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Grande finezza ed eleganza e uno sguardo di complicità che mi fa pensare ad un altro ritratto di Raffaello: Baldassare Castiglione Una buona serata Alberto e amici tutti… Studio WIP… Dr Robert Bohan Artist sur Twitter : "Thread: For St Valentine’s Day I decided to investigate what are the greatest works about love in art? I’ve had a look through my library of art books to find the most beautiful. Remember every great portrait of a lov. WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK sur Twitter : "Beep beep. It's the birthday of Eugene Carriere (1849-1906), Symbolist and low level crackpot, one of the weirdest artists France ever produced. Most of his work was ghastly - blurry, dotty, drowsy. The only picture of h.

□Maxfield Parrish 'Norwich, Vermont' (1954) 'Dusk' (1942)… Ed è nelle tue braccia di pietra trasparente che i miei baci hanno il porto e la mia umida ansia ha il nido. - Pablo Neruda □ Ettore Tito "La ragazza sul molo di Venezia." 1900… Tina sur Twitter : "Carol Collette is a Toronto- born painter & printmaker. Pen, ink, watercolor & etchings, drypoint engravings on copper plates are techniques she uses. These winter night scenes, esp. the tree shadows remind me of Oscar Droege's woodcut. Dark Beauty #fineart #blackandwhitephotography Yucel Basoglu… Susanna in the Bath, Paolo Veronese @ArtistVeronese #mannerism #paoloveronese… #photography #switzerland #lac Vibrations… Henry Ossawa Tanner. American painter After his own self-study in art as a young man, Tanner enrolled in 1879 at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Henry Ossawa Tanner

The only black student, he became a favorite of the painter Thomas Eakins, who had recently begun teaching there. Tanner made other connections among artists, including Robert Henri. In the late 1890s he was sponsored for a trip to the Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem by Rodman Wanamaker, who was impressed by his paintings of biblical themes. Early life[edit] Tanner was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the first of seven children.[4] His middle name commemorated the struggle at Osawatomie between pro- and anti-slavery partisans.[4] His father Benjamin Tucker Tanner (1835-1923) was a bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the first independent black denomination in the United States. The family moved to Philadelphia when Tanner was young. Education[edit] Spinning By Firelight, 1894. Anatoly Korobkin ▪️Nude with a kitten…

WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK sur Twitter : "Bip bip! It's the birthday of Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (1783-1853), 'The Father of Danish Painting'. A big trip to Italy in the 1810s was his turn-around. Light became his thing. Calm, glowing, even. He painted int. Sunset Jerry Lake… Pascal Auguste Jean Dagnan-Bouveret (Paris 1852 - Quincey 1929). Lovely light… Dr Robert Bohan Artist sur Twitter : "Thread: Rosso Fiorentino (1494/5-1540) was, as his name suggests a Florentine Mannerist painter. Mannerism was out of fashion for much of the time since its invention. It’s time we unearth it & appreciate its beauty -

Ewan morrison sur Twitter : "Eugène Carrière (1849 – 1906) was a close friend of the sculptor Rodin and his work influenced Picasso. Some see traces of his monochrome style in Picasso's Blue Period. Carrière's themes are scenes from domestic life: family, The 100-year history of WWI's biggest painting. Read more unknown and curious design origin stories here.

The 100-year history of WWI's biggest painting

Less than a month before the end of World War I, a huge painting commemorating the war effort was unveiled in central Paris. Its creators wanted to honor the greatest war the world had ever seen with the greatest painting ever made, and they had spent the previous four years working on it with the help of 150 artists.

The result was the world's largest painting at the time, set on a panoramic canvas measuring 402 feet (122 meters) around and 45 feet (13.7 meters) high. It contained over 5,000 life-size portraits of war heroes, royalty and government officials from the Allies of World War I, with France dominating the stage. The painting was so big that a custom building had to be constructed to accommodate it. The "Panthéon de la Guerre" (meaning "Pantheon of the War") was unveiled, to great fanfare, on Oct. 19, 1918.

