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Turkey Drumsticks. Turkey is good just about anytime but a whole bird is not always a practical cook.

Turkey Drumsticks

Turkey breasts are featured on their own page, now I want to visit about drumsticks, specifically smoked drumsticks. More specifically, drumsticks which have been cured in a brine then hot smoked. Instructions for both fresh and store-bought smoked drumsticks are below. These have a variety of uses. Because of the smokey flavor and ham-like texture the cure imparts on the meat, these are very good for flavoring when cooking beans or greens. Fresh Drumsticks Fresh turkey drumsticks1 gallon water2/3 to 3/4 cup of Morton's kosher salt2 tablespoons Morton's TenderQuick1/2 of an onion, slicedseveral cloves of garlic, slicedhandfull of brown sugarcracked pepper or pepper blendpeppercornsHeat the water and and dissolve the salt, sugar and Tenderquick. Braising & Pressure Finish Braising is a long, slow cooking process, which won't work if you try to cook too quickly, or at a high temperature. Big Green Egg Jerk Chicken - The BBQ Buddha.

Happy New Year to you all.

Big Green Egg Jerk Chicken - The BBQ Buddha

I hope your holiday break was a good one! Fresh back from our annual trip to Negril Jamaica, I am still reminiscing about the bold and intense flavors of their Jerk style of cooking. As a result, I wanted to recreate the flavors of Jamaica while the taste was still in my head. After a bit of research I cooked this recipe for Jerk Chicken as my first post in 2016. Pork Carnitas Recipe with Mexican Style Pulled Pork - How To BBQ Right Blog. I love Pork Carnitas… so I decided to do my version using pulled pork.

Pork Carnitas Recipe with Mexican Style Pulled Pork - How To BBQ Right Blog

The traditional way of cooking carnitas is to braise pork shoulder in lard or oil until it’s falling apart, then crisp the chunks of pork and make tacos. My version is a little different because I want to incorporate the smoker into the cooking process to really give the meat some taste. I start this recipe with a 7-8lb boston butt cut from the top portion of the pork shoulder. Instead of trimming the fat off the pork, I cut slits diagonally across the fat cap going in opposite directions.

Rib Dry Rub Recipe. Perfect Pulled Pork Recipe, How To Smoke Pork Butt Roast, Whats Cooking America. Pulled Pork may get its origins from the Carolinas, but it has also made its way across to the Western United States and has become a very popular meat to barbecue on a smoker.

Perfect Pulled Pork Recipe, How To Smoke Pork Butt Roast, Whats Cooking America

Pulled pork is dubbed “The feast of champions” for those that like to smoke their meats. It’s perfect for feeding a large crowd and the most fool-proof of the low and slow smoked foods. This is the perfect meat for a beginner that wants to experiment with smoking meats. Check out my article and recipe for North Carolina Pig Pickin and the history of Barbecue on our Smoked Brisket Recipe. Pork shoulder is the best cut of meat for pulled pork since it’s laced with flavorful fat and connective tissue that will melt when cooked low and slow giving it a succulent flavor. Smoked Chicken On The Big Green Egg Recipe on WeGottaEat. "Big Green Egg" Smoked Southern Baby Back Ribs Recipe & Tutorial. “Big Green Egg” Southern Smoked Baby Back Ribs Recipe & Tutorial If you aren’t familiar with “The Big Green Egg” it is a large, green, egg shaped smoker that makes the most delicious food on the planet!

"Big Green Egg" Smoked Southern Baby Back Ribs Recipe & Tutorial

It can be use as both a grill and a smoker. We make everything from burgers & hotdogs, grilled pizza, to whole smoked chicken and whole racks of ribs! We even do our 20 lb. Thanksgiving Turkey on this bad boy! Here are the specifics: LARGE The Large EGG is the most popular size and a favorite to handle the cooking needs of most families and gatherings of friends. Grid Diameter: 18.25 in / 46 cmCooking Area: 262 sq in / 1688 sq cmWeight: 155 lbs / 70 kgs. Virginia Willis Pulled Pork - Big Green Egg - The Ultimate Cooking Experience. Ingredients 4 lbs (1.8 kg) pork butt, on the bone 2 tbsp (30 ml) canola oil 1⁄4 cup (55 g) brown sugar 1⁄4 cup (28 g) paprika 2 tbsp (30 g) coarse kosher salt 1 tbsp (18 g) garlic salt 1 tbsp (6 g) black pepper 1 tbsp (6 g) Piment d’Espelette or cayenne pepper 4 cups (.9 L) wood chips, for smoking, soaked in water Mama’s BBQ Sauce, for serving (see below for recipe) Instructions Remove the meat from the refrigerator.

Virginia Willis Pulled Pork - Big Green Egg - The Ultimate Cooking Experience

Combine the sugar, paprika, salt, garlic salt, black pepper and Piment d’Espelette. Rub the meat with oil and rub liberally with the spice blend. Leave at room temperature for 45 minutes. Championship Ribs - Big Green Egg - The Ultimate Cooking Experience. Backyard Championship Ribs Submitted by Dr.

Championship Ribs - Big Green Egg - The Ultimate Cooking Experience

BBQ From “Dr. BBQ’s Big-Time Barbecue Cookbook” by Ray Lampe and published by St. Martin Ingredients: 3 slabs of St. Louis-style ribs or baby back ribs, cut in half, membrane off* and ribs washed 1 cup of your favorite commercial or homemade dry BBQ rub (See Below) 1 cup honey 1-1/2 cups apple juice 2 cups honey BBQ Sauce Instructions Cover the ribs with the rub, using about two-thirds on the meaty side and one-third on the boney side. Set the EGG® up for indirect cooking with a convEGGtor at 325°F. Cook for one-and-a-half hours, using a rib rack if you need it to have sufficient space for three slabs of ribs. Put the ribs in an aluminum foil pan with about one-inch of apple juice in the bottom, standing them on end in the pan if necessary to get them to fit. At this point, you could cool them down, wrap each slab separately and refrigerate them for a day or two. When ready to serve them, transfer the cooked ribs to a medium hot grill.