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Piano Chords and Scales made easy - StumbleUpon. Tab & Scores. Create. Music Magic. Music Theory. Studio Software. Guitar Tuner. Click a Note on the guitar tuner above.

Guitar Tuner

Make sure your computer speakers are on. Play a Note on your guitar. 5 Beautiful Ways to Play a II-V-I Jazz Chord Progression. Photo by Ava Weintraub I just love figuring out different ways to play a jazz chord progression or just mixing up jazz chords with other styles of music.

5 Beautiful Ways to Play a II-V-I Jazz Chord Progression

It can add nice flavors to a song and give it some extra magic. It’s really fun to experiment with that. Learning jazz expands your guitar vocabulary to a whole new level if you are ready for it. 6 Basic Major Scale Sequences / Melodic Patterns. Photo by Gideon When I first learned to play sequences I didn’t know what all the fuzz was about.

6 Basic Major Scale Sequences / Melodic Patterns

Why was it so important to learn all these “sequences” or as some prefer to call them “melodic patterns”? Anyhow, I did enjoy playing them because after a while I got into this flow and it sounded kinda cool. Killer Guitar Control Secrets. Tonal Theory Supplemental Examples. Teoría - Music Theory Web.

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Jacmuse music theory. 21 Cool 3 Notes-Per-String Exercises to Rock On! Photo by Jsome1 Playing 3 notes per string exercises is something I do on a regular basis.

21 Cool 3 Notes-Per-String Exercises to Rock On!

I use them to warm up, to become a faster guitar player and to spice up my improvisation. Finding Solid Confidence on Stage. Photo by Niklas Hellerstedt As is our confidence, so is our capacity. ~ William Hazlitt When I first started out playing on stage I was quite a shy person.

Finding Solid Confidence on Stage

Acoustics/How an Acoustic Guitar Works. What are sound vibrations that contribute to sound production?

Acoustics/How an Acoustic Guitar Works

First of all, there are the strings. Any string that is under tension will vibrate at a certain frequency. The weight and length of the string, the tension in the string, and the compliance of the string determine the frequency at which it vibrates. Collections/Acoustics. The Chord Guide: Pt I – Chord Progressions. Chord progressions are the canvas on which musicians paint their masterpieces, and it’s a canvas which is a piece of art in itself.

The Chord Guide: Pt I – Chord Progressions

A chord progression can be subtle and in the background or it can be blatant and up front; it can be simple and catchy, or it can be technical and complex, it can stay in one key or it can change like the seasons. In any of these cases a chord progression is what drives the song as it literally shapes the music that accompanies it. Chord progressions are like a cozy home where melody and rhythm can kick their feet up. All the songwriting giants, like John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Bob Dylan, to name a few, have/had a tremendous knowledge of the art of the chord progression. I’m not going to promise you tremendous knowledge, but I will offer you a good head start in the way of making your own music – in an easily digestible chunk to boot.