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Just Released: 100+ New Studies Demonstrating the Risks of Fracking. A partnership encompassing nationwide medical and public health experts and scientists released the third edition of the Compendium of Scientific, Medical and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking. The compendium, the first two editions of which were important in highlighting the science in New York before the ban was announced, compiles and summarizes hundreds of peer-reviewed studies and other important findings on fracking. The emerging science, including more than 100 studies after New York’s ban was announced, further shows that Gov. Cuomo and his Administration were right to ban high volume fracking.

For the first time, the compendium includes a section on fracking infrastructure, examining the impact of pipelines and compressor stations on health and safety in New York. Additionally, the organizations sent letters with the report to President Obama and the Surgeon General asking that they acknowledge the health risks and to call for a meeting. PSE Healthy Energy. Updated July 2015 download working paper (Revised June 2015) download infographic (Revised July 2015) Conversations on the environmental and public health dimensions of shale gas development enabled by high-volume hydraulic fracturing continue to play out in the media, in policy discussions, and among the general public. But what does the science say? While research continues to lag behind the rapid scaling of unconventional forms of oil and gas development, there has been a surge of peer-reviewed scientific papers published in recent years (Figure 1).

In fact, of all the available literature on the impacts of shale gas development nearly 80% has been published since January 1, 2013 and over 50% in just the past year and a half (since January 1, 2014). In this analysis we provide an overview of current scientific knowledge regarding potential environmental public health hazards and risks associated with the development of shale gas.

Forget Almond Farms, THIS Is The Reason California Is In A Water Crisis. TRS_Blog_DTOP_BelowTitle_336x280 posted By L. D. California is sinking –– quickly and with insufficient government reaction. Last year showed rates of subsidence, or caving of the earth’s surface, that haven’t been seen for nearly 50 years. Subsidence occurs during the process of groundwater extraction when soil is aerated, and begins to deflate where the water used to be.

Subsidence, on its surface, may seem like an unavoidable byproduct of California’s drought combined with its dependence upon agriculture. TRS_Blog_RESP_SC_Horizontal1 While the damage potential is immeasurable, there are some things we already know. Last year, Californians passed the Sustainability Law, which was the first of its kind, and will attempt to regulate groundwater extraction. We don’t have that long to wait. TRS_Blog_RESP_SC_Horizontal2 Last year alone, California oil companies used 70 million gallons of groundwater in the fracking process. TRS_Blog_DTOP_BelowContent L. New York warning over Lancashire County Council fracking vote - BBC News. A US environmental group has written to Lancashire County Council urging it to refuse permission to allow test drilling for fracking.

The letter, signed by 850 elected officials in New York State, comes days before the council decides whether to approve test drilling at two locations. New York's state lawmakers outlawed the process in December. Cuadrilla, the energy firm behind the proposed drilling, said the US group had no knowledge of the case. In a statement, a spokesman for the energy firm said: "These officials from New York State have no knowledge of Cuadrilla's applications or of the regulatory controls in the UK and should not be interfering in the democratic process and decisions which will be made by the elected representatives of the people of Lancashire. " The letter comes after Lancashire's senior planning officer on Monday recommended granting a licence for drilling at one of two sites.

The letter rejected the fracking industry's case that it would bring jobs and prosperity. Fracking poses 'significant' risk to humans and should be temporarily banned across EU, says new report - Environment. The damning report by the CHEM Trust, the British charity that investigates the harm chemicals cause humans and wildlife, highlights serious shortcomings in the UK’s regulatory regime, which the report says will only get worse as the Government makes further budget cuts. It also warns of severe risks to human health if the new Conservative government tries to fast-track fracking of shale gas across the UK. The “scale of commercial fracking” unleashed by the Government’s eagerness to exploit the technique “should not be underestimated”, it cautions. Read more: Lancashire fracking in doubt following critical reportFracking turning US into bigger oil producer than Saudi Arabia The report is due to be published tomorrow – in the week that Lancashire county council votes on two highly contentious planning applications to frack in the county by the company Cuadrilla.

The charity says it will send copies of the report to the Lancashire councillors before they vote. Loading gallery 1 of 22. 38 Degrees. What's Killing the Babies of Vernal, Utah? | Rolling Stone. Every night, Donna Young goes to bed with her pistol, a .45 Taurus Judge with laser attachment. Last fall, she says, someone stole onto her ranch to poison her livestock, or tried to; happily, her son found the d-CON wrapper and dumped all the feed from the troughs. Strangers phoned the house to wish her dead or run out of town on a rail. Local nurses and doctors went them one better, she says, warning pregnant women that Young's incompetence had killed babies and would surely kill theirs too, if given the chance. "Before they started spreading their cheer about me, I usually had 18 to 25 clients a year, and a spotless reputation in the state," says Young, the primary midwife to service Vernal, Utah, a boom-and-bust town of 10,000 people in the heart of the fracked-gas gold rush of the Uintah Basin.