Index. Written by Jessica Lack, CNN This year marks the 100th anniversary of an exhibition of paintings by the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, at the Berthe Weill gallery in Paris.


The exhibition, displaying a number of nude works, was too much for some and shut down within hours of its opening. The police commissioner at the time had been offended by the depiction of pubic hair. "It really did shock people," said Nancy Ireson, one of the curators of a new exhibition of Modigliani's paintings at Tate Modern, "and some of the paintings had to be taken down. " Christophe Jacrot photography. WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK sur Twitter : "Beep beep. It's the birthday of Maurice Utrillo (1883-1955). Son of Suzanne Valadon. Alcoholic. Druggy. Friend of Modigliani and Soutine. He was, of course, a hack most of the time. Churning out tourist views of Montmart. I was kindly asked by Jackson’s Art if I would do an interview on my art practice. Thanks to Daniel Brady for the interview. #interview #jacksonsartsupplies.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, / And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. - William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream (art by Marc Chagall) #ShakespeareSunday… Just the thing for a wet afternoon read after the week we've had! Waldy on Hogarth. With political jokes! #SundayTimes #today #best #served #with #a #big #gin #and #tonic… Dr Robert Bohan Artist sur Twitter : "Thread: Romaine Brooks (1874-1970) was an American painter based in Paris who described the lives of lesbians through iconic portraits. She invented much of her own life, created her own image & was a wealthy socialit.

Home - Waldemar Januszczak. Can we start a thread of classic paintings where it clearly looks like the sitter is chilling with their Daemon? #HisDarkMaterials… Christopher Hickey sur Twitter : "I stumbled across this fabulous Courbet yesterday that was entirely new to me. It is in the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts. Gustave Courbet Bather Sleeping by a Brook, 1845 oil on canvas… Paul cadmus - Recherche Google. On this day in which Star Wars is being laid to rest, let's remember some of the unique & wonderful things about how it first began. #StarWarsRiseofSkywalker… Brand New Graffiti in Metaxourgio, Athens! Artist #simpleg ⁦@instagram⁩… Genoese fortress, 1907 #bogaevsky #symbolism… □Tes yeux dans lesquels je voyage Ont donné aux gestes des routes Un sens détaché de la terre Paul Éluard (Les yeux fertiles 1936) (Thomas Lamb)…

Al Hudgins sur Twitter : "I like the nautical one the best, but they're all lovely and engaging, both in the framing of the subjects and the skillful application of the paint. Such a command of light and shadow. If painting could be lyrical, these would b. Colorful Oil Paintings Depict Give a Glimpse into the Life of the Artist. Bluebells Throughout history, many artists have looked to their own surroundings for inspiration.

Colorful Oil Paintings Depict Give a Glimpse into the Life of the Artist

Following in the footsteps of great landscape and still life painters, artist Rachel Campbell depicts the world around her—but with a colorful, contemporary twist. The talented artist paints often overlooked, everyday scenes as playful landscapes that are bursting with brightly colored hues. “I am a visual storyteller,” Campbell tells My Modern Met. “I sometimes think like a poet who writes unassuming poems about everyday events, taking us on a journey with them, I feel similar in how I use my imagery. One particular oil painting, titled To Remember We All Have a Story, depicts an abandoned trailer, still with the small colorful curtains in the window, suggesting that—at some point—someone called it home.

To Remember We All Have a Story. Francine van Hove… Why We Should Draw (From Life and the Masters) Why should art students learn to draw from life?

Why We Should Draw (From Life and the Masters)

My students; photography majors, graphic design majors and even illustration and studio majors do not readily understand why learning to draw accurately from life has significance for them. The answer to that question is complex, and I want to explore it more fully, but first, perhaps we should be asking a more important question. Sketching buildings is so much more than perspective - Liz Steel : Liz Steel. Perspective is the number one issue which people struggle with when it comes to sketching architecture.

