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7 Health Benefits of Vibroacoustic (Sound & Vibration) Therapy. 18th March 2016 By Deb Wellmes, MA, SLP, ND Guest Writer for Wake Up World Like waves of vibration that are eternally connected and influenced by one another, our understanding and appreciation of vibro-tactile healing has ebbed and flowed.

7 Health Benefits of Vibroacoustic (Sound & Vibration) Therapy

Ancient traditions recognized vibration and sound as an important method for returning to balance and healing. Some of the ways these traditions have used sound and vibration include: music, chanting, prayer, toning, and the use of instruments such as drums, bells, singing bowls, gongs, and wind instruments. As Ancient traditions fell from favor, we lost sight of the powerful benefits of vibro-tactile healing.

It is known that sound waves move through water at least 5 times more efficiently than through the air and that the water in the human body accounts for at least 50-65% of its makeup. The lens through which the benefits of vibro-tactile healing have been filtered has changed with time and cultural knowledge. Effects of Vibroacoustic Therapy 1. 2. Fractal Field Tech-Updates and New FIlm with Dan Winter. Implosion Group BIOACTIVE FIELD Project. FlameinMind: Brainwaves of Empowerment Project.

Newsletter. Update/ Newsletter / Info - Jan/Feb 2016 Thanks for your interest in our breakthru- plasma bioactive field rejuvenation system.


The best way for us to help you understand is if you can study the deep science details, new films, and advance Priore background pdfs all at - and then ask your specific question (Note all our Bioactive Field projects: Note also the new Theraphi protocol preliminary at Theraphi preliminary operation manual - pdf: New Feb 2016: Theraphi news group on facebook: New Theraphi Healing Center in France- beautiful new blog on their healing work with Theraphi: Note in addition to all the compelling physics theory ( phase conjugate negentropy) and the precedent for Theraphi with Priore- for anti-swelling, anti-cyst, anti-cancer, and pain reduction (restored compression / centripetal force).. What is phase conjugation? - Theraphi. Phase conjugation is originally and classically understood in the optics literature.

What is phase conjugation? - Theraphi

You take pairs of laser beams precisely approaching in opposite directions. If they meet (and conjugate’) perfectly – then at the center – they Phase Conjugate. So how do lasers meet to conjugate? When they meet in precise opposing pairs – this is often called four way mixing. Getting opposing exactly phase locked laser beams to align this way, is very tricky, and very expensive because you need alignment accuracy down to angstrom levels.

This also nicely introduces the vision of vortex learning to meet each other on the head of a pin. Now imagine what it takes for the brain waves inside your head to get aligned in this way in order to produce the implosive focus we know is the hallmark of deep spiritual perception and psychokinesis. As the wave proceeds inward on the cone- in order to create only constructive wave interference, the sine waves must converge the golden ratio proportions. ORIGINS OF DNA:Fusion in the Heart- Fusion in the Blood- Science of Alchemy - with Dan Winter. By Dan Winter Dan Winter's original article as reprinted/edited at: There were bitter years, in the Orion Wars - after the humanoid remnant realized it might well be millennia under rule by terror from hybrid machine part DNA cyborgs.

ORIGINS OF DNA:Fusion in the Heart- Fusion in the Blood- Science of Alchemy - with Dan Winter

Yet a force cried out pleading with deep immortality from the willed mutation of genes: "We cannot die, for we have seen the starships burning off the shoulders of Orion. " This was the bloodsong (SanGraal) of the Trons. The Trons were those who had retained the skill to penetrate thru the speed of light, with the wormhole penetration of their own biological magnetic.

There were 2 tricky parts to this: 1 - You needed the focus to ignite your glands and thereby your own DNA to the implosive point of ultra-violet spitting faster than light cocooning., then 2 - You needed the context rich location in TIME in order to avoid having the superluminal wormholes you just made with your DNA start BLEEDING. 1. 1. Fractal U-niversity - Implosion Group LEARN IT LIVE- with Dan Winter. Fractal Field Tech-Updates and New FIlm with Dan Winter.