Facebook Twitter - Live Flight Tracker! Transport: List of airlines banned within the EU - European commission. Europe has one of the best aviation safety records in the world thanks to the effective implementation of high standards.

Transport: List of airlines banned within the EU - European commission

Working in close cooperation with safety authorities in Member States, other countries and international aviation organisations, the European Union strives to raise these standards across the world. However, some airlines still operate in conditions which fall below essential and internationally recognised safety levels. Welcome to World Airport Codes. The airline codes. Airport codes. List of passenger airlines. This is a list of airlines in operation that offer regular (usually scheduled) service to paying passengers from the general public.

list of passenger airlines

This list includes some airlines that offer charter service on a regular basis between fixed destinations. It also includes some airlines in the process of formation planning to embark upon their maiden voyage soon. WikiProject Aviation/Airline destination lists. This is a master list of destinations served by all airlines.

WikiProject Aviation/Airline destination lists

The airport name as listed in this list should be used in an airline article. Note this list is still being developed, especially as it relates to the location of islands in relation to other countries and continents. Any discussions for major changes should be on the talk page. On airline pages, the following standards for listing entries should be used: (hub) or (focus city) added after the airport name and after the )Seasonal for any seasonal service added after the airport name and after the )[begins date] or [ends date] for new service or discontinued service added after the airport name and after the )

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We would like to make it very clear to passengers that you must check in at least 30 minutes before departure. Germanwings can only carry children who are under the age of 12 when they travel if they are travelling with a responsible adult. Lufthansa.