Sketching buildings is so much more than perspective - Liz Steel : Liz Steel

Perspective is very important as it helps you see the angles of the main edges of the building more easily, but it’s just one of many other skills needed to create a convincing building sketch. This image is one of my quick sketches of St Stephen’s chapel in Brisbane – my workshop location during the recent Brisbane Sketchfest. I’ve added a heap of notes to highlight the important aspects of this building and what the critical areas are which need careful observation. This building was a great subject to use for my “Pointless Perspective” workshop as it had a lot of interesting details and intersections. I often choose a simpler building when I’m teaching perspective, but using this building was such a good reminder to me that there are so many other things to consider when sketching architecture.

If you want more articles on perspective – check them out here. Portrait of a Girl, Head Slightly Turned Left, 1879 #realism #gustavklimt… Over the wintry forest, winds howl in rage with no leaves to blow - Natsume Sōseki #painting 'Winter' by Igor Morski… WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK sur Twitter : "This is not a beep beep. But it is the birthday of Rene Magritte! People forget his tragic side. His mother committed suicide. When they dragged her from the canal, her nightdress around her head. All around his house we. Nude of Young Lady on Couch #giovanniboldini #italianart… Dr Robert Bohan sur Twitter : "Thread: Picasso (1881-1973) was the greatest artist of the 20th Century. Part of his fundamental creativity was the ability to think through drawing - a skill he mastered at an early age. Nude (1932), Reclining Sculptor (195.

Walter Joseph Phillips (1884-1963) English born, master printmaker and painter, who popularized the color #woodcut in the style of the Japanese, in Canada. Some of his color woodcuts… Erica Hopper… Tina sur Twitter : ""Note how the far mountains are lost in mysterious atmospherics in the left one, while in the right one, the reflections of the two pilings are inked in the plate. The white foam on the water has a second plate for the slightly darker. Since you liked them, here are some more :) Oscar Droege, woodcuts…

Here are some more color woodcuts by Oscar Droege.… Tina sur Twitter : "Aren't those shapes and shadows just incredible?! To think he processed them to woodcuts, makes it even more extraordinary! I found some more. My absolute favorite is still the left image from those three I posted yesterday. Oscar Droe. Oscar Droege (1898-1983), the German master of woodcuts. I particularly like his wonderfully delicate trees and his luminous colours, especially his various blues.… New drawing with Carandache watercolor pencils on black watercolor paper. ’Bright Sundown.’ A3 size.… Another talented linocut specialist ~ Japanese-influenced Welsh artist Ian Phillips ~ Shore Break ■ Soft Day on Llyn Gwynant ■ Oystercatchers… "Lie still, lie still, my breaking heart; My silent heart, lie still and break: Life, and the world, and mine own self, are changed For a dream's sake." ~ Christina Rossetti Montserrat Gudiol (1933-2015)…

Anthony Greentree sur Twitter : "#inktober Quick Ink sketch Day 23. #oldman #old #beard #wrinkles #face #shade #contrast #light #dark #ink #pendrawing #draw #sketch #sketching #portrait #inktober #ink #inktober2019 #art #artist #wednesday #thedailysketch… Lamentation over the Dead Christ, Paolo Veronese, 1547 #mannerism #paoloveronese… What a combination of #Realism and #Abstract. Je ne dors pas longtemps, mais je dors vite. #sommeil #JulesBreton…

Collage Illustrations Playfully Combine Everyday Objects with Drawings. Most of us take flowers, fruit, and other natural objects at face value, but imaginative Spanish artist Jesuso Ortiz uses them to create art.

