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Geopedia - explore, discover and travel the globe. Villes d'Europe jeux gratuits. Géographie - Jeux. Quiz: Will you be able to recognize these 15 subway networks? A subway system is a key marker of the spatial organization of a city.

Quiz: Will you be able to recognize these 15 subway networks?

The complexity this network is an indicator of the level of service in a metropolitan area: in proportion to their population, some small cities are better equipped than some international megacities. ABOUT The “metro quiz” below displays 15 metro networks: will you be able to guess, among three choices, which city each one represents? As terminologies are different from one country to another, only the light rapid transit lines are displayed (no french RER or german S-Bahn, for example).The purpose of this quiz is to show that the metro network of a city can be very different from the plan available to users.As these networks are based on mathematical characteristics, do not rely on the orientation or other geographic features.Remember that the attendance of a subway is not proportional to its size.

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