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Twitter. Twitter. Dom Lupo. Not long after my week of posts about Dom Lupo, I was received a comment on the blog from Dom Lupo's daughter, Sue.

Dom Lupo

"Dom is still painting from his Ramona, CA home where he does watercolors. He is thrilled to see so much interest in his work and amazed at your collection. " This was exciting news! Soon after, I was corresponding with Dom himself and his lovely wife, Maxine. At my request, Dom kindly wrote a detailed account of his career and today I'm honoured to share it with you. Just before graduation from High School in Waltham, MA, where I was born in 1919, the Boston chamber of commerce ran a contest for seniors to advertise Art Week in Boston; whereupon, I won a one year scholarship to the “Child Walker School of Design” in Boston.

In 1954 I was voted in as a member of the elite “Society of Illustrators” in New York where I still retain my membership. When World War II started, I joined the Marines and was assigned to aerial photo unit VMD-254. Alan lee art.

NC Wyeth

Twitter. Douglas smith illustrator. Richard Solomon Artists Representative. Born in New York City, Douglas Smith began drawing early.

Richard Solomon Artists Representative

To Douglas, the most appealing aspect of making art was storytelling, and with this in mind, he chose to attend the Rhode Island School of Design, earning his BFA in Illustration in 1974, also studying sculpture, painting, and printmaking. Smith moved to Boston shortly after graduation, and started to build a freelance career, working for local magazines and newspapers such as the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Inc.

Visions of the Jinn: A Visual History of Arabian Nights. Among 2011’s best sort-of-children’s books was a magnificent volume culling the best illustrations from 130 years of Brothers Grimm fairy tales — a visual history of some of the most memorable storytelling ever published.

Visions of the Jinn: A Visual History of Arabian Nights

Visions of the Jinn: Illustrators of the Arabian Nights is a remarkable tome that applies a similar lens to another infinitely influential piece of timeless storytelling, whose impact spans from the poetry of Goethe and Rilke to the contemporary fiction of Borges and Proust to the visuals and narratives of video games. In the subsequent decades, other artists took a similarly hazy approach to exoticism. It wasn’t until the 1839-1841 publication of The Thousand and One Nights, translated by ethnographer Edward William Lane, who had spent several years in Egypt himself, that the stories began to reflect the Arab world with respectable accuracy. The first unabashedly imaginative edition of the Victorian age came in 1865. HT The Times Literary Supplement, The Guardian. Twitter. Twitter. Gallery — Eric Hanson Illustration.

Serena Malyon

Victor ambrus. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Tyrus Wong, Disney Bambi Artist Finally Getting Deserved Recognition. “Bambi” (visual development), 1942.

Tyrus Wong, Disney Bambi Artist Finally Getting Deserved Recognition

Watercolor on paper. Nearly one year after he died at the age of 106, Chinese-American artist Tyrus Wong is finally gaining wide recognition for his work at Disney and Warner Brothers. Wong was responsible for much of the imagery we associate with iconic films like Bambi, though due to prejudices against Chinese immigrants, his contributions were diminished for many years. Pamela Tom's documentary Tyrus explores Wong's life and career in the context of his times. As Wong's life unfolds, from immigrating to the United States at a young age to his role as an illustrator during Disney's Golden Age, Tom explores how Wong both shattered racist views, but was still imprisoned by limitations during his career.

Wong's storied history ranges from being separated from his mother and sister while entering the United States as a 9-year-old boy in 1919, due to the Chinese Exclusion Act to gaining recognition in junior high for his artistic talent. Related Articles: Twitter. Twitter.

Edward Gorey

Twitter. Vittorio giardino – Recherche Google. Lauren Mills Art - Fine arts. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Before Walt Disney, there was Lotte Reiniger – the story of the world's first animated feature. The oldest surviving animated feature was not made by Walt Disney, but by a German puppeteer named Lotte Reiniger who escaped Nazi persecution to move to London and make adverts for the British Post Office.

Before Walt Disney, there was Lotte Reiniger – the story of the world's first animated feature

Her film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926), was a creative and technical masterstroke that would have a huge influence on the generation of animators that followed, including those working in the United States. But with the rise of Disney and the dominance US film studios, Reiniger’s name has largely disappeared from sight. But in recent years, thanks to enthusiasts sharing her work on social media and the availability of her work online, her part in the development of animated films is becoming more widely known. As part of that rising recognition, Prince Achmed will be showing in 16mm at London’s Cinema Museum on October 25. At as young as six, Reiniger became fascinated with the craft of making silhouette cutouts. Reiniger’s generation was the first to grow up with cinema. Twitter.

David Roberts

Twitter. Twitter. #BookIllustrationOfTheDay is by Janet Ahlberg for "It was a Dark and Stormy Night" (Allan Ahlberg, 1993). A joyeous celebration of storytelling, castles, pirates, crocodiles brigands and treasure. All beautifully drawn as usual, full of character and care. Google Image Result for. Beautiful watercolour illustrations from the late Yan Nascimbene. Yan Nascimbene’s Stunning Illustrations of Italo Calvino Classics. French-Italian illustrator Yan Nascimbene (April 3, 1949–February 1, 2013) has illustrated more than fifty books, three hundred book covers, and countless editorial pieces for publications like The New Yorker, TIME, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, Scientific American, and The Atlantic.

