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'Authentic' teachers are better at engaging with their students. Teachers who have an authentic teaching style are more positively received by their students, according to new research published in the National Communication Association's journal, Communication Education.

'Authentic' teachers are better at engaging with their students

To achieve a more authentic style, teachers should use time before and after class to converse with students, allow opportunity to share experiences, and view teaching as an opportunity for dialogue between themselves and their students. However, to be truly authentic, teachers should enact such behaviors only so far as their personality and demeanor naturally allow, say study authors Professor Zac Johnson of California State University and Professor Sara LaBelle of Chapman University.

Around 300 college students were questioned about their perceptions of authentic and inauthentic teacher behavior and communication. According to the authors, "Our participants made it clear that a teacher's efforts to view themselves and their students as individuals had a lasting impact. Mathematics. (2) Algebra Basics: What Is Algebra? - Math Antics.

Create Comics Online. Battle of New Orleans. Battle of New Orleans, (January 8, 1815), U.S. victory against Great Britain in the War of 1812 and the final major battle of that conflict.

Battle of New Orleans

Both the British and American troops were unaware of the peace treaty that had been signed between the two countries in Ghent, Belgium, a few weeks prior, and so the Battle of New Orleans occurred despite the agreements made across the Atlantic. War of 1812 Events. Battle of New Orleans Facts & Summary. On January 8, 1815, the United States achieved its greatest battlefield victory of the War of 1812 at New Orleans.

Battle of New Orleans Facts & Summary

The Battle of New Orleans thwarted a British effort to gain control of a critical American port and elevated Major General Andrew Jackson to national fame. Since Napoleon’s defeat in the spring of 1814, the British were free to concentrate on their war in America. With a strategic focus on coastal regions and American trade and transportation, a British army attacked and burned Washington in August, 1814.

Battle of New Orleans. On December 24, 1814, Great Britain and the United States signed a treaty in Ghent, Belgium that effectively ended the War of 1812.

Battle of New Orleans

News was slow to cross the pond, however, and on January 8, 1815, the two sides met in what is remembered as one of the conflict’s biggest and most decisive engagements. In the bloody Battle of New Orleans, future President Andrew Jackson and a motley assortment of militia fighters, frontiersmen, slaves, Indians and even pirates weathered a frontal assault by a superior British force, inflicting devastating casualties along the way. The victory vaulted Jackson to national stardom, and helped foil plans for a British invasion of the American frontier. War of 1812. National Geographic Society. War of 1812 and the Battle of New Orleans. - Free online whiteboard for teachers and classrooms. American Muslim Teenagers: Torn Between Religion and Culture. Exploring Young Immigrant Stories. 21 Ways to Use Photos in the Classroom. From a wall of photos to celebrate your students to using photos as an organizational tool (for example, a photo of art supplies on the canisters where they’re stored), photos can be incredible classroom tools.

21 Ways to Use Photos in the Classroom

Here are 21 ideas for using photos in the classroom, from the first day of school to the last. Picture-Perfect Introductions At the beginning of the year, take photos of your new students holding a sign that tells you something about them. For example, have them complete the sentence: When I grow up I want to be… or, All you need to know about me is that I am….

Post these photos around your classroom, or use them as writing prompts for personal essays. Source: Best Practices for Math Teaching. You’ve probably heard one or more students say “I’m not a math person.”

Best Practices for Math Teaching

Some may have had experiences that made them dislike math. Others have the idea that they can’t be good at math because of their gender. Yet, we know that a strong foundation in math is important for all students. It opens doors to higher-level math courses and to careers in the STEM field. The good news is that there are effective, evidence-based ways to teach math that can be used with your current curriculum. What Is Evidence-Based Math Instruction?

Photography Can Transform Students' Perspectives - Global Learning. Bmbs. Blogging In the Elementary Classroom. Blogging In the Elementary Classroom. The Middle Passage. TT 2007 Teaching Hard History 6 12 Framework. TT 2007 Teaching Hard History 6 12 Framework. Second Middle Passage. Slavery Narratives. The 1619 Project Curriculum. Stanford History Education Group. Elearning10. How to be Fair and Ethical in the Classroom. Published: Many aspects of the teaching assistant's role may create ethical dilemmas of one sort or another.

How to be Fair and Ethical in the Classroom

Your roles as adviser, evaluator, exam administrator, authority figure and peer have the potential to become problematic at times, often because they present conflicting demands. Classroom Set-up. How to Help Teenagers Embrace Stress. Happily, studies also find that it’s not hard to convert people to the stress-is-enhancing perspective.

How to Help Teenagers Embrace Stress

To do this in my own work with adolescents, I liken the demands of school to a strength-training program. Everyone understands that lifting weights to the point of discomfort is the only way to build muscle; the process of developing intellectual ability, including the ability to manage the stress that comes with it, works just the same way.

In talking with teenagers, I matter-of-factly point out that their teachers should be giving them hard academic workouts, because that’s what will transform them from wobbly middle school colts into graduation-ready racehorses. To be sure, some days will be light on challenge and others will feel overwhelming. Instructions for students. The University of Helsinki grading scale is not a proportionate scale and does not therefore fully correspond to the ECTS grading scale.

Instructions for students

The difference is: the ECTS system is based on an expectancy of the distribution of different grades, the Finnish system is not. This means that in the Finnish system there is no rule or expectation as to how big a proportion of the participants in any given course can be given what grade; each student is graded on his/her individual performance, not in relation to the performance of others. Study units are typically graded on a scale of 0 to 5. Theses associated with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are graded on this same scale. Meaningful Feedback for Students: 5 Research-Based Tips. In recent years, research has confirmed what most teachers already knew: Providing students with meaningful feedback can greatly enhance their learning and achievement.

Meaningful Feedback for Students: 5 Research-Based Tips

AMLE - Association for Middle Level Education. International. What is Standards-based Grading? - TeacherEase. The Basics of SBG Traditionally teachers focus on teaching, the attempt to deliver knowledge. In SBG they also measure student learning, to understand the effectiveness of instruction. Instead of a single overall grade, SBG breaks down the subject matter into smaller “learning targets.” BrainPOP. Dueling Documents.

This strategy is effecting in helping students understand one reason why historians sometimes arrive at different conclusions about the past. Steps: 1. Select a topic for exploration (e.g. slavelife). 2. Gather two documents that offer competing descriptions of a(n) person, event, institution, society etc. Understanding Reliability and Validity in Qualitative Research. Formative Summative Assessment. 60FormativeAssessment. 12 tips for new teachers.