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Georgia Peach Book Award for Teen Readers. 2015-2016 Nominees. Special Needs Book Review. The Lexile® Framework for Reading. CMLibrary: Reader's Club: Multicultural Book Reviews. Mckayhan, Monica(2011)AmbitiousYoung Adult Monica McKayhan is one of my favorite young adult authors.

CMLibrary: Reader's Club: Multicultural Book Reviews

In the new series Premiere High based in New York, Marisol is the memorable main character who has to balance a jealous bff, a dramatic teenage love and two very involved parents. Her father, Papa, stands behind her and urges her to follow her dreams of becoming a famous hip-hop dancer, but her mother, Mama, is a little more reluctant and wants her to follow traditional dance styles. Marisol decides to follow her own path, and from there her life takes a variety of twists and turns learning along the way that she can still accomplish her dreams, but it will take time and dedication as well as hard work and perseverance.

Reviewed by Candy H., Beatties Ford Road Branch See more titles featured in Too Good to Put Down See more titles featured in Books for Teen Book Clubs See more titles featured in Latin American Literature Add your comments about this book. Book Review Site for Librarians in Public Libraries and School Libraries. Choosing Great Books for Children. Do you recall your favorite dog-eared tale about a far-away kingdom or a backyard adventure?

Choosing Great Books for Children

Or the first time you hid a flashlight under the covers because you had to find out how a story ended? Selecting terrific books for your small child will put him on the road to learning, build his vocabulary and object recognition skills, spark his curiosity about the world, and create wonderful memories. Supporting Libraries, Literary Programs and Georgia's Rich Literary Heritage. Word got out recently that the bookselling behemoth Barnes & Noble plans to close about 300 stores over the next 10 years.

Supporting Libraries, Literary Programs and Georgia's Rich Literary Heritage

That’s about one-third of its outlets nationally. The surprise news set off a new round of teeth-gnashing and chest-thumping from both supporters and opponents of the giant chain. Both responses seem perhaps a little over the top. First, any news of book outlets closing cannot be considered good news by any stretch of the imagination. Our country has been in a book crisis for at least the last decade with hundreds of stores closing, independents and chains alike. Second, there inevitably will be the unpleasant reality that people will lose their jobs when these B&N outlets shut down.

Common Core - Bound to Stay Bound Books. Autism Book Reviews From Your Fearless Librarian Archives - Flappiness Is…Flappiness Is… A few weeks ago, I was asked if I might be willing to come in and talk to a group of kindergarteners about autism.

Autism Book Reviews From Your Fearless Librarian Archives - Flappiness Is…Flappiness Is…

Of course, this isn’t just any group of kindergarteners. It’s my autistic son’s peers. So, I wanted a read aloud or two, and I wanted them to be good. Being a school librarian, I know that there are an awful lot of children’s books out there. So, I asked the most qualified people I know –my readers — to offer their suggestions on my Facebook page. I couldn’t afford to buy them all, so I ordered several that seemed to fit the age group and read them all in one sitting. 1. Looking after Louis is the story of a little boy, Louis, who is autistic and is a student in a regular elementary classroom. I really liked this little story, mainly because the range of emotions for these children is honest. 2. Andy and His Yellow Frisbee is the story of Sarah, a new girl at Andy and Rosie’s school. 3. 4.

Follett School Solutions. GUYS READ. Listening is a great way to experience a story.


Go to Guys Listen to check out more. Welcome to the Guys Read Virtual Vault of Good Books. This is the place to come if you’re looking for something to get a guy reading. The Horn Book - Publications about books for children and young adults. Book Review Digest Plus - Literary Research - EBSCO. This essential library and research tool that brings together book reviews on a wide range of topics, from a variety of sources including newspapers, review journals, and popular magazines.

Book Review Digest Plus - Literary Research - EBSCO

An Essential Library Tool Unlike reviews on book-sale sites and the open Internet, many of the included reviews are from citable journals, making Book Review Digest Plus an invaluable resource for literary and biographical research. Included information in individual book records, such as ISBN, Dewey Decimal Classification, and subject headings, also makes this a useful tool for readers’ advisory and collection development. Print Edition Available from Grey House Publishing Click here to leave this site and view the print edition. {quote} Advanced Search, with its elegantly laid-out tool set for crafting very precise search strategies, gives the user great control over the whole search process. – Library Journal, June 2010.

2015 National Book Awards. 2015 National Book Awards Nonfiction Longlist:

2015 National Book Awards

The world's largest reviewer of books, multimedia, and technology for children and teens. A graphic novel review website. Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) National Council of Teachers of English - Homepage.