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New York New York. Languages - Français - Start. Bons plans à Washington DC - fr@nih. Premier réflexe si vous souhaitez sortir ou vous balader c'est d'aller sur le site du citypaper (également disponible en version papier partout dans DC et sa région aux stations de métro, bar, boutiques, etc...).

Bons plans à Washington DC - fr@nih

C'est une mine d'informations culturelles qui parait tous les jeudis. Autre source d'information : le Washington Post. Salles de spectacle et concerts Pour les amoureux de la musique classique, opéra, ballet, danse contemporaine etc, le Kennedy Center offre un large choix de spectacles. The Grand Canyon: how to get the most from a short trip. By ANDY MURDOCK· On my first trip to the Grand Canyon, I made a classic rookie mistake: part of a longer road trip, I didn't give myself much time and I didn't do any advance research, so I ended up with a version of the Griswold experience.

The Grand Canyon: how to get the most from a short trip

There it was - big, beautiful but somewhat underwhelming. Back in the car. And I wasn't alone. The perfect trip to the Scottish Highlands. The landscapes of northern Scotland are at once fearsome and beautiful, and the best way to experience them is with a road trip. Join Orla Thomas of Lonely Planet Traveller magazine on a tour of the region’s mysterious and secluded beaches, freshly caught seafood and stunning castles. Photos by Craig Easton. The rugged and magnificent North West Highlands Geopark. Photo by Craig Easton Best for scenic drives: Northwest Highlands Geopark There’s good reason why Scotland doesn’t look like anywhere else in Britain: 200 million years ago it was still part of the continent of North America – the join is roughly where Hadrian’s Wall is now.

The area’s outstanding geology has earned it Unesco Geopark status. Not far from Cape Wrath, Scotland’s most northerly point, is the secluded Sango Bay. Best for beaches: Sandwood Bay To Don O’Driscoll – a ranger for the John Muir Trust, a charity dedicated to the protection of wild land – no detail of the natural world that surrounds him passes by unnoticed. Guide officiel de Stockholm. VisitCopenhagen. Belfast Black Taxi Tour. There’s never any guarantee’s, but we should be fine.

Belfast Black Taxi Tour

There hasnt been any trouble in a while, and June is usually when it stirs up a bit, not May. … reassuring words from a man who grew up in Belfast at a very very difficult time and who now takes tourists on tours of the area in his black taxi. The words casually leave his mouth as we drive down what is historically one of the most violent and troublesome streets in Belfast – The Falls Road.

I love a tour. Yeah its a touristy thing to do, but whilst walking around a new city on my tod is fun, I usually have few ideas about the history of the area or what to look out for. The Black Taxi tour my friends and I took whilst visiting Belfast on our Roadtrip around Ireland is definietly in the top 3 city tours i’ve ever taken! L’architecture miniature de Takanori Aiba. : l'actualité française et internationale de l'urbanisme, de l'aménagement du territoire et de l'architecture pour le plus grand nombre. S favorite spots in Dublin - SEE PHOTOS. Over eight million tourists visit Dublin city every year, either passing through or staying for a while.

s favorite spots in Dublin - SEE PHOTOS

All of them most likely have guide books and will hit the major tourist attractions, but we decided to put together a list of some of our (the locals) favorite spots in Dublin. To see a show, sit back and watch the world go by, get back to nature or find that unique souvenir, here is our list of Dubliner’s favorite spots: Red Rock, Sutton, Dublin Just 25 minutes outside the city center and you will find yourself in Sutton village on the north coast of Dublin. The Red Rock walk is one of our favorite walks in Dublin, due to its easy access from the city and also because of the feeling of remoteness you get standing up on top of the cliffs looking out to sea.

The whole walk takes about three hours and stretches from the magnificent Martello Tower, in Sutton, all the way to Howth Harbour on the other side of the peninsula. Olympia Theatre, Dame Street. L'Écosse en voiture - Excursions en voiture et itinéraires pittoresque. Les 12 circuits touristiques nationaux d'Écosse vous mèneront vers certains des paysages les plus spectaculaires au monde.

L'Écosse en voiture - Excursions en voiture et itinéraires pittoresque

Et vous trouverez bon nombre de sites touristiques exceptionnels, de villes et de villages charmants à visiter tout au long de votre chemin. Chaque circuit varie en longueur et offre une alternative pittoresque aux autoroutes et principaux axes routiers écossais. Breathtaking Skyscraper in Bangkok. 21 free things to do in Tokyo.


Japon. Learning English - Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation. Hong Kong Contemporary ArtSubscribe. London 2016. Vienne. Oslo. Stavanger. Bergen. Hong Kong. Architecture Hong Kong a connu tous les styles architecturaux, des temples taoïstes aux forteresses de la dynastie Qing, des...

Hong Kong

Bars Il y a deux grandes catégories de bars à Hong Kong. Les établissements des quartiers qui vivent la nuit, dans... Pays d'Asie : où aller ? Top destinations en 2016. Vous prévoyez un voyage en Asie cette année mais ne savez quelle destination choisir ?

Pays d'Asie : où aller ? Top destinations en 2016

Nos auteurs Lonely Planet ont exploré pour vous les villes les plus exaltantes du continent, traversé la touffeur des jungles et nagé dans les eaux merveilleuses à la recherche des lieux les plus incontournables. Le choix a été difficile… Leur top 10 se compose de classiques à redécouvrir, de régions grouillant d’animation et de destinations lointaines dont vous n’avez probablement jamais entendu parler. Quoi qu’il en soit, cette liste vous aidera à faire votre choix. 1. Boston Visitors. Guide voyage Singapour. Guide voyage Chicago. Is it quicker to walk? A realistic tube map.

New York