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Proyecto Casas de Carton - Dollhouse - Castle - Cardboard

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Autodesk 123D Make. Left Hand No.1_black. BEE Stand_natural(kit) d-torso paper craft by Aki Co.,Ltd. D-torso is started with paper craft mannequin for knit cloths show, and this Eve, Adam and torso model is the very first model of d-torso.

BEE Stand_natural(kit) d-torso paper craft by Aki Co.,Ltd.

So all the staff and especially designer Mr.Matsuoka is emotionally involved to this model. If you are owner of shop, then this model add spice to your cloths and products. d-torso are cardboard craft figures created by Aki Co., Ltd. in which an original system is used in a similar way to a CT scan, in order to cut and break a 3D image for a later reassembly. Each piece of the figure is cut by a highly precise laser machine, which makes the assembling process very simple, since no extra elements are needed (scissors or glue).

Latest Paper Model. Srchlab: curved fold dome. El objetivo del taller es disenar y construir un domo de carton.

srchlab: curved fold dome

Con Dennis decidimos que lo hariamos de planchas de carton y sobretodo reciclado. Asi nacio y se construyo el domo de dobleces curvos. » Blog Archive » Press-fit Geodesic Dome. September 16th, 2008 Tags: fab, fablab, how to make almost anything, htmaa Week 2: Make a press-fit kit out of cardboard. » Blog Archive » Press-fit Geodesic Dome

An exhibit on Buckminster Fuller just ended at the Whitney in New York and served as the inspiration for this press-fit kit. Geodesic domes and spheres have been extensively used in architecture since their popularization by Buckminster Fuller. The geodesic dome is constructed by starting with a icosahedron, and then modifying the sides through projection. First the size of the dome must be determined.

Laser cut Doll House Patterns. Cardboard interior design. Cardboard light fixtures?

cardboard interior design

Furniture made from cardboard? Sure, it’s not a material that typically comes to mind when you think of interior design. But, that’s what makes it so cool! Paper Tower by Shigeru Ban. London Design Festival 09: a temporary tower made of paper tubes designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has been erected on the South Bank in London.

Paper Tower by Shigeru Ban

Called Paper Tower, the 22m structure has been commissioned as part of Size + Matter, a London Design Festival initiative which this year also features a metal sculpture by Marc Newson, also located beside the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. See all our stories about London Design Festival 2009 in our special category. Photos are by Susan Smart Photography.

Elegant box – Cartonus. Elegant gift box with handle Art nouveau style.

Elegant box – Cartonus

Istruzioni - Mobili in Cartone. Como hacer un mueble tocador de cartón decorado con decoupage, manualidades baratas y recicladas. Cool Craft Ideas for Kids. 18 Amazing DIY Kids' Toys You Can Make With a Cardboard Box. From: La Factoría Plástica What You Need: Box from Ikea Forsa lamp or similar fold-open box with a flip lid, scrap cardboard, X-acto knife, scissors, ruler, hot glue gun, black marker, adhesive velcro and ribbon or felt.

18 Amazing DIY Kids' Toys You Can Make With a Cardboard Box

How to Do It: With the X-acto knife and ruler, cut off the small sides of the flip lid, and cut some scrap pieces of cardboard into various size rectangles to form the gas station, ledges for the parking areas and a ramp to the second level, all as pictured. If your box isn't already divided into two sections, cut a piece of cardboard to make a divider and attach it with a hot glue gun. Using the ruler, draw parking space lines inside the box on both levels, dotted road lines on the ramp and lid, and gas station details. Untitled. Bonsái con maqueta de Bolsón Cerrado - Bonsai Empire. "Una gran colina (La Colina) dispuesta hacia el norte, y bajo sus pendientes de más al sur el padre de Bilbo, Bungo, construyó el lujoso agujero-hobbit Bolsón Cerrado sobre la fila de Bashot Row.

Bonsái con maqueta de Bolsón Cerrado - Bonsai Empire

Esta es la casa de Bilbo Bolsón y Samsagaz Gamgee, donde ambos libros, El Hobbit y El Señor de los Anillos, empiezan y acaban" La escena descrita fue para Chris una inspiración más que suficiente para tratar de recrearla en miniatura dando como resultado un impresionante bonsái. Este artículo describe cómo fue creado este paisaje. Este es el resultado del trabajo de Chris. Lea abajo cómo fue creado. Taller de Miniaturas Nº6 by Tallerdeminiaturas Revista - issuu.

Store — Autodesk Catch and Autodesk Make: Create 3D Models From Photographs. Autodesk has released two new free software titled 123D Catch and 123D Make that gives just about anyone the ability to not only create their own 3D models on computer but to also produce them as real, physical model.

Autodesk Catch and Autodesk Make: Create 3D Models From Photographs

With 123D Catch, a user photograph a real-world object using a digital camera from different perspectives and convert it into a 3D model of the object. Then with 123D Make, the user can take that 3D model and convert it into something that they can hold in your hands. The software makes this possible by turning any 3D model into a pattern of flat parts that can be cut out of cardboard, wood, plastic or aluminum and assembled at home. Muebles de cartóncartonLAB. Cardboard Rocker Easy Edges Attributed to Frank O Gehry at 1stdibs. Frank O. Gehry. Frank Gehry Furniture at 1stdibs. CardboardChairDB_2012. Foldschool - cardboard furniture. Worlds-Best-Cardboard-Chair.pdf. Cardboard typology. Boat_Float_Booklet.pdf. Cape Coral Cardboard Boat Regatta - How to build a boat. %C3%A7a%20DKartonne%20notice%20de%20montage%20du%20kayak%20JANVIER%202014.pdf.