Yan Nascimbene’s Stunning Illustrations of Italo Calvino Classics

But his most memorable drawings — which, with their tender watercolors, bring to mind Maurice Sendak’s final farewell — stem from his profound love for the work of Italian novelist Italo Calvino. It all began in the mid-1990s with Difficult Loves, a collection of thirteen Calvino short stories about love and loneliness, which had been a longtime dream job for Nascimbene. Yan nascimbene – Recherche Google. Laurel long - Búsqueda de Google. The fairy tale illustrations of Bill Mayer… #BookIllustrationOfTheDay is by Warwick Goble for "Beauty & The Beast" from his "Fairy Book. One has to agree with Dean Cornwell who said: "I have always stood *spellbound* before one of Booth's noble pen paintings. They recall today the Golden Age of American Illustration." TY Tom!…

Charles Tunnicliffe Portrait of a Country Hare 1949… Anton Lomaev… James Batemann… There was a flurry of books like this in the mid-20th century with wood engravings in a modern style of natural subjects...… Into The Forest Dark sur Twitter : "I think the key to courtship is that one's true love lives in an enchanted oak, where she greets me from the door while her overprotective father watches on and envies my poetic nature and plaid coat.… Using a variety of loose, wild brushstrokes, James Gurney paints a snow covered forest path in gouache. See vid.

Kay Nielsen

N. C. Wyeth… The great Eyvind Earle… Hermann vogel - Buscar con Google. One of my favourite "fantasy" illustrators: □Hermann Vogel□ (this is how my ideal illustrated version of The Lord of the Rings would look like btw).… Love how simply and graphic-ly Mead Schaeffer lit and composed many of his pictures!… Natee Himapaan. #BookIllustrationOfTheDay is by Edward Bawden for "Gulliver's Travels. James Mayhew sur Twitter : "#BookIllustrationOfTheDay is by Steele Savage for Edith Hamilton's classic collection of Mythology (1942). Here's a b/w drawing of Pandora, who has a lot to answer for by opening that box. Dashingly handsome, Steele Savage soun. Agents and Dealers in British Art. #BookIllustrationOfTheDay is by Jan Ormerod for "Grandmother and I. Natee ~A drift of dust~ sur Twitter : "The paint is mostly applied with tiny strokes, but the paper is actually repeatedly sprayed with clean water to keep it wet with each layering of pigment, then allowed to dry before being wetted again. It's a rather.

Edith Hall sur Twitter : "It's Ronald Searle's centenary. He didn't just give us Molesworth and St Trinian's, but wonderful illustrations of Greek myth and. John martin illustrations. Shiver me timbers… Tunnicliffe's magnificent study of a red squirrel. Pencil, ink, watercolour & chalk on paper.… Old Book Illustrations. #BookIllustrationOfTheDay is by Dr. Seuss for "Yertle the Gertle. We Are Gone… Sarah McIntyre□✨ sur Twitter : "Just discovered this small book with gorgeous 1941 wood engravings by Irish artist Robert Gibbings. Reading about him, ‘David Attenborough remembers Gibbings as being one of the inspiring influences at the start of his care.

Dr Robert Bohan Artist sur Twitter : "Harry Clarke, a Dubliner. is one of the key Western artists in his creation of astonishing stained glass. His Geneva Window (1927) includes many beautiful Irish lovers. The finished window is now in Florida.… #BookIllustrationOfTheDay is by Errol le Cain for "Cupid & Psyche. Adrienne Adams…

Harry Clarke

#BookIllustrationOfTheDay is by Levi Pinfold for "The Dam. Groupe public The Golden Age Of Illustration. #BookIllustrationOfTheDay is by Michael Foreman for "A Fish of the World" from "Terry Jones Fairy Tales. Chris Riddell. #BookIllustrationOfTheDay is by Roberto Innocenti for Collodi's "Pinocchio. #BookIllustrationOfTheDay is by Antony Maitland for the "Green Fairy Book. Redirect Notice. Anne Louise Avery sur Twitter : "Once, an old giant named Cervin was thundering across the land. He was so tall, his white hair tangled in the stars, & so heavy, he caused a great mountain to collapse, leaving only the space between his legs. This triangu. Today's dose of beauty: four illustrations by Danish book artist Kay Nielsen (1886-1957), from "In Powder and Crinoline: Fairy Tales Retold" by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch. Although not as well known as his art for.

'Holloway - Lob walking the old track' Pencil, egg tempera… "Death ends a life, not a relationship." Mitch Albom □ □Michal Dziekan Polish illustrator "Thousand Suns. Retroculturati sur Twitter : "Happy New Year one and all,thanks to everyone who has followed/shared their books with me in 2019, it's much appreciated. Here's Notre Dame by Paul Hogarth in 1959, part of a commission for greetings cards.…

My surprisingly sweet Dad has annotated @chrisriddell50’s Poems to Fall in Love With, selecting this @neilhimself poem as one for me & @mrsbeard80… Jackie Morris sur Twitter : "Two shopping days from Christmas. An advent calendar in reverse. Deep in a system of caves in Scotland a bear sleeps for thousands of years. Around her the antlers of reindeer gather. These are the dreams of the white bear sle. Heinrich Vogeler… Fairy tale illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano, who's most famous for his beautiful work on the Final Fantasy series…

Gutave Doré

Jessie willcox smith.