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Shaping Your Teenage Kids Behaviour

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A guide for parents in the principle of operant conditioning, and how parents can use operant conditioning to influence the behaviour of their teenage children.

What is Operant Conditioning? Operant Conditioning on Mouse. Types of Operants / Responses to a behaviour: Positive & Negative Reinforcement/Punishment. Positive & Negative Reinfocement/Punishment. So What does reinforcement and punishment mean to parents? Operant Conditioning on Your Teenager. The Use of Reinforcement and Punishment in Shaping a Child's Behavior. Use of Positive Reinforcement. Positive Reinforcement (Video Explanation) Use of Negative Reinforcement. Negative Reinforcement (Video Explanation) Use of Positive Punishment. Positive Punishment (Video Explanation) Use of Negative Punishment. Negative Punishment (Video Explanation)

Conclusion. Reference.