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Birth certificate. Capitis Diminutio 'TRUE MEANING OF YOUR NAME' legal fiction. Notice regarding the use of names bonded at birth and traded for value on the Stock exchange. One-Heaven: Canons - Canonum De Ius Positivum - Canons of Positive Law - Article 325 - Settlement (Birth) Certificate. In terms of the history of Birth Certificates, Settlement Certificates and diminishing, tricking, deceiving, lying, seizing, condemning and cursing free people as slaves, wards, infants, cattle, poor and commodities: (i) In 1535 (27Hen.8 c.28) King Henry VIII of England and his Venetian/Magyar banking advisers seized the property of the poor and common farmers under the pretext they were “small religious estates”.

One-Heaven: Canons - Canonum De Ius Positivum - Canons of Positive Law - Article 325 - Settlement (Birth) Certificate

By 1539 (31Hen.8 c.13) he did the same for large religious estates. By 1540, (32Hen.8 c.1), all property was to be owned through “Estates” effectively being Welfare Funds granted by the Crown to the Benefit of use of Subjects with the most common being Estates for the non wealthy now considered “Wards of the Estate”. (ii) In 1547 (1Ed.6 c.3) , Edward VI issued a new statute that did forbid people considered poor from travelling, except for work, or from claiming their own time and activities and whether or not to work. (xiii) In 1713 (12Ann. How do they not arrest a MAN ! Because he does not claim the NAME ! Claim the Name. If You Don't Register Your Children (Contract Them as Assets of the State Corporation) Social Services Cannot Take Them Away.

Monetize CoLB. Difference Between Birth Certificate And Certificate Of Live Birth. Latest Quebec Biblical Sovereignty Process » Documents. ILLEGAL to have ORIGINAL Birth Certificate!!! The Birth Certificate Conspiracy. Refusing to Register a Birth. Jordan Maxwell You are property of the elite globalist bankers. Birth Certificate Horvath Study. Stop The Pirates: The Birth Certificate Bond Explained. The Certificate Of Registration of Live Birth is By Banking Definition Termed “A Certificated Security” The application they made was known as “an application for a live birth certificate” and what issued from this application was known as a “birth certificate.”

Stop The Pirates: The Birth Certificate Bond Explained

…the ‘company’, the “United States” kept the original application and gave your parents a copy of a birth certificate. There is no real gain, therefore no income, therefore no income tax. How Does Government View Us Human Beings? As Pieces of Paper. Lose The Name - Dead Men Walking - Shieena Living Waters [Parts 1-4] Memorandum of Law on the Name. Author: Gordon W.

Memorandum of Law on the Name

Epperly, Alaska Many people are involved in diligent research concerning the use of all capital letters for proper names, e.g., JOHN PAUL JONES as a substitute for John Paul Jones in all court documents, driver's licenses, bank accounts, birth certificates, etc.. We All Participate In Fraud From Birth! Kate Of Gaia 15Oct2013. Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person. Meet Your Strawman!

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person created by law at the of your birth, the inscription of an ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS NAME on your birth certificate/document, which is a document of title and a negotiable instrument. Your lawful, Christian name of birthright was replaced with a legal, corporate name of deceit and fraud. Your name in upper and lower case letters (Jane Mary Doe) has been answering when the legal person, your name in ALL-CAPTIAL LETTERS (JANE MARY DOE), is addressed, and therefore the two have been recognized as being one and the same. When, you Jane Mary Doe, the lawful being distinguish yourself as another party than the legal person, the two will be separated. Legally, since your birth your artificial person, has been considered a slave or indentured servant to the various federal, provincial and municipal governments via your STATE-issued, STATE-created birth certificate in the name of your all-caps person.

James A. Meet Your Straw Man. Meet Your Straw Man This is must know information for the Free World.

Meet Your Straw Man

NOTE: Some of the information within this site is content from U.S. sources. As far as government and legal matters between Canada and U.S., 90% of the documentation is similar to each other. Below is a short video and some general information that will educate you about "your" Strawman. Meet Your Straw Man by Moses G. Disclaimer The material in this essay is for educational purposes only and not to be construed as legal advice about what you should or should not do. You have 10 days after reviewing any material on this web site to notify Truth Sets Us Free (TSUF) in writing of any word, phrase, reference or statement which is inaccurate, incorrect, misleading or not in full compliance with state and federal law and to give TSUF 30 days to correct and cure any alleged potential flaw.

As a child, you have had an imaginary friend. "A 'front'; a third party who is put up in name only to take part in a transaction. Understanding the birth registration process. An “Infant” is a “Decedent”? “Infant”, seconds after birth.