Young, a fiftysomething, heart-faced woman with a story-time lilt of a voice, cuts a curious figure for a pariah. Workers found dead atop separator tanks from exposure to wastewater fumes. 'No shale gas revolution in Europe' - BBC News. There will be no US-style shale gas revolution in Europe, the president of the International Gas Union (IGU) has told the BBC. "You cannot duplicate [the US experience] in Europe," said Jerome Ferrier.

"Politicians are hesitating to accept shale development. " Abundant shale gas in the US has helped domestic energy prices fall. As a result some European governments, not least the UK, are keen to develop their own shale resources. Mr Ferrier's comments come a day after a number of major energy firms called for a working price of carbon. Carbon pricing The IGU president, talking to the BBC at the World Gas Conference in Paris (WGC), said there was resistance to shale development in the UK and Poland, while there was "no way" it would take place in France. Other countries, including Germany, Romania and Bulgaria, have placed moratoriums on fracking. Mr Ferrier also stressed the need for a carbon price to reduce coal use, which emits huge amounts of CO2 linked with global warming. Natural gas. Majority of MEPs support fracking moratorium in symbolic vote | Environment.

A majority of MEPs supported a moratorium on fracking for shale gas for the first time on Wednesday, in a symbolic vote that may nonetheless signal uncertainty ahead for the European Commission and industry. The report containing the amendment vote was not adopted and the result will have no practical effect. But anti-shale parliamentarians say that they have put the issue back on the agenda and now plan to push for a more consequential vote on the issue. “We have sent a clear political message to the Commission and shown that there is a majority in parliament for further steps and actions, which may now be expected,” the Green MEP, Benedek Javor, told the Guardian. A new fracking ban text could now be introduced in another text which, if passed, would trigger formal debates at the European Commission and among heads of state, he said. Javor was a co-sponsor of the amendment, along with the Socialist MEP, Miroslav Poche. 'No shale gas revolution in Europe' - BBC News.

WATCH: Nebraska farmer silences oil and gas committee with invitation to drink water tainted by fracking. Nebraska farmer James Osborne pours out some drinks for the commission (Screencapture) Appearing before a Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation committee hearing, a local farmer received nothing but silence from the pro-fracking members of the board after he invited them to drink glasses of water tainted by fracking. In the video, uploaded to YouTube by BoldNebraska, Nebraskan James Osborne used his 3 minutes before the committee to visually explain what fracking waste can do to the water table, dramatically pouring out water containing his own “private mixture” of fracking additives. The committee is holding public hearings on a proposal by an oil company to ship out-of-state fracking wastewater into Nebraska where it will be dumped into a “disposal well” in Sioux County. According to a report, the Terex Energy Corp wants to truck as much as 10,000 barrels a day of the chemical-laden fracking wastewater to a ranch north of Mitchell, Nebraska for disposal.

“So would you drink it? Fracking will ruin sacred, preserved sites in the ‘American cradle of civilization’ - lawsuit — RT USA. Frackogram_2015-A3.pdf. The effect of natural gas supply on US renewable energy and CO2 emissions. Figure 1 shows the experts' estimated curves of maximum, minimum, and expected natural gas supply. The supply curves span more than an order of magnitude, with between 1 × 1013 m3 and 11 × 1013 m3 (355–3900 trillion ft3) of gas available at a wellhead price of $4.74 per gigajoule (GJ) ($5 per million Btu), and between 2.7 × 1013 m3 and 30 × 1013 m3 (960–10 400 trillion ft3) expected at a wellhead price of $47.35 per GJ ($50 per million Btu). The experts' supply curves are within the range of previous estimates, but tend toward high supply at a given price [11, 25, 26]. We used the mean of the experts' expected, maximum, and minimum supply curves to define reference, high, and low gas supply scenarios, respectively (figure 1).

The percentage differences between these scenarios (e.g., high supply is 32% greater than reference supply at $35 per million Btu in figure 1) were then used to adjust the default gas prices in MARKAL (see appendix B of [22]). Figure 1. Export PowerPoint slide. How Hillary Clinton's State Department sold fracking to the world | Environment. One icy morning in February 2012, Hillary Clinton’s plane touched down in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, which was just digging out from a fierce blizzard. Wrapped in a thick coat, the secretary of state descended the stairs to the snow-covered tarmac, where she and her aides piled into a motorcade bound for the presidential palace. That afternoon, they huddled with Bulgarian leaders, including prime minister Boyko Borissov, discussing everything from Syria’s bloody civil war to their joint search for loose nukes.