Cardboard duck tape boat. Make a Cardboard Boat : Set sail. Tips on Boat Building. Cardboard%20Boat%20Design%20Suggestions.pdf. BuildAboat.pdf. Cardboard_boat_directions1.pdf. Kayak de cartóncartonLAB. Kayak de cartón.

Kayak de cartóncartonLAB

Ligero, automontable y resistente. Cardboard - search results. Eco-DIY – How to Make a Computer Key Stool/Chair with Recycled Cardboard! For those of you who want to create cheap, recycled stools/chairs for your entertainment room, here’s a good one, use recycled cardboards and spray paint them to make computer key stool/chair. Simply brilliant! DIY Cardboard Laptop Case! Check out this awesome DIY cardboard laptop case that’s stylish and functional. I have to say this is the best recycled laptop case I’ve seen so far. MUEBLES DE CARTÓN. Ecochair - foldable cardboard furniture. Chairigami - Chairigami. Origami-style cardboard furniture for dorms, urban nomads. Origami-style cardboard furniture for dorms, urban nomads. Cardboard furniture. Pepakura Designer.

Planos para Display y Exhibidor en cartón. Cardboard – Google. Игрушечный картонный город. С 1 апреля 2015 года в Первой Библиотеке Городских Историй персонажи Картонии открывают постоянно действующую живую экспозицию, в которую смогут приходить дети разных возрастов и их родители, чтобы строить вместе макет Картонного Города. Каждый строитель сможет материализовать фантазии в здании, памятнике, транспортном средстве или персонаже и стать соавтором, спросив себя, каким он мечтает видеть свой город мечты. Первым архитектором Игрушечного Картонного Города указом Тирана назначается заслуженный персонаж Картонии - Тимофей Московкин!

Он будет создавать базовую инфраструктуру города, и помогать начинающим строителям осуществлять свои робкие замыслы! К работе допускаются только лицензированные специалисты старше 6-ти лет .По одной лицензии может работать только один специалист. Стоимость Лицензии на строительство на 1 час – 250 рублей. Стоимость Лицензии на строительство на 3 часа подряд – 500 рублей. Full cardboard addiction internship program - Tyran's Newspaper. July-August, 2015 Cardboardia Personages are going to realize several projects in different countries around the Europe and invite everyone to join their free and variously directed internship programs.

Under the guidance of Tyran, Minister of Education and Minister of Circus announce an opportunity to join them in order to prepare and carry out street performances. We will be creating cardboard objects and costumes, making up stories, learning to mix with audience, walking on stilts, joking silly, solving organizational issues. In the course of our work we'll take part in several Cardboardia street performance on different festivals. Cardboardia on Behance. FOLDLIFE. Cardboard Toy Pirate Ships. Spook Hill™ #1 - Stately Pane Manor. Note from Editor: Howard Lamey, in Jacksonville, Florida, has retired from a full-time job in advertising that included designing window displays for a major retailer. Now he has turned those artistic talents to designing and building vintage-style cardboard buildings for his family and friends. (We have a brief introduction to glitterhouses and "putzes" in the article "What is a Glitterhouse? ") Howard has started his own site, but he has graciously agreed to share his craft knowledge with our readers.

Cartonlab: Arquitectura y Ecodiseño en cartóncartonLAB. PAPER CASTLE & CARDBOARD HOUSE 房子的卡 Cartón Castillo Karton Schloss Papelão 段ボールの城 kartono kastelo. Cardboard Crafts with Cardboard Dad - Petit & Small. Cardboard - Petit & Small. Картонный Папа и Икринка Иринка. Cardboard Crafts with Cardboard Dad - Petit & Small. Planetpals Craft Page: Recycle Boxes Make Buildings Make recycle building house doll house garage. Fun nature recycle project with the kids! Building plans, layouts, patterns, ideas, directions. Make A Recycle Toy Play House Make a Building or House-Many styles to choose from At home or at school this craft is cool! A lesson in engineering and architecture. *Reshape it! Toy_playhouse_UE.pdf. Folding Cardboard Play House. The kids love a playhouse, and so do I!

I don’t like to perpetuate gender stereotypes, but there are some of the boys’ games that I simply can’t get excited about, so I’m glad we can all agree that play houses and play kitchens are great fun. When I saw this collapsible playhouse by Jennifer Kirk at She Knows Parenting I was in love with the idea and just waiting for a way to use it. With baby J’s birthday coming up, I decided to make him a play fire station. The folding house was a perfect foundation for a fire station. I used the concept from She Knows Parenting but built my house differently, so here’s the tutorial. I started with two big and sturdy boxes I had saved from some living room chairs I bought.

Materials Besides the boxes, you’ll also need duct tape. Building Tutorial Here’s a sketch of the basic design. DIY collapsible cardboard playhouse. Turn a cardboard box into hours of entertainment for your little ones with this DIY collapsible playhouse. This cardboard playhouse was created, especially with small spaces in mind, because when the kids tire of it, the house collapses down flat for easy storage. Cardboard boxes are a hot commodity in our home -- even my 8-month-old appreciates a good drum fest with empty cereal boxes.

Pretty much the perfect toy, boxes are free, plentiful (if you eat the way my boys do, that is) and provide the creative possibilities that can be a great exercise for a child's imagination. My kids especially love making forts out of boxes, and it seems that for them, the smaller and cozier the better.