An “Infant” is a “Decedent”?

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) I received the following info by email from Colleen. I haven’t verified any of the info, but if the info is valid, it could be (as Colleen says) BIG. “Well, someone FINALLY did it. Your Birth Certificate Bond Is Worth Billions. Since the person died that we got this information from we are unable to get this information any more.

Your Birth Certificate Bond Is Worth Billions

We still however, use the Little Promissory Note to pay off debt at Yes that’s right! Worth Billions!!! Strawman – The Nature of the Cage. BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD; CLAUSULA REBUS SIC STANTIBUS. By kate of kaea “ATTENTION: Lawyer, Judge, Government Agent/employee, Police, Common Man etc. et al/any/all who serve as a fictional LEGAL NAME/TITLE/I.D.


-ENTITY (pronounced phonetically example: “leg-all enemy”((N-AM-E), “tit-El”/Luciferian)) character in the legal world reality; A typical court room drama example: Unwitting LEGAL NAME Deafened-ent(mind): “I do not consent” spoken with the intent of “no wish to consent” intended where the B.A.R. member a.k.a. judge, lawyer, cop etc. Michael "The Witness" Video Testimony. Iamsomedude. Anarchast Ep.275 Kenneth Scott: Hidden in Plain Sight, Seeing the Real Matrix. Chief Rock asks..Who owns the Birth Certificate & who is truly liable for the NAME ON IT ???? The Proof - Lose The Name. UPDATED *** American Birth Certificate at bottom of page and more info… I decided to take a look at my friends Birth Certificate, and low and behold I found a little message at the bottom of this pretty piece of paper.

The Proof - Lose The Name

It says “ Canadian Bank Note“. I even took a picture, did a little bit of editing to hide friends info( that is not actually his anyways), and to show you this very interesting piece of information. I thought to myself well I already know about the fraud that is happening but what about people who have no idea. I thought well someone who has no clue may want to know more about this. I found a document by “Bank Of Canada” that states clearly that all Canadian Bank Notes are copyright.

Copyright Proof. Ron vital statistics in Denver admit Birth certificate is VOLUNTARY. Pope Francis makes a law..destroys every Corporation in the world. Here: The Vatican created a world trust using the birth certificate to capture the value of each individual’s future productive energy.

Pope Francis makes a law..destroys every Corporation in the world

Each state, province and country in the fiat monetary system, contributes their people’s value to this world trust identified by the SS, SIN or EIN numbers (for example) maintained in the Vatican registry. What is a Birth Certificate? Research. Arizona Vital Records Operation Manager practices legal sans a B.A.R. card. (legal name fraudster) Rule 220 & Correcting the Fraud on the Birth Certificates face. Vancouver parents to file human rights complaint over birth certificate sex designation. Birth certificate 2. You Are Born Alive ~ Living In The Private. When you are born (given life), a “Record of Live Birth” is created as evidence of your Life. The New Zealand equivalent is a “Notification of Birth for Registration”. It is your Affidavit of Life, with details that identify your living standing.

It records your given name as a unique “Title”, i.e. John, to your Estate. What Is An Artificial Person? The Birth Certificate — The Evidence of the Crime Against Your Life. The misuse and abuse of “birth certificates” and their misrepresentation as “voluntary private contracts” has led to the literal enslavement of hundreds of millions of people worldwide almost a hundred years after slavery was universally outlawed. These issues of economic slavery and “slavery via corporate proxy” must be addressed and the mechanisms used to promote this abuse must be dismantled. The registration of live births in America and throughout the former British Empire, most of Europe, and Japan is used not to simply record the birth of babies, but to name commercial “vessels” after those babies. These proxy entities may be variously constructed as estate trusts, foreign situs trusts, or even public transmitting utilities—- the creators of these incorporated entities named after living children then operate these corporations and accrue debts that they false charge against the living people using the deceitfully similar name as a means to defraud the victims.

Memorandum of Law on the Name. [Author Unknown] Many people are involved in diligent research concerning the use of all capital letters for proper names, e.g., JOHN PAUL JONES as a substitute for John Paul Jones in all court documents, driver's licenses, bank accounts, birth certificates, etc.. Whose BIRTH CERTIFICATE is it anyway? Capitis Diminutio Maxima (Name in ALL CAPITALS) - IMPORTANT INFORMATION. We Stand For NO SYSTEM. Birth Certificate. WHO SUNK THE TITANIC? Citizen. How public opinion is created.