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Plant Hardiness Zone Map. USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map The 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map

The map is based on the average annual minimum winter temperature, divided into 10-degree F zones. Gertens Plant Finder. Spring Gardening on the Cheap. If your thumb is even slightly green, a home garden can go a long way to cutting your grocery bills.

Spring Gardening on the Cheap

The National Gardening Association estimates you’ll get a half-pound of vegetables for each square foot in your garden, or roughly $600 in produce over the course of a season for the average 600-square-foot plot. Growing it all could take as little as $70, they estimate. For a $50 annual investment in plants, Frugal Foodie’s terrace container garden provides a good amount of edibles from March until October, including spinach, peppers and tomatoes for salads, blueberries and snap peas for snacking and herbs for pesto, chimichurri, and fresh flavor in pretty much every other recipe. What’s your best tip for gardening on the cheap? Here’s what home gardeners, chefs and other experts offered up: Experiment with herbs. If you grow nothing else, try a few pots of herbs like basil, dill, oregano, and parsley. DIY Succulent Table. Matti's Succulent Table Mission DIY succulent table complete.

DIY Succulent Table

I’ve wanted to make this baby for months. It’s a dissected old shipping crate and some other random scraps of wood lying around the house turned into a patio side table with a planting strip down the middle. Old shipping crate deconstructed. The next couple of pics show a bit of the process. Center planting box layed out. The outside walls were about the same shape as I wanted the table, and I started to build everything around that size. Table tops getting set in. Randomly walking around looking at gardens in the hood, I spotted a big pile of old scrap lumber. Fastening it together. Grow plants from your groceries, like ginger root and pineapple! Grow your own ginger Ginger is an essential ingredient in Asian cooking.

Growing your own is easy and provides an endless supply of ginger for your cooking. Create your own Vertical Garden - Living walls and Vertical Gardens. Vertical gardening is a fun, creative way to grow plants in urban spaces!

Create your own Vertical Garden - Living walls and Vertical Gardens

Below is just a sample of what you can create with ready-to-go planters and kits. The first few images are of GroVert Vertical Gardening Systems by Bright Green. There are two different sized panels (10 and 45), and each are planted, then hung on the wall using their included mounting bracket. The last images are of living walls made from felt pockets.

My Tiny Plot. How to grow a Rainbow Rose, Naturally. In 2004, two dutch companies, River Flowers and F.J.

How to grow a Rainbow Rose, Naturally

Zandbergen, experimented and successfully grew a rose that had its petals rainbow colored. As petals get their nourishment through stem, the idea is to split the stem into several channels and dip each one in a different colored water. This way all the colors will be drawn by the stem into petals and resultant rose will have all the colors in it. The same method can be applied to other flowers especially to Chrysanthemum and Hydrangea. You can use the same idea to color any flower, anyway you like. Sources: 1, 2, 3 Watch: Flowers Color Time Lapse. 7 Cheap But Beautiful DIY Garden Decor Ideas. I must be painting a terrible portrait of myself.

7 Cheap But Beautiful DIY Garden Decor Ideas

Lazy gardener. Lazy cleaner. Cheap organizer. The Lazy Lady’s Guide to DIY: Hanging Herb Garden. At some point near the middle of March, I always decide that I’m “done” with winter.

The Lazy Lady’s Guide to DIY: Hanging Herb Garden

The sweaters and jackets get pushed to the back of the closet, the flip flops come out, and I inevitably freeze my butt off for several weeks until the weather catches up with my warm-weather state of mind. Likewise, my cravings for fresh herbs and veggies are always a little ahead of the season. Growing your own herbs is a great way to save money and avoid buying too much at a time and letting most of it go to waste. If it’s still too cold to plant outside where you are (or if you’re short on space!)

This hanging herb garden is the perfect project to get you in gear for spring. Companion Planting With Vegetables and Flowers - Organic Gardening. Each spring, I grow legions of onions and shallots from seed, and my biggest challenge is keeping them weeded.

Companion Planting With Vegetables and Flowers - Organic Gardening

Last year, I planted pinches of arugula between the short rows of shallots, and the leafy, fast-growing arugula smothered any weeds and showed remarkably little damage from flea beetles, which often plague it. The arugula was ready to harvest just when the shallots needed room to grow. Grow plants from your groceries, like ginger root and pineapple! Companion planting. I am keen to try out companion planting – the practice of planting beneficial plants with each other.

companion planting

Raisedbed.pdf (application/pdf Object) Your fruit, herb and vegetable garden. Growing Herbs - How To Grow Herbs. Harvesting Vegetables Articles-6.