Collage Illustrations Playfully Combine Everyday Objects with Drawings

He combines various found objects with his drawings to create playful, three-dimensional illustrations that give everyday items new meaning. Ortiz has been creating his illustration mashups for years, but there’s no sign of him running out of ideas. His latest work sees flowers as elaborate headdresses, fruit slices as bicycle wheels, and, in once piece, he’s cleverly reimagined an egg yolk as a big yellow balloon. Each object is perfectly paired with his minimalist drawings, creating striking, colorful images that will make you look twice. 5 Great Tools for Beginner Watercolor Artists - belindadelpesco. Tools for Beginner Watercolor Artists Beginner watercolor artists need encouragement, tips and effective tools to stay with this lovely medium.

5 Great Tools for Beginner Watercolor Artists - belindadelpesco

Have you ever heard someone say “I tried watercolors once, and I’m terrible, so I gave up.”? Don’t be that person. Stick with it. Watercolors need to be courted for a little while before they’ll hold hands with you. Be patient, and curious about painting with watercolors. 5 Drawing and Painting Tools for Watercolor Beginners Since the drawing underneath your watercolor is the foundation of your painting, take some time with it. George Dawnay, No.27 formation, 22”x30” (55cmx76cm) pastel on paper. Dawnay makes expressive nude studies in pastel and chalk in addition to clay relief sculpture.… Landscapes by Zdzisław Beksiński (1929–2005)… Thanks! #art Emil Nolde @carter_work @John_M_Bailey @SheilaMTinkham @JimBrazil @GiampaoloScopa @MonikaSeelig… Bruce Crane - (1857-1937) - Impending storm.… Buona giornata □□□ “Perseo e Andromeda” 1597 Bartholomeus Spranger.… Okay but seriously, if you can draw a box, you can draw ANYTHING in perspective.

"this cool breeze ― the empty sky fills with the sound of pines" ― Onitsura Ueshima (tr. Gabi Greve) (image: Shiro Kasamatsu)… Chikako Yamanashi (1847 –1917) - "Mochijiki"… Jeremy Lipking Pronta per il letto "Ready for bed"… @aiaggai □ Charles-Auguste Mengin - Sappho 1877… I think Marius van Dokkum deserves a medal for this one. He has in one painting summed up what I regularly used to see in my vintage car days of men who lived alone . Hilarious.… It would seem that a couple of years ago I was in a much darker place!… Antonio Frilli-Sleeping in a hammock, 1890…

Guy Rose Fig Trees, Antibes, 1910… Narcissus, Roberto Ferri (2017)… Dr Sophie Ploeg sur Twitter : "“I can’t even draw a stick man” Yes you can. And you can also see that he’s a bit too skinny so you can start by fixing that. Creating art is fixing what’s wrong until you run out of things to fix. ;)… Inspiring print. “Corner Shadows,” by printmaker Martin Lewis, 1930. The Met details on this indicate that he used drypoint and a "sand. Samuel Colman or Coleman (English, 1780-1845), "The Rock of Salvation" (1837) Oil on canvas, 61,3 x 74,3 cm New Haven (USA), Yale Center for British Art… Edward Robert Hughes. Work[edit] Having settled on his career choice, Edward Robert Hughes attended Heatherley's in London to prepare himself for the chance of auditioning for the Royal Academy School.[1]:11 Hughes became a student at the Royal Academy School in 1868.

Edward Robert Hughes

While Pre-Raphaelitism played an influential part in shaping Hughes work, Aestheticism is also seen in his paintings. E.R.Hughes is widely known for his works Midsummer Eve and Night With Her Train of Stars yet he built a career as a portrait painter to the upper classes.[1]:17 On his own he experimented with ambitious techniques and was a perfectionist; he did numerous studies for many of his paintings, some of which turned out to be good enough for exhibition. Holman Hunt's Lady of Shalott, 1889-1892, with the assistance of Hughes. Birmingham Museums Trust staged a retrospective exhibition, Enchanted Dreams: The Pre-Raphaelite Art of E.R.

This is 水写纸, it's meant for calligraphy practice. I've never seen anyone use its strange properties for animation and I'm giving it a try.… It's a pleasure to watch Kim Jung Gi drawing a face in real time and to see how he handles the forms tipped back in perspective. Maxfield Parrish (1870 - 1966) Twilight,1935.… Portrait of Heinrich Benesch by Egon Schiele, 1917, watercolor on paper. Portraiture, all about the head and hands □…

Improve your drawing skills as you join Haidee-Jo Summers for #DrawingAugust. Posted on Wed 31 Jul 2019 I came across the hashtag #DrawingAugust quite by accident while looking at Twitter on August 1, 2012.

Improve your drawing skills as you join Haidee-Jo Summers for #DrawingAugust

Two artists – Jean Stevens (@jean_stevens) and Dean Lewis (@olderThanevil) – had decided to set themselves a challenge to make a drawing each day throughout the month of August, and then to share these drawings on Twitter. I thought what a good idea, I could also do with setting myself a drawing challenge. With only a couple of hours left in the day I did a quick pen drawing of myself in the bedroom mirror and shared it to Twitter, adding the hashtag #DrawingAugust. Jean Stevens Crow, pen and ink Dean Lewis Recovery, Faber-Castell Artists’ Pitt pens Making time I recognise that it’s beneficial for me to draw a little something from life every day, but as with everybody else, life gets very busy and one of the things that falls by the wayside is my drawing practice.

Haidee-Jo Summers Garden Table, ProMarker pens, pencil and fine liner pen. Alessandro sur Twitter : "WILLY RONIS Two colleagues had recommended this young woman-the wife of a commercial executive, who was herself a freelance journalist-to me. Her exceptional beauty allowed her a significant additional source of income by sitting. Some of my favorite Zbiggi- posts- RT @wojtysiak22 China Fujian province Life cycles (Kasia Derwinska) Jiang Nang Dream… Hirō Isono (1945 - 2013)… "In the misty morning,  before the sun begins to rise, the world seems at peace with itself..." Sean Seal, 'Misty Morning Fishing Village'.…

Asiya Miya sur Twitter : "I muse on joy that will not cease, Pure spaces clothed in living beams, Pure lilies of eternal peace, Whose odours haunt my dreams; And, stricken by an angel's hand, This mortal armour that I wear, This weight and size, this hear. Tina sur Twitter : "About the English painter Albert Goodwin(1845-1932) it was said, that his poetic feeling was so strong, as to make us forget the technical skill which he possessed. He rarely ceased to attract admirers & patrons, of whom the most disti. Rebeka sur Twitter : "#MalinconiaLetteratura #SalaLettura Era il senso della bellezza che la liberava di colpo dall'angoscia e la riempiva di un nuovo desiderio di vivere. Milan Kundera□ Grazie @SalaLettura @DavLucia @bettypra @redne2013 @LuciaTassan @ghe. Koho Shoda - artelino. Koho Shoda is one of the shin hanga artists - and he is not the only one - of whom the art scene has hardly any information.

Imagine, we are not talking about an artist who died many, many centuries ago. No, we are talking about a Japanese artist of the 20th century. Putting together sketches for the @YoloBirder #BTO #Red67 project. The finished piece will be a combination of these and other scribbles - but not the toad.… British Museum sur Twitter : "Edvard Munch’s art shows the fragility and extremes of the human experience, from love to loss and tenderness to jealousy. Discover more about this subversive and radical artist in our blog #MunchExhi. Edvard Munch. "El día después" (1894)… Gustav Klimt - Ein Morgen am Teiche 1899 Öl auf Leinwand Leopold Museum, Wien…

Amedeo Modigliani (Modì) (Amedeo Clemente Modigliani) 12-07-1884 – 24-01-1920 Nudo femminile "Female nude" (1916).… Elsinore #burliuk #russianart… This Constable is pure Zen and I love it:… The Long Goodbye Mark Beck b.1957 American Artist…