storyline :) Thanks everyone for your patience and support, but thanks especially to all the rad people who stepped up so you didn't have to go a single week without a funny picture to look at! I hope you've already taken the time to thank them by checking out their respectivelly excellent comics and also Jonathon's new KICKSTARTER campaign to print A Mad Tea Party (linked above). I also want to take the time to once again thank Kory Bing who stepped in to ink my left-handed lines in comics #635, #637, #639, and #642. She did a fantastic job and I can highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for an inker. Wasted Talent - a webcomic by Angela Melick Wasted Talent - a webcomic by Angela Melick
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March 5th, 2010
Kawaii Not: the webcomic for cute gone bad!
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Glad to be back, the year (which I heard has a fourteen somewhere in there) is new, I have no freelance, and am happy to finally start pumping these out. Hope everyone had an awesome holiday filled with sass Sorry about the art, I’ve gotten a little rusty/slower Also, Scout Crossing updated. Thank you all for reading, updates are going to be much more frequent. This is a little hard to talk about, but over the past year, things haven’t been easy, in a way I’ve struggled with many things with the comic that I didn’t struggle with before. a Guy and his Monster a Guy and his Monster
The M files
channelATE.com Comics and Cartoons by Ryan Hudson The Store just got some new stuff all up in it! First is the third collection of channelate comics! It’s called ”You Used to Be Funnier”. channelATE.com Comics and Cartoons by Ryan Hudson
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Hyperbole and a Half Power is intoxicating. Everyone loves having the ability to make their decisions into reality — to think "this should be something that happens," and then actually be able to make that thing happen. It is also dangerous. Hyperbole and a Half
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Cheer Up, Emo Kid - Pale Moon I just wanted to let you all know you can find Cheer Up, Emo Kid on Tapastic now. Tapastic is an awesome webcomic publishing platform that is absolutely free. You can re-read all your old favourites on a mobile-friendly format Tuesdays and Thursdays at http://tapastic.com/series/CUEK. Cheer Up, Emo Kid - Pale Moon
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