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Blood and the Cardiovascular System

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This is how a heart beats outside the body. Aortic Aneurysm Surgery. Activity Home Teacher's Guide Glossary Credit & Thanks Help Dr.

Aortic Aneurysm Surgery

Dixon repair a weakened aorta! Activity Home Teacher's Guide Glossary Credit & Thanks Help Dr. Get STEAM & STEM Projects. SG Engaging in Socioscientific Argumentation Oxygen in Blood. > Blood Cell Bingo Game. Purpose of activity: To review information about all types of blood cells, both red and white cells.

> Blood Cell Bingo Game

Target age group: ages 10 and up (great for high school!) Time allowance: 5-15 minutes per game (play multiple games) Description: This is standard bingo except that the board is made of moveable, double-sided pieces. There are four levels of clues, so the game can easily be played multiple times. Also included are two “cheat sheets” that can be handed out to the players, making the game more of a learning activity and less of a guessing game (since the clues require remembering facts). This game is recommended as a review activity, not as a method of initial teaching. 6 Copies of pattern pages printed onto card stock, some copies on regular paper, about 15 tokens for each player (pennies, candies, etc.)

Click here to download Blood Cell Bingo Game Comments are closed. The Circulation Game. Purpose of activity: To learn (or review) information about circulation.

The Circulation Game

Basic science concepts covered: distribution of oxygen to cells and carbon dioxide to lungs via red blood cells, production of red blood cells in bone, delivery of sugar and protein to cells via the blood stream, delivery of wastes to the kidneys for disposal out of the body, the heart as the driving force that keeps the blood moving, the “map” of the circulatory system in and out of lungs, heart and body parts. Description: This is a two-team game that can accommodate 2-6 players (possibly 7 or 8). Players spin the heart spinner to find out how many beats the team gets that turn. Target age group: ages 8-14 Time allowance: 30-60 minutes to assemble (time greatly depends on how much coloring is done and if assembly is being done by students in class or adults ahead of time) and 30-45 minutes to play Materials needed: Click here to download The Circulation Game Comments are closed.

The Blood Typing Game. Shockwave. This is how a blood clot is removed from inside an arteriole with vacuum extraction. This is how a heart beats outside the body. The Blood Typing Game - about blood groups, blood typing and blood transfusions. What happens if you get a blood transfusion with the wrong blood type?

The Blood Typing Game - about blood groups, blood typing and blood transfusions

Even though a patient's own blood type is the first choice for blood transfusions, it's not always available at the blood bank. Try to save some patients' lives and learn about human blood types! Play the Blood Typing Game About this game Embed the Blood Typing Game onto your own web site or blog Swedish version of the game 2012 Winner of the Best Game Category by Swedish Learning Awards "The winner has created a minimalistic but, at the same time, captivating graphic design which grabs the user's curiosity. See a Video about the Blood Typing Game 3 min. 1. ploster34802. Listed are players who have the highest number of treated patients within the last 24 hours.

The Biology Place. The Biology Place. 2nd Biannual NGSS STEM Education Conference. Download the conference schedule and a map Session 1 Arms & Arteries: Adventures in Biomechanical Engineering Looking for ways to integrate engineering into your life science and biology classes?

2nd Biannual NGSS STEM Education Conference

Try biomechanical engineering! Join us as we engineer ways to unclog arteries and construct prosthetic arms while incorporating key scientific principles and NGSS Science & Engineering Practices along the way. Download Session PDFs Session 2 Environmental Engineering: Life in the Bay Water Together we’ll design and build tools for exploring bay water. Session 3 Seismic Engineering Feeling a little shaky on how to teach engineering in your earth science unit? Session 4 Build a Battery of Batteries Come explore the physics and chemistry of simple batteries!

Session 5 Build a Better Motor We’ll start by taking apart a spring-powered motor to see how it stores and releases energy, and then we’ll take apart a small electric motor to see how the magnets, wire coils, and electrical connections are arranged. Heart Attaack Waiting to Happen. HUMAN CARDIOVASCULAR PHYSIOLOGY. Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative.

The word cardiac refers to anything that relates to the heart, such as the arteries and blood vessels that carry blood.

Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative

Our Heart, often associated with strong emotions such as love and affection, has a very important biological function within our body. It is responsible for pumping blood throughout our bodies, which allows our other organs to function properly. Biology of the heart - What is the function of the heart? What does it do? Heart injury - How can the heart become damaged? Modern Medicine for the heart - How can scientists use modern medicine to heal damaged hearts? Regenerative medicine for the heart - How can regenerative medicine heal damaged hearts even more effectively than modern medicine?

Stem Cell Heart Repair.