But the focus of the talks was fracking. The previous year, Bulgaria had signed a five-year, $68m deal, granting US oil giant Chevron millions of acres in shale gas concessions. Bulgarians were outraged. Shortly before Clinton arrived, tens of thousands of protesters poured into the streets carrying placards that read “Stop fracking with our water” and “Chevron go home.” Clinton urged Bulgarian officials to give fracking another chance. How Hillary Clinton's State Department Sold Fracking to the World. Clinton urged Bulgarian officials to give fracking another chance.

According to Borissov, she agreed to help fly in the "best specialists on these new technologies to present the benefits to the Bulgarian people. " But resistance only grew. The following month in neighboring Romania, thousands of people gathered to protest another Chevron fracking project, and Romania's parliament began weighing its own shale gas moratorium. Again Clinton intervened, dispatching her special envoy for energy in Eurasia, Richard Morningstar, to push back against the fracking bans.

The episode sheds light on a crucial but little-known dimension of Clinton's diplomatic legacy. Hillary Clinton is welcomed to Sofia by Bulgarian Foreign Affairs Minister Nikolay Mladenov, left. Geologists have long known that there were huge quantities of natural gas locked in shale rock. Clinton, who was sworn in as secretary of state in early 2009, believed that shale gas could help rewrite global energy politics. Pro-fracking newspaper ad banned by Advertising Standards Authority | Environment. An anti-fracking protest in Blackpool. The ASA has ruled against Breitling Energy's advertisement in the Telegraph, saying it misled the public.

Photograph: Peter Powell/EPA The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that a US energy company misled the public when it made unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of fracking and claimed a gas shortage put the UK close to catastrophe. Breitling Energy's advertisement in the Telegraph began: "Dear Citizens of the United Kingdom, do you know that your country is blessed with an incredible gift? " It said higher shale gas estimates in the British Geographical Survey were "fantastic news for the UK".

A reader complained to the ASA that the claims were misleading because they exaggerated the extent of Britain's gas shortage, the supposed benefits of fracking were not known, and Russia did not supply gas to the UK. The ASA ruled against Breitling on all counts. Why US fracking companies are licking their lips over Ukraine | Naomi Klein. The way to beat Vladimir Putin is to flood the European market with fracked-in-the-USA natural gas, or so the industry would have us believe. As part of escalating anti-Russian hysteria, two bills have been introduced into the US Congress – one in the House of Representatives (H.R. 6), one in the Senate (S. 2083) – that attempt to fast-track liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, all in the name of helping Europe to wean itself from Putin's fossil fuels, and enhancing US national security.

According to Cory Gardner, the Republican congressman who introduced the House bill, "opposing this legislation is like hanging up on a 911 call from our friends and allies". And that might be true – as long as your friends and allies work at Chevron and Shell, and the emergency is the need to keep profits up amid dwindling supplies of conventional oil and gas. For this ploy to work, it's important not to look too closely at details.


Duke Energy Must Immediately Stop Polluting Groundwater In North Carolina, Judge Rules. By Katie Valentine "Duke Energy Must Immediately Stop Polluting Groundwater In North Carolina, Judge Rules" Coal ash swirls on the surface of the Dan River. CREDIT: AP Photo/Gerry Broome A North Carolina county judge ruled Thursday that Duke Energy must immediately act to stop groundwater contamination coming from its 14 coal-fired power plants in the state.

The ruling, issued by Judge Paul Ridgeway, directs Duke to come up with a plan to clean up sites that have been contaminated by leaking coal ash ponds, reversing a 2012 North Carolina Environmental Management Commission ruling that Duke wasn’t required to immediately clean up contaminated groundwater from its operations. “The ruling leaves no doubt, Duke Energy is past due on its obligation to eliminate the sources of groundwater contamination, its unlined coal ash pits, and the State has both the authority and a duty to require action now,” D.J. Duke’s environmental citations have piled up in the weeks after the Dan River spill. 4 states confirm water pollution from drilling. TWO mass bird die offs near gas wells in Arlington and now Burleson TX | Arlington TX Barnett Shale Blogger. New study: Babies near gas wells more likely to have birth defects. Shale gas drilling's dirty secret is out | Josh Fox | Environment.

Explosion at Fracking Well Sparks Fire Set to Rage for Days. Sandra Steingraber | National Bioneers Conference.