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This grand building previously owned by the Crown Estate is now the setting for a stunning collection of apartments.

Its unique location offers an incomparable London living experience for those who want the ultimate in sophistication. A stunning lateral apartment at The Corinthia Residences offering unique access to the Corinthia Hotel and services. Its central location offers an incomparable London living experience for those who want the ultimate in sophistication With the elegance and excitement of Knightsbridge to the West and the glorious romance and Theatre of the West End to the North, 10 Whitehall Place offers a lifestyle designed for the world’s most discerning residents.

World-class architects, designers and craftsmen have joined forces to create 11 palatial apartments. The Corinthia features two restaurants led by multi Michelin-starred Executive Chef Garry Hollihead and a spa recently voted London’s leading hotel spa by the readers of Condé Nast Traveller. Film Finances is still in the process of mapping out the extent of an extraordinary treasure-trove that gives an unprecedented insight into not only the post-war British film industry but also the growth of independent production around the world.

With a view to securing a future for the archive that will maximise its benefit for all who care about its contents, we want to make film historians, archivists, scholars and cinephiles aware of its importance. In future newsletters we will highlight some of its riches, and welcome any inquiries or suggestions for how to make the most of its potential. The next newsletter will focus on John Croydon, who was Film Finances' consultant from 1950 to the early 1980s. Over that period, he wrote reports on over a thousand film propositions. During his long career, Croydon had worked as a production manager, screenwriter, line producer and even studio boss. Sarah Street on Film Finances’s contribution to the British New Wave films of the early 1960s: "The range of documentation generated by Film Finances allows us to reconsider how particular films were produced, as well as how they have been referenced and evaluated.

As with all archival collections there are gaps, questions remain and the past can never be 'recovered', yet Film Finances enabled British cinema to change, to travel north in 1959 and then south with Julie Christie in 1963. "


FFMP. Jadvad. BLOG. The sharing economy, collaborative consumption, or peer-to-peer marketplace — however you wish to phrase it — is transforming and revolutionizing the way we relate to one another and the way we live, work and interact with our communities.

By now, most of us are familiar with the main players, but did you know there are a steadily growing handful of unnoticed start-ups coming up and finding their way into the collaborative economy? Do you ever feel frustrated at driving around in circles searching for a place to park your car? Ever wish somebody nearby could watch your dog for a few days? Have you wondered why you can’t bypass the retailers and support local farmers directly?

You’re in luck – someone else agrees. Check out these 5 sites you may just have missed: Forget Bitcoin, could time be the next new currency? “Why buy when you can share?” Need someone to walk your dog or take care of them for a few days? Vrumi is the sharing economy’s answer to affordable workspace in London. TimeRepublik, the ultimate sharing economy experience: a global TimeBank where you share your talents, interests and passions in exchange for time. Getting Freaky with Kontiki Studios February 1, 2016 We chat with Anita Brulee, Creative Director of what might be one of Vrumi’s most spectacular spaces.

Read more Take a Leap with Vrumi January 25, 2016 Site improvements: What's new? November 17, 2015 So, you want to be a digital nomad? September 23, 2015 Previous articles Welcome, lovely people of Hiive! September 23, 2015 Vrumi opens it's doors to Hiive - the professional network for creative people. News Read more Workspace of the Week: HMS Harpy House Boat September 9, 2015 Isn’t it aboat time you seas’d the day and booked yourself into this one-of-kind space? Sharing Economy, Fun stuff, Rooms of Vrumi Read more Workspace of the Week: Hackney Wick-ed Warehouse September 2, 2015 Take a sneak peek at our latest Workspace of the Week in Hackney Wick.

Sharing Economy, Fun stuff, Rooms of Vrumi Read more Stop Press! August 26, 2015 ‘Cultural revolution!’ Sharing Economy Read more Ten Top Tips to Being a Great Host August 5, 2015 Popular Articles. Set in the heart of the beautiful Hertfordshire forest lies this masterpiece of a gem.

Very rarely is property of detail listed to the open public. Located on a three-and-a-half acres lot in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, the 13,875 square foot luxury home features five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, a kitchen with a wine room and an art gallery that displays a vintage